L.A.R.S.E Gathering part 1: Joe Szimhart discusses opinions and experiences with groups, similar to, and including those of Ramtha, JZ Knight, and Church Universal & Triumphant
The LARSE Gathering video's can be viewed and freely downloaded on Google Video
Video 1 begins with Joe Szimhart's introduction followed with questions and answers.
Joe Szimhart's. Career Description:
Cult Information Consultant provides consultation, education, research and non-coercive intervention that addresses controversial, high-demand groups, cults, psychotherapies, or relationships that use undue influence and thought reform techniques.

L.A.R.S.E Gathering part 2: Discusses opinions and experiences on the topics of Ramtha, JZ Knight, Carroll Cobbs
Video 2 includes Carrol Cobbs
Carroll Adam Cobbs graduated from the University of Washington with a master's degree in Bioengineering and has worked in neuroscience, bioengineering and radiation health physics. He was involved with RSE between 1979 and 2002, but unlike most long-time RSE students, he periodically left RSE to pursue professional and educational goals. As a scientist with a strong interest in and aptitude for quantum physics, he was often selected by JZ Knight to interface with visiting speakers such as physicists Amit Goswami, Fred Alan Wolf, John Hagelin and Basil Hiley. Carroll was a contributing author to the now-defunct The Golden Thread magazine and offered evening courses in science for RSE students without a science background. He is presently working in the field of stroke prevention and neurodiagnostics and is completing his Ph.D. degree in Psychology/Neuroscience.

Jeff_Knight_interview with Joe_Szimhart.wmv
Discussing opinions and experiences about RSE, Ramtha and JZ Knight
In 1992 Jeff Knight recorded a message for students of Ramtha's School of Enlightenment. Jeff was married to JZ Knight who runs Ramtha's School of Enlightenment in Yelm Washington. JZ Knight claims to channel Ramtha a 35,000 year-old spiritual teacher. Jeff's message includes a warning to students that RSE is a corrupt and dangerous organization. The interview was recorded in 1992 and has never been seen in public before. Jeff Knight died from the HIV aids infection in 1994.
Dedicated to Jeff Knight

Jeff Knight TV Interview Clips 1992 Jeff discusses his experiences and opinions on JZ Knight & Ramtha & RSE
A series of TV interview clips from the early 1990's

OPINION: The Ramtha clone - Mafu
Video of Penny Torres Rubin claiming to channel Mafu, and bearing a curious and uncannily striking resemblance to Jz Knight and Ramtha's presentation



Cult Minister Claims To Be Second Coming Of Christ


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