Hi Everyone & Loss of a Buddy

How is life after RSE? What negative effects are you dealing with? How has it affected loved ones? What has helped you towards healing and moving on? Share with others here.
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Hi Everyone & Loss of a Buddy

Unread post by Scamtha » Thu Jun 30, 2011 1:43 pm

Hi Everyone,

I'm new here! Where do I start ....

My journey started with one of my best friends a few years ago, we were both interested in UFO's and the esoteric so we decided to
make a trip to James Gillilands Ranch in Trout Lake. It's called ECETI and a well known UFO hot spot.

To be honest I had the time of my life, we saw some strange phenomena happening in the sky and we really had a connection to what
was going on around us.

A few of the people at James Ranch were RSE students and they all said you'll be seeing UFO's all the time once you sign up for the
beginners course and start doing the disciplines. We were intrigued .... I bought the White Book and booked in for a beginners retreat.

First day or two was fun, I managed to find one of my cards (stumble into it by chance) and some of the new recruits were nice people.

My "BS" meter started to go off fairly early .... the teachers were not very friendly and they had this aura of importance almost arrogance
about them. This was a huge turn off for me as I tend to gravitate towards humble kind people ... like most of us do.

As the retreat went on they did the demonstration on the big screen about the cards but there was a real spin on how you can use this
skill to win at the Casino's and life will be sweet! Talk about the root of all evil MONEY I mean how low can one stoop to make people
think they'll become rich when they master the disciplines.

I wanted to leave and quite there and then, I was disgusted to be honest. Not once was there any talk of helping fellow man, or giving to
others. This to me was overly self centered and just a huge turn off for the path that I wanted to take.

My Best mate was hooked .... he bought every single item that was on sale , every book , every DVD ... the lot. And from this point he
immersed himself into this 24/7. He used to get up at 5am and walk into the forest and meditate and a leaf fell on him (surprise surprise)
he thought he had manifested it and that this was a sign from Ramtha.

Soon after he bought a farm in the middle of no where and started preparing for the end of the world or TDTC.

At first we would talk every week on Skype and he'd fill me in on what he's been up to , but as the months went on and the more time
he spent with all of the RSE crowd the less and less I heard from him. His excuse was busy on the farm, busy with kids, busy building the
bunker. Despite spending 5 hours a night on the internet, using skype and keeping in touch did not seem like a priority any more.

I jumped on a plane to visit to go and hang out ... I had a nice time but it was RAMTHA from day one till the day I left, no time to do
anything else but watch him and his other RSE friend build the bunker. I was out of the picture and just in the way of the preparations.

Not long after getting back I was soon deleted from skype and the phone calls when from monthly to 6 monthly and now nothing.

I've lost my best mate, he's obsessed with this rubbish and I'm really really hurt. This is a guy who was on my wavelength and what I thought
was a friend for life. I'm angry I'm frustrated and to be honest I blame JZ Knight for poisoning his mind and sending him into a recluse. The
worse thing is his wife is now doing the same thing to her circle of friends and these to are lovely girls who were once so close to her as well.

I've sent him a long e-mail explaining my hurt, anger and frustrations .... I'll probably be viewed as the bad guy but I'm praying that it may
have some effect in making him think twice about this mind numbing cult that RSE is.

Help advice appreciated.
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Re: Hi Everyone & Loss of a Buddy

Unread post by Lost in Space » Thu Jun 30, 2011 4:03 pm

Dear Scamtha:

