Miceal Ledwith

Posters have cited (in our initial forum) instances of children being continually and repeatedly exposed to verbally abusive, vulgar language by "Ramtha", witnessing physical assault, hearing sexually explicit talks, etc. This forum is open for discussion and exchange of views.
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Miceal Ledwith

Unread post by Caterpillar » Mon Dec 14, 2009 5:05 pm

Info wanted on Miceal Ledwith by Child AbuseWatch. I wonder if EMF can help.
Child AbuseWatch is looking for information on the following individuals:
Miceal Ledwith, former Catholic Priest and President of Maynooth University, Ireland now affiliated with JZ Knight? Ledwith is one of Knight's appointed teachers.
He has been under investigation for numerous allegations of sexual abuse of children while at Maynooth College in Ireland.
There are also several references to the news reports on M. Ledwith in the above link.

Information collected is investigated and uploaded to THE Department of Homeland Security. :shock:
Established in 2008, Child AbuseWatch is operated by One Child International Inc.
Comments on M. Ledwith by David Quinn, Religious Affairs Correspondent (Nov 3, 2009)
An excerpt:
Vatican 'defrocks' Ledwith Irish Independent October 27, 2005

Move for dismissal of former college president carried out last month.
Micheal Ledwith, the former President of St Patrick's College, Maynooth, was last month ?defrocked? by the Vatican, the Ferns report reveals.

The report details the allegations of abuse made against Ledwith and the sequence of events which led to his retirement from Maynooth and his eventual dismissal from the priesthood at the request of the acting Bishop of Ferns, Dr Eamonn Walsh.

It details the response of the Hierarchy to the various allegations of abuse, and to more general allegations made by seminarians about Ledwith?s ?extravagant? lifestyle while at Maynooth.


The most serious allegation against Ledwith was made by a man named ?Raymond?, who alleged in 1994 that he was abused by Ledwith, starting in the early 1980s when he was 13 and continuing until he was 15. Ledwith strongly denies the allegations.

Raymond said he approached various members of the Hierarchy about his allegations. He said he was sent away by the then Bishop of Limerick, Dr Jeremiah Newman. Following that, he met Cardinal Cahal Daly, who referred him to Bishop Brendan Comiskey.

Bishop Comiskey set up a canonical investigation and had the diocese pay for counselling for him.

Ledwith subsequently reached a financial settlement with Raymond which bound them both to confidentiality. Neither of the two men would discuss the alleged abuse with the inquiry?


When Raymond made the allegation against Ledwith in 1994, Bishop Comiskey asked Ledwith to go to America to be assessed at a treatment centre. He did not do so, but Bishop Comiskey set up an inquiry into the allegations.

At this point Ledwith was on leave in the US and Bishop Comiskey wrote to the Bishop of Seattle to inform him of the allegation against Ledwith. However, under canon law the lapse of time prevented Bishop Comiskey dismissing Ledwith from the priesthood.

In the meantime, the trustees of Maynooth, consisting of senior members of the Hierarchy, conducted their own investigation into the allegations against Ledwith. This was ended when Ledwith retired from St Patrick?s College in 1996.

In 2003 Bishop Walsh moved to have Ledwith dismissed from the clerical state, using new fast-track procedures introduced by the Vatican. The dismissal took place this September.

http://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/20 ... enny-show/

Info from RSE and related websites with NO reference to his past history:

Dr. Miceal Ledwith is one of Ramtha?s appointed teachers.

Miceal Ledwith, L.Ph., B.A., L.D., D.D. was Professor of Systematic Theology for sixteen years at Maynooth College in Ireland and subsequently served for ten years as President of the University.
http://www.mastersconnection.com/greatm ... ewsBIO.htm

M. Ledwith's website:


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Unread post by joe sz » Mon Dec 14, 2009 6:22 pm


The website above regards Fr Maciel, another controversial priest/founder of Legionairies of Christ.
I know J Paul Lennon, an ex-priest, who helps to run ReGain and who used to belong to the Legion. He's native Irish and may know more about Ledw.
Lennon wrote "Our Father Who Art in Bed" about his life with the legion and the accusations against the sex abuser Maciel.
I'll contact him.

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At St Peter?s

Unread post by Caterpillar » Tue Dec 15, 2009 2:03 am

Hi Joe


Colm T?ib?n, an Irish novelist and critic knew M. Ledwith, and wrote an article called ?At St Peter?s? in London Review of Books, Dec 1, 2005.

