Ramtha/JZ predictions that have never come to pass.

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Ramtha/JZ predictions that have never come to pass.

Unread post by freemysoul » Fri Sep 17, 2010 8:50 am

I thought that with all the experience at EMF from ex or past RSE students, we could come up with quite an interesting list of all the predictions JZ/R has claimed that have never come to fruition. JZ/R really likes to make claims showing when something she said years ago has come to fruition, whether or not it is true, or manipulated in some way to meet her needs. The bulletin boards in the great halls hallway always have some benign scientific/new ageish papers showing a JZ/R quote from some time ago, and below that there will be three lines from an article taken completely out of context to match up enough to make people believe that JZ/R had predicted it all along.
I honestly cannot recall one single prediction that I have either heard, or read from JZ/R that has EVER come to fruition. For myself, it is helpful to my state of mind, and has been detrimental to my life changes, to mentally list all of these inconsistencies to help my bruised spirit forgive itself.
One of the most recent things that JZ/R really hammered on over the last three years or so, was the economic collapse and how by September of this year, the month we are in now, that the dollar bill will become completely worthless, and our economy would completely collapse. I know from earlier teachings that the collapse was to have happened many times already, but this is the first time I actually heard for myself and the most recent I am aware of. This is just one of the many, and I hope to sit down and really give this the thought it deserves, because for me, every time I can show contradictions, inconsistencies and outright lies coming from RSE and JZ/R, there is no question what I am doing for the first time in my life in over 15 years I can prove WITHOUT a doubt, is healthy and right for me.

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Re: Ramtha/JZ predictions that have never come to pass.

Unread post by Lost in Space » Fri Sep 17, 2010 7:41 pm

Hi freemysoul:
Well, for starters, how many of the predictions are the result of spotting current trends and extrapolating from them? I have lived through, with someone I care for who is in RSE, the sense that "the end is nigh", fueled further by each new prophecy of impending doom...and of course, it always emerges that the reason for non-fulfillment is that the timeline has changed. This is a practice not unique to RSE. On the website dedicated to a famouse healer and psychic that my sister is the disciple of, it lists all predictions ever made, shows that a number have come true, and then explains the non-fulfillment of those prophesies by stating that the measure of the success of the prophecy was that, allerted to the danger by the Teacher, devotees had averted disaster. How convenient ;-)

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Re: Ramtha/JZ predictions that have never come to pass.

Unread post by ex » Fri Sep 17, 2010 9:45 pm

hi free my soul. for me the not fullfiling predictions were also a critical point to watch intensly whats going on at rse. after the alignment i realy felt fooled. after contemplating all excuses i still diden't get it. the only valid one was yes that was a training situation. after this i watched the predictions and finally concluded if jz predicts something than we are save from this. like the only save spot from a bad shot is behind the target. so why the days to come and the ugs and the food [by the way i never seen a region with more rotting food than around yelm]. first it replaces ouer effort for a better life. we are missing in the meantime to work on ouer imidied happines and prosperety all with the excuse but than we survive. i saw ramsters waiting for the daysto come.... to get teire neighebours nice house because they will be the one who die. the ugs are kind of a sign how established and devoted you r. than a 50 000 to a 500 000$ investment is a big ancher chained to your ankle to keep you in yelm together with your buddies who dig in too. everywhere else you get may get a reality check. after throwing so much money out you better stand behind jz otherwise you r the fool of the year. also i diden't see any predictions from jz coming true. when the tower at 9/11 i wittnesed how an embaressed staff tried to explain why ramtha dident make predictions of such a significant and tragig event. they came up with the story that jzr made predictions to her staff behind closed doors.

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Re: Ramtha/JZ predictions that have never come to pass.

Unread post by Another Dimension60 » Sat Sep 18, 2010 2:39 am

predictions started in 1986 -- buy land and become self-sufficient in face of imminent economic/societal collapse - give up any long term goals - I felt sorry for friends going after advanced degrees -- the joke is on me!
In '89/90 came the first round of ug instructions -- more homemade at the time.
Here's the catch 22 re the rationalization that the enlightened Masters changed things -- if the Masters of the mid 80's were so powerful as to stop worldwide collapse, why did they need a 7 year school to become enlightened?
And, if the enlightened students of the 7 year school were so masterful as to once again forestall disaster, why did they need Blue College and 7 more years of training? ..... And even if there are new people, there's still a core of those same folks from the mid80's, still learning to become enlightened.

The advantage of the 80's for jz was that she belonged to 'underground' news services not available to the average person. Then came the internet and all such conspiratorial and predictive info is available to everyone.
Shucks - the corporate media is outdoing even ramtha on the 2012 fear factor, along with earthquakes, tsunamis, and even satellite zapping solar flares. Fear. Divide. Conquer. Fear. Cripple. Conquer.

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Re: Ramtha/JZ predictions that have never come to pass.

Unread post by seriously » Wed Jul 06, 2011 2:01 am

I tried the 7 year school argument with my family members that have been involved since the 80s. It's so frustrating. After 7 years, you were supposed to be a Christ. However, you can't do any of the things that were promised. You can't remote view, stop disease, create wealth, etc etc etc. All they can do is be freaked out and go heavily into survival mode because the end is near. Maybe they're bad students or wait, another option is the teacher doesn't exist and it's complete BS. Well, I guess they've had some fun wine ceremonies even though they were supposedly killing the parts of the brain they opened up while doing the hyperventilating C&E exercises. Wow, you found your card a few times in the field. With a bright light on your head, you can read the underside of a few cards. That's really impressive.

It's all such BS and such an obvious money grab. People still in the school, if you could only see it from an outsider's perspective, it's so obvious and ridiculous. I've seen it from both sides. My parents were heavily involved while I was in high school and remain so to this day. I tried it for a while but it didn't take too long for my BS meter to become overwhelmed. Even so, it was difficult to walk away.

I've considered offering them a few thousand dollars if they could demonstrate on my terms simple things a "master" should be able to do on a consistent basis. They wouldn't be able to just like no one else at RSE could. I love them and they're important to me. However, I'm done with nodding and hearing them out. If they want to discuss RSE BS, they're going to get that which is termed honest feedback. So Be It! Indeed!

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Re: Ramtha/JZ predictions that have never come to pass.

Unread post by Marie » Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:37 am

Seriously -- I'm with you!...It's not EVEN that I debate with them or start arguments or am the instigator in trying to poke holes... But when they come to me with ridiculous theories and just plain BS I will not silently nod and agree... That would be "enabling"...:-).....

I once told my mother that if she gave me $1500 I would blindfold her and let walk around our house trying to find her card... :lol: :lol:
"That's me in the corner -- losing my religion" -- REM

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Re: Ramtha/JZ predictions that have never come to pass.

Unread post by Lost in Space » Wed Jul 06, 2011 5:53 am

My pretzel logic:
Either R is real or not real.
If R is real, why do the predictions and timelines keep shifting that way? If R is real, we should sink all of our money into preparing, because eventually the timeline thing will be tapped out and we really will be pleased that we prepared, and can ride out the global disaster in the confident knowledge that we are prepared; we will survive.
If R is real and cares about us, R would understad why we are no longer spending time and money on events when we must prepare and alot all of our resources to this effort. If R is real and doesn't care about us, we should stop spending time and money on events and instead focus on those who do care about us.
If R is not real, the predictions are false and we should stop spending time and money on events, relax, and enjoy and make the best darn life we can with what remains of our time and resources.
So, no matter what, we should stop spending our time and money on events right now.
Tah dah! Doesn't this make sense?

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