There are a number of ways that people of all walks of life get recruited into cults. Share your experience here.
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Unread post by forever » Wed Mar 04, 2015 6:36 am

RSE has a wide dragnet. For females it's a major hook. JZ had it all. She was talented, independent, beautiful, a business woman and feminine at the same time. When i read her book i could relate to her. Plus she was intelligent. I didn't know then. Back then she was sweet. For females that had struggled for independence she had tremendous drawing power and represented females.

Leaving the Pentecostal Church wasn't an easy thing. The first service i missed i honestly thought God was going to strike me dead. I cut my hair, put on make up and bought a pair of shorts. Quaking. My poor kids was a hard situation. When you teach kids something because you think it's right and then realize it isn't-then what? How do you explain that to them?

If RSE parents left today they are not going to undo how their kids are programmed. It takes years. My oldest did stay in the church many years. And i was the devil. Until he saw it on his own. Once kids are programmed it takes time-if they ever come out of it. In the interim i lost my family, was on my way to hell and ostracized. I understand how hard it is for RSE students to get out. Worse yet-and go where? And having not been in the world, no television, radio, newspapers, nothing.
RSE kids are programmed but at least they have contact with society.

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Re: Independence

Unread post by joe sz » Thu Mar 05, 2015 1:49 am

Since the 19th century, women have been in the majority in groups like Theosophy, Christian Science, and what we tend to call New Age. It is partially a rebellion against the rampant chauvinism that developed in major religions

side issue, but I thought of this:
before Christianity became "a religion" in the 4rth Century, among many forms of Christianity (not all) women found it quite attractive and comforting and experienced a kind of power that they did not have in Roman "pagan" and Jewish sects. Early Christians as well as Gnostic Christians valued celibacy and "virginity" for both moral and deep philosophical (Platonic) reasons. The mystery around the "virgin birth" understood in a philosophical sense made it holy for women to withhold sex when they wanted to, thus they had control over their bodies. They were not merely the property of a husband any longer--they were "equal in God." It was not uncommon for Christian couples back then to live together as "brother and sister" with no sex. That alone was an incredible revolution at the time.

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Re: Independence

Unread post by forever » Thu Mar 05, 2015 2:23 am

That was a subject i wasn't going to approach. :-) Celibacy.

In our "modern" world :roll: that we call civilized :roll: sex is so .... :shock: Lack of self respect and respect for the act. IMO celibacy is a natural part of evolving. When someones thoughts are on Christ ....! To each his own.

In religion women were subject to their husbands. Second class citizens and not intelligent. I have a near photographic memory and am very intelligent. Was starving in Pentecostal church. There was no place for independent women.

Having been subjugated it has been a journey. As you know the pendulum swings. First one way-unaccustomed freedom. Then comes back to center. It's called growth. Defining self. People who have been told how to think go through trial and error. Learn. JZ to me had guts and courage now she's a disgrace to females every where now.

The hard work for females to pull them self up by their boot straps. Be more than objects. Stand beside men. Not behind them-beside them as equal. Not as a pretty face/body arm ornament but an intelligent "balanced" woman. With self respect, dignity, wisdom and mentally strong and loving.

And Wine ceremonies aren't a place for any woman.. to air her personal laundry on a captive audience that paid $$$$ to learn something? :roll: As with any experience get rid of anything that isn't worth hanging onto. I am finished with RSE but not myself. Life goes on. The greatest lesson of all is to understand that what is marketed as truth is based on opinion.

JZ is a disgrace to women.

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