An excerpt:

Dr Sherwood was evil. I made up a song about him with a vile chorus.

Soon, he was replaced as dean of the seminary, although he still hovered darkly in corridors. The new dean, Dr Ledwith, was young and friendly and open and very good-looking. He was also reputed to be really smart. One of my friends knew him from home so he often stopped to talk to us. He was a new breed of priest; he had studied in Europe and America. Many of the teaching priests spent their summers in parishes in America so they were full of new ideas. Everything was open for discussion, or almost everything. I went to a brilliant lecture by Dr Ledwith on ideas of paradox within Catholic doctrine. It was whispered that he would one day be a great prince of the Church.

In the second half of the 1990s these three men ? Michael Ledwith, Donal Collins and James Doyle ? became part of the pantheon of Irish priests whose names were often mentioned on the news. In 1990 James Doyle pleaded guilty to indecent assault and common assault on a young man and was given a three-month suspended sentence. Five years later, Dr Ledwith resigned suddenly as president of Maynooth College, Ireland?s main seminary, and went to America. He had been secretary to three synods of world bishops in Rome and had served three full terms on the International Theological Commission, the group of 30 theologians who advise the pope. He had made a private settlement with a young man after allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviour. He is no longer involved with the Catholic Church. In 1998 Father Collins was sentenced to four years? imprisonment, after pleading guilty to four charges of indecent assault and one charge of gross indecency at St Peter?s College between 1972 and 1984.

These men and others like them became public enemies; they were often filmed leaving courthouses with anoraks over their heads (although it should be emphasised that Dr Ledwith never faced any charges in court). Part of the reason Doyle was given a suspended sentence was that he promised to leave the Republic of Ireland. He went to England. The country wanted rid of these priests.

Everyone in the country had strong opinions about these men. And so did I. Mine had their roots, I suppose, in the fact that I had known these people and liked them and in the fact that I was gay. The word being used to describe them was ?paedophile?, which struck me as wrong. They were simply gay; they had believed that their homosexuality, in all its teenage confusion, was a vocation to the priesthood. Whereas other boys, as religious as they were, could not become priests because they were attracted to women, these men had no such problem. No one ever asked them if they were homosexual. Thus they moved blindly and blissfully towards ordination and, eventually, towards causing immense damage to vulnerable young people.

What is interesting about all of this is that no one at any point considered calling the police. The Catholic Church in Ireland in those years was above the law; it had its own laws?

The case of Dr Ledwith is stranger. In 1994, an allegation was made that he had abused a 13-year-old boy in 1981, a matter which Ledwith disputes, claiming that he did not meet the boy until after his 15th birthday. In any case, Ledwith settled with the boy and his family, paying a sum of money with no admission of liability and with a confidentiality clause. After the boy had had a meeting with Bishop Comiskey, the diocese of Ferns paid for ?intensive counselling? for him and his family. In 1983 and 1984, when Ledwith was vice-president of Maynooth, there were complaints to bishops about him from the seminarians, relating to his ?orientation and propensity? rather than any ?specific sexual activity?. When a senior dean at the seminary continued to make these complaints to the bishops, he was asked to produce a victim. When he could not, he was removed from the seminary.

When the Ferns Report came out, I was eager to read it because I had known these three men. I had believed that the problem lay in their becoming priests. If they had gone to Holland or San Francisco, I believed, they would now be happily married to their boyfriends. But as I read the report, I began to think that this was hardly the issue. Instead, the level of abuse in Ferns and the Church?s way of handling it seemed an almost intrinsic part of the Church?s search for power. It is as though when its real authority began to wane in Ireland in the 1960s, the sexual abuse of those under its control and the urge to keep that abuse secret and the efforts to keep abusers safe from the civil law became some of its new tools.


Colm T?ib?n from Wikipedia:


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fox and starhawk

Unread post by joe sz » Tue Dec 15, 2009 5:57 am

I got curious about Ledwith now that you brought him up, looked over his info on the web.
This is from http://www.ramtha.com/teachers/Miceal_Ledwith.asp
"The insights of leading-edge science indicate a very different understanding of God and our place and purpose in creation than the ways of thought with which we were traditionally familiar. In the main this is because in the churches' theologies, cosmological views about the nature of reality have never been distinguished properly from the religious beliefs themselves. This is also as true of Judaism and Islam as it is of Christianity. During this search and reassessment Dr. Ledwith found the vast body of sophisticated teachings from Ramtha's School of Ancient Wisdom, and he has been a student of those teachings for many years since, applying them to all the fundamental areas of human concern."