I think this sounds ultra familiar to me, the whole pattern of absorption and involvement with RSE and the subsequent severing of ties to "outsiders", in spite of in some cases life long friendship and intimacy. I am not a former RSE student, I am instead in the family and friends category. I wont talk that much here about my loved ones in RSE, though, instead, I will talk about my sybling who, without benefit of RSE, has been infected with the same survivalist, conspiracy theory, escape mentality - bought a farm, is getting off the grid, being self sustaining, and preparing for the complete collapse of our economy/way of life/environment - and added to that, is paranoid and distrustful of just about any of the social institutions formerly bought into. Won't have a mortgage, because the bankers are to blame for the current "global crisis", won't get insurance because the insurance companies are corrupt, and inisists on only reading the "real news" because the regular news services are in the thrall of the new world order mongers - and all of this from someone who has been level headed, brilliant and highly successful in the corporate world, and a really fine person who cared very much about others in general and family in particular.
I have chosen to endure endless rants about "all that" and even helped foot the bill for the farm, just to maintain the relationship with my beloved sybling. I swear, it's worse than RSE! I am proud of the way I am still in my sybling's confidence, even though it's bloody depressing to hear all of this stuff about how the @#$% will hit the fan any day, and I am seriously worried about his sanity. My advice to you is, grit your teeth and bear with your friend, and wait as patiently as you can for him to see the light. In my experience, with RSE there is an ebb and flow in involvement in RSE, and your friend may find that, after all, he misses talking to you and that he can't so completely rewrite his history as to write you off entirely.
Good luck with this!
Lost in Space

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Re: Hi Everyone & Loss of a Buddy

Unread post by ex » Thu Jun 30, 2011 4:16 pm

hi. after the summer break and now since nothing happened at the 15th of june your friend might be more open to talk to you. when ramsters are in suvival mood [during building bunkers] there is no communication possible.

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Re: Hi Everyone & Loss of a Buddy

Unread post by Scamtha » Fri Jul 01, 2011 4:27 pm

Hi Ex & Lost thanks for your replies :D

I sent the e-mail and I got a reply ..... usual Ramtha stuff personified, a lot has changed we've found our own truths, Ramtha does teach a lot about love and compassion.

I also sent them loads of information and told them how I feel, I think that is is all I should do for now without imposing to much into their lives.

Sad times a real shame.
I can see clearly now the rain has gone!

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Re: Hi Everyone & Loss of a Buddy

Unread post by WofthesunEofthemoon » Fri Jul 01, 2011 6:27 pm

Hi, Scamtha.

Now I guess we will all have to stop referring to JZ/Ramtha as 'Scamtha' and start calling her/him/it by one of it's many other EMF epithets (such as Ramthat, Ramthing, Rambot, or Ramfart), or you will think that we are referring to you! :lol:

Convicing friends that they may be mistaken is such a difficult thing, when we are in the arena of cults/sects and relgio-personal beliefs, (whatever JZ chooses to call her organisation, and the thinking/beliefs which it promotes). There is so much on the EMF board, right now, which is relevant to this subject.

I have had no success, at all, with convicing the one person whom I still know to be a Ramster. This person seems only to be able to communcate in 'Ramtha-speak', and I fear that they may have turned into a 'Rambot'. As I don't speak this 'gobbledygook language', and refuse to try, I am afraid that I am now a 'persona non-grata', and out of the equation. :lol: However, even though I have posted a 'laughing emoticon', you may be in a lot of pain with regard to you friends. This make me feel very sad for you, and for them.


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Re: Hi Everyone & Loss of a Buddy

Unread post by WofthesunEofthemoon » Fri Jul 01, 2011 7:23 pm

I should add to my previous post that the person I am referring to is an individual who had already given up all their powers of critical thinking long before encountering JZ Knight. A perfect candidate for RSE, but also someone who will never see 'red flags', nor ever wish to.

There are some people who are, perhaps, just born to be 'die-hards'; people with a delusional/blinkered 'mission', who believe themselves to be the 'top-of-the-heap', the 'cream of the crop', with a right to succeed with regards to any of their hearts' desires. To have the right to achieve everything they may wish to lay hands on, or lay waste to. JZ may be among them; there is at least one of her followers whom I suspect of having been cast in the same mould; I am sure there are various others of the same ilk. Most of the latter have worked their way into JZ's 'Inner Circle', where their grand ideas about themselves seem to be being borne out.

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Re: Hi Everyone & Loss of a Buddy

Unread post by delavie » Wed Mar 13, 2013 11:38 am

The blog "scamtha.blogspot.com" has been deleted.

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