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The stories of people who have been in RSE, and the red flags that caused them to step back, ponder it all, and realize it's time to leave, are varied and diverse. Post your story here to help others.
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assigned seats

Unread post by ex » Tue Mar 04, 2008 7:36 am

well the reserved seating program is the real deal.if somebody is in doubt of the statements made here on emf thats the proof for:its all about money....peorsanal CULT......the amount of dizotiation a follower is abel to.....people with reserved seats should wear a sticker with the coulers all the time.and this runns the 2nd year???thanks for the laugh.

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Unread post by See&E » Tue Mar 04, 2008 8:45 pm

wow! Remember when it was a student's focus and analogical mind that brought them to the seats closest the stage? It was left to the "random seat generator" I think they once called "Big Bertha" to assign seats. Then there are those on the site that have shared they never paid, or rarely paid for (any) events? Now, it's like any other peformance or production in any venue.... . Are some of the events (still) just re-broadcasts or re-runs of previous events?

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Unread post by FreeNow » Tue Mar 04, 2008 9:31 pm

Paying extra money for closer seats to JZR was such a shock, that was another moment when I was realizing this RSE thing just wasn't working out. Just another way to suck the students dry of their money...... it's always been about money!
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Unread post by G2G » Tue Mar 04, 2008 9:34 pm

Interesting. My beginner's in July 2007, one of the last of the nine-day events, I had a seat very close to the stage. The same with my follow-up and primary. In fact, the seats were just a few away from one another. I didn't "buy" a seat; I paid for the event which one would think would also pay for the seating. How can you ask people to pay for a ticket to a movie, then inform them they have to pay for their seat in addition? Crazy.

Beautiful marketing strategy for more bucks. When is enough money - enough? Very, very sad for those still mired in the mindtrap of RSE. Maybe the doors "are open" to leave, as he/she often states, but the mind is indeed caged.

I'm finding the longer I've been away, the easier it is to discern the absurdity of the game. Is there no conscience at all in that organization? It reminds me of a German officer during WWII, who mistakenly believed the words of the Hindu Bhagavad Gita to rationalize the ill he had committed. I'm sure Joe and some others are aware of the Hindu mythology, "The Mahabharat," which is where the "Gita" originated according to the belief system. "Krishna," who was then the current avatar to bring justice to the world, was advising Arjun, in the middle of the battlefield prior to the battle beginning. Arjun did not wish to fight this war, for he was fighting against his own blood, brothers, uncles, those who had raised him. Arjun questioned Krishna, who was acting as Arjun's charioteer, how could he fight against his own kin? The problem was one of justice vs. injustice. Some members of Arjun's kin not only behaved unjustly, but others who knew better simply turned their heads to the horrible injustices. Krishna's dialogue was that when injustice rears its head, one must restore justice.
The German officer had used this as a misinterpretation to alleviate his conscience over the killing of millions of innocents. He failed to grasp the concept in the Mahabharat, that injustice was the cause of the war in "Kurukshetra" in the Hindu epoch. It's also was surprising to me to see how VERY much hitler borrowed from the Hindu religion - as for the symbol of the swastika. That is in every Hindu temple. The "aryans" - there are still isolated groups of pure aryans residing in parts of northern India - and their eyes are not blue, nor is their skin white.

Caged minds - not to far off from WWII thought in some cases. Just my own opinion.

Oh, my. I just had a vision of JZR in a huge birdcage. She, herself, is "caged" by her quest for power and money. Would she know what to do if someone opened the door to her cage? Sigh.
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