Sophistocated? Hmmmm... :roll: :lol:

It seems to me that he lost his moorings after rejection by the Church and landed wherever he could.
He reminds me a bit of former Dominican priest Matthew Fox
who hooked up with Starhawk and earth goddess religion:

Fox was disciplined [later ex-communicated] by the Catholic Church primarily for his heretical New Age/occult teachings around 1988:
http://www.nytimes.com/1988/10/21/us/di ... riest.html

"In 1988 Starhawk was teaching at the Institute in Culture and Creation Spirituality in Oakland, California, headed by the renegade Roman Catholic priest Matthew Fox. When Fox was investigated and silenced by the Vatican late that year, he showed the press a letter from Cardinal Ratzinger of the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. It urged him to "disassociate himself" from "wicca, the ideology of Starhawk." In response, Starhawk remarked that she was puzzled by the cardinal's apprehension, for it was the Church who had burned witches, not the other way around.

"During the 1990s, Starhawk continued her Wicca evangelicalism through teaching week-long "Witch Camps" and working in the Covenant of the Goddess, a legally recognized Church since 1975."
"On June 17, 1951, Miriam Simos (who later took the name Starhawk) was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. Educated in public schools, she regularly attended Hebrew study sessions after school and later frequently credited her Jewish upbringing as a major influence on evolving religious and political sensibilities."

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Unread post by Caterpillar » Tue Dec 15, 2009 6:58 am

Hi Joe

In 2002 & 2003, Miceal Ledwith, encouraged by ?Ramtha? promoted a ?nutritional? product called Star Stuff. I think he was a distributor of this Australian product. RSE recommended and sold Star Stuff to its students. This is one of several other possibly snake oil products JZ was/is selling that I have purchased.

From RSE website:

?Star Stuff
Australia's Super Food for the New Millennium
Based on the secret science of the Australian Aborigine, A natural whole food consisting of Australian bush fruits and wildflowers, organic wheatgrass sprouts, and Australian super bee pollen.?

http://web.archive.org/web/200306281856 ... ments.html

I also have a collection of Miceal?s version of dust particles (orbs) and Christianity.


Here is an interview with Miceal on ?How Jesus Became a Christ?, confirmed by Ramtha?s ?sophisticated? teachings. :roll: There are 4 parts of the interview if anyone is really interested.

http://www.mastersconnection.com/greatm ... rviews.htm

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Unread post by ex » Sat Dec 19, 2009 8:37 pm

i think ledwith is not a teacher at rse anymore. jzr saw this comming[soon after she departed from dr joe] and protected rse. i guess all traces from this conection will dissapear.

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Re: Miceal Ledwith in Child AbuseWatch

Unread post by Vanilla » Fri Apr 15, 2011 8:10 pm

This is all over the internet?

And I thought Ram could see his darkest secrets when on stage he made him confess it.

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Re: Miceal Ledwith in Child AbuseWatch

Unread post by David McCarthy » Mon Jul 16, 2012 4:53 pm

Miceal Ledwith (former adviser to Pope John Paul II for 17 years as Member and Chairman of the Vatican’s International Theological Commission).
Miceal Ledwith with Pope John and Pope Benedict.jpg
Miceal Ledwith with Mother Teresa.jpg
Child sex abuse: it is time to shout stop
Analysis, Opinion - Independent.ie Sunday June 09 2002.
The Catholic church should have no role in education as long as there is even one sexual deviant in its ranks, says Emer O'Kelly
SO MICEAL Ledwith is teaching enlightenment at a New Age educational establishment in California. What is on his curriculum, one wonders? How to pay off a minor you are alleged to have molested, and walk away denying the allegation, but with a massive pension in hand? The status of this organisation can best be calculated by pointing out that one of Ledwith's fellow "academics" is Linda Evans, the Dynasty actress who played Krystle Carrington.

And Ledwith, in case anybody is not aware, is the former President of St Patrick's College, Maynooth, a constituent college of the National University of Ireland, and the major seminary for the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland, who, before he left this country for his West Coast retreat, is believed to have reached one of those infamous "agreements" whereby he bought the silence of an under-age youngster who claimed Ledwith had molested him. Ledwith denied these allegations at all times.
The Catholic Bishop of Kerry, Dr Bill Murphy, said recently that the full truth about the abuse of children by priests must be brought into the open; "painful but purifying", he said, and necessary to restore the Church's credibility and capacity to witness to the Gospel. Miceal Ledwith could easily have assisted in that: he could have defended himself against the allegations in court even if, according to the official statement released by the trustees of Maynooth College, his legal advice at the time was to make a private settlement. But, in the meantime, the Irish taxpayer is being forced to subsidise child molesters, while the government does nothing to remove them from their positions of influence and high salary at all levels of education.

Ledwith is a case in point; he left his high office in 1994, with somewhat indecent haste. He is in receipt of a State pension, approved by the Department of Education. The out-of-court settlement meant that he himself was never brought to court to answer the allegations against him. Nor has he been disciplined by the Church authorities; they seem to have followed their usual pattern when faced with complaints about homosexual harassment of youngsters by a senior cleric at Maynooth: they silenced the victims, and tried to destroy another senior cleric who stood up for the young men. He went from being a senior academic to being curate of a parish in Armagh; hardly a prudent use of brain power, and in the academic world, the corporate equivalent of being demoted from Marketing Director to lavatory cleaner.
Cardinal Desmond Connell was a trustee of the College at the time of Ledwith's departure, and remains one. Cardinal Cahal Daly was also a trustee in 1994, but has now retired. They were both trustees in the Eighties when the young seminarians made their complaints. Then, and at the time of Ledwith's departure and since, the trustees, singly and corporately, have failed to answer any questions concerning him.

Six men who were senior seminarians in 1984, claim to have approached nine bishops (whom they have named) with complaints about the sexual harassment of much younger seminarians. The bishops included Joseph Cassidy of Tuam, Edward Daly of Derry, and Colm O'Reilly of Ardagh and Clonmacnoise, and of course, Cardinal Cahal Daly.
When the claims were revealed by my colleague Patsy McGarry of The Irish Times, those bishops wrote a letter, published on May 31, denying that they had ever received complaints of sexual harassment. Approaches had been made, their letter said, only about the "extravagant lifestyle" of a certain senior academic.
So much for Dr Bill Murphy's comments on the cleansing power of openness. These matters might be left to the corrupt secrecies of the Roman Catholic Church were it not for the fact that every one of the many priests who have lived lives of secret sexual deviation have damaged, even destroyed, the lives of innocent Irish citizens. We could leave them to their twisted layers of self-protection and justification were children not involved.

We could? We have abandoned them; we do abandon them. The State has not moved against this institution, whose corrupt, predatory deviants infiltrate the teaching staffs of our educational establishments, from primary schools, through secondary, and now it seems, to the highest levels of academia.
It is time for it to stop. It is obvious that the Roman Catholic Church will never come clean; that being so, the Irish government must move to protect the country's children. The stench of sexual corruption in the Roman Catholic Church is now so strong worldwide that the time has come for any government worthy of respect to ensure that children and young adults can never be defiled by its priests in the future.
Our new Minister for Education Mr Noel Dempsey must have the radical courage to remove all members of the Roman Catholic clergy, singly and corporately, from the education system; no matter what it costs in pain, difficulty, or money, the taxpayer cannot continue to subsidise an education system that employs clergy of a church guilty of maiming children in mind and body, whether actively, or passively, by protecting the abusers.
Some in the church may try and continue to protect its huge numbers of child-molesting clergy. And as long as it protects even one predatory sexual deviant, it is itself massively corrupt. Therefore it is the government's duty to ensure that schools and third-level institutions which employ Roman Catholic clergy or are owned and administered by that Church, receive no funding from the taxpayer.

If Roman Catholic parents are so much in awe of their clergy as to imagine that a Catholic school is a safe and responsible environment in which to place their children; if they are that uncaring of the sexual welfare of their children then let them pay for it, as is the situation in the United States. It is, after all, their right to choose the kind of education they want for their children.
But it is up to the State to discourage them from leaving the young and vulnerable open to abuse. And that discouragement will only happen when taxpayers' money does not go to schools which harbour a culture of indifference to the sexual welfare of children. This has been, and apparently continues to be part of the ethos of Catholic schools, where the tormentors and not the tormented are protected in the name of the power and prestige of the institutional church.
Nor is it an argument for the government to claim that it is bound to subsidise religiously-dominated education because parents choose it. There is a precedent that proves otherwise: Irish parents who want their children educated with a secular ethos have always been denied their right.
It is time for parents, and indeed all citizens, to start thinking clearly about how their taxes are spent in the area of education. And clear thinking must lead to a demand for the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church to be denied a place anywhere in our education system; they have systematically abused the duties and privileges of that system for too long, and it is time to shout "stop".

Child sex abuse: it is time to shout stop - Analysis, Opinion - Independent.ie
http://www.independent.ie/opinion/analy ... 01552.html
SC: How did you come across Ramtha?
Miceal Ledwith: I found The White Book and I read it all that night. I knew it was true.
I had always taught that we are here to accomplish our own personal inner transmutation. Before I studied with Ramtha,
I couldn’t explain how that would be done. Another of the things I saw in The White Book is how those gaps I saw everywhere else were filled.
From Religion to Spirituality Interview with Miceal Ledwith
http://www.superconsciousness.com/topic ... irituality
(EMF) View topic - 'The White Book' Steven Weinberg Speaks Out.
Miceal Ledwith’s site:
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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Re: Miceal Ledwith in Child AbuseWatch

Unread post by David McCarthy » Tue Jul 17, 2012 7:23 am

Read details of the abuse here from the Ferns report
It is alleged as follows:
The Inquiry spoke with a group of six fonner seminarians, a fonner student, and Fr Gerard McGinnity, fonnerly Senior Dean
in Maynooth College, in relation to complaints made against Monsignor Ledwith to various bishops in 1983 and 1984.
The group of former seminarians maintain that they voiced concerns over their seminary training, Monsignor Ledwith's allegedly extravagant lifestyle and his alleged sexual orientation and propensity. They shared anxieties over Monsignor
Ledwith's preferential treatment of certain students and his relationship with such
students which they believed was inappropriate. One seminarian in particular said
that, although he was in no doubt that he expressed to the bishops he met his
concern over Monsignor Ledwith's sexual behaviour, this concern was definitely
more of an anxiety with regard to orientation and propensity rather than with
specific sexual activity. Contrary to media reports, no specific allegations were
made against Monsignor Ledwith but rather a concern was expressed in the general
sense. The other five seminarians who attended the Ferns Inquiry confirmed this version
of events. None of the bishops, still living, to whom it is contended this group of seminarians
spoke and who were contacted by the Inquiry, could recall any mention of sexual
impropriety at their meetings with the members of the group or any of them.
After meeting with various bishops, including Bishop Comiskey, the group was dissatisfied with the response received
and reported the matter to Fr Gerard
McGinnity in his capacity as senior Dean. Fr McGinnity spoke to Cardinal Tomas
O'Fiaich, Archbishop Dermot Ryan and Bishop Kevin McNamara (all
of whom are now deceased). He also expressed his concerns in a confidential document
returned by him to the Papal Nuncio. Bishop Casey became aware of the
communication between Fr McGinnity and the three Bishops. At a subsequent
meeting with Fr McGinnity, Bishop Casey called upon him to produce a victim of
sexual abuse by Monsignor Ledwith. Fr McGinnity did not know of such a victim
and therefore could not have produced one. His purpose had been
to relate concerns as to the appropriateness of his relationship with some students. He never
had any specific allegations to report. On the basis that a senior dean could not
continue in the college after making such serious allegations against a Vice­ President
of the college, Fr McGinnity was required to remove himself from
Maynooth on a year's sabbatical after which he was not re-admitted. Monsignor
Ledwith was appointed President of Maynooth College ten months after Fr
McGinnity's removal.
Raymond alleged the following:
In 1994, Raymond alleged that he was abused by Monsignor Ledwith in the early
1980s when he was 13 years of age until after his 15th birthday. The exact age at
when this abuse is alleged to have commenced is in dispute as Monsignor Ledwith
states that he only became acquainted with this family after Raymond was
15 years old. Raymond alleges that Monsignor Ledwith abused him in his, Raymond's home and
in Monsignor Ledwith's house. The abuse amounted to touching and masturbation.
As a result of speaking to his parents about the abuse he went to meet Bishop
Newman, Bishop of Limerick. Bishop Newman dismissed Raymond abruptly.
The bishop's secretary, Fr Liam O'Sullivan, suggested that he should go to see
Cardinal Daly. Cardinal Daly travelled to meet Raymond and then referred the
matter to Bishop Comiskey who was Monsignor Ledwith's Bishop.
Bishop Comiskey informed the Inquiry that he met with Raymond and as a result
he was more decisive in acting against Monsignor Ledwith. He set up a Canonical
investigation and sought to have Monsignor Ledwith's priestly faculties removed.
This is dealt with at Chapter Five of this Report.
The Diocese paid for intensive counselling for Raymond and his family. The
Bishop was persuaded by Raymond's family to use his good offices to find
employment for Raymond. Raymond and his family were angry and bitter over the
events that had occurred and are continuing to receive counselling. Monsignor
Ledwith reached a financial settlement with Raymond which did not involve the
Diocese of Ferns, without any admission of liability. The settlement contained a
"confidentiality clause" which precluded Raymond from discussing this matter and
in particular precluded him from assisting in the canonical process initiated by the
Trustees of Maynooth College which is discussed at Chapter Five of this Report.
Raymood did not discuss the alleged abuse with the Inquiry and when contacted by
it through his lawyers, his lawyers informed the Inquiry that he was always
concerned about any pUblicity with regard to this matter. He was genuinely fearful
that if he got involved in making a detailed complaint to the Garda Authorities he
might not be able to preserve his anonymity. He was concerned about the impact
such publicity would have on his family.
Monsignor Ledwith was similarly prevented from discussing this matter with the
Inquiry but has at all times attested to his innocence
of all allegations made.
Shane alleged the following:
Shane was a third year seminarian in Maynooth when he claims he was abused by
Monsignor Ledwith in November 1994.
He first spoke about this incident to his
General Practitioner in October 1997 when he attended for treatment for
depression. He had left seminary training in 1995 and had started work as a
secondary school teacher. He continued to receive treatment for depression and in March
2000 whilst receiving hospital treatment, he arranged a meeting with his
former Bishop to inform him that he intended making a formal complaint to the
Gardai about the sexual abuse he had experienced. He did not reveal the name
of the alleged perpetrator to his bishop.
The hospital authorities contacted the Diocese
of Ferns and the Gardai in 2000. In
his first statement
to the Gardai in April 2000, Shane described in detail a very
serious rape he claimed was perpetrated by Monsignor Ledwith. The Gardai
commenced a thorough investigation
of the allegation. Although witnesses spoken
to by the Gardai all attested to a sudden change in Shane's personality in
November 1994, none
of them could confirm any question of sexual abuse being
raised except for one infirmary nurse who said she was concerned about that at the
In June 2001 Shane completely withdrew all allegations against the Monsignor
stating that no rape took place but that a consensual sexual encounter had occurred.
Monsignor Ledwith stated
to the Gardai that he did not know Shane and had never
had any relationship with him at any time, either consensual or otherwise. He
further stated that he was not in the country on the dates which Shane stated as
being the days on which the abuse is alleged
to have occurred and was in a position
to prove that.
This allegation was later than the allegation
at 4.6.2 above and Monsignor Ledwith
no longer in active ministry in the diocese. Bishop Comiskey had already
informed the bishop in the diocese where Monsignor Ledwith was residing about
the previous allegation. Bishop Comiskey informed the Bishop
of Seattle of this
further allegation against Monsignor Ledwith but did not inform the Archbishop
when the allegation had been completely withdrawn.
The Gardai considered the desirability
of prosecuting Shane for having made a
false allegation but recommended to the DPP, who accepted the advice, that
such prosecution be brought because the view was taken that Shane was mentally
Shane commenced High Court proceedings against Maynooth College and
Monsignor Ledwith but his withdrawal of the criminal charge led
to the
of this action.
Monsignor Ledwith has told the Inquiry that it was difficult
to convey in words the
difficulty and expense caused to him and his family by this allegation which was
to be without foundation and was made by a person whom he stated he did
not know and was alleged to have occurred when he was not in Ireland.

http://www.bishop-accountability.org/re ... nnamed.pdf
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