First move to Yelm, Washington Part 1 Derrick Lee

How is life after RSE? What negative effects are you dealing with? How has it affected loved ones? What has helped you towards healing and moving on? Share with others here.
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First move to Yelm, Washington Part 1 Derrick Lee

Unread post by derrick » Sat Mar 23, 2013 6:46 am

First move to Yelm, Washington Part 1

In Sept. of 2001 (before 911) my son's mom called me while I was working (driving a truck) and told me that she was moving to yelm with my son in one month. I asked her What? Why? and she told me that ramtha has told many students as well as herself that we should all move to Yelm to be safe from "the days to come" and store food and work with other masters and learn how to become masters and form a community and be close to RSE etc.
I was furious about this and nearly ran off the road with a full refrigerated van. I pulled off the side of the road and called her mother immediately and warned her that my ex (her daughter)she couldn't legally take my son out of state. I was yelling and screaming at her mom that was a very sweet person that helped calm me down. After a couple of days of calming myself down, along with my sons mom being really sweet to me, and inviting me to start a new life in Yelm and prepare for the days to come, etc. I reluctantly agreed after her convincing words of things like how beautiful it is in Yelm and all of the camaraderie of fellow students and so forth.
She told me that I could get a job and stay with her and my son until I found my own place. So, I saved all of my money to pay for the moving truck before quitting my job in AZ to move to Yelm. In the meantime, 911 happened...we left for Yelm just days later. To my ex, this was confirmation that "Ramtha" was right and to be honest with you, I thought so too. In hind sight, I realize that we were just buying the into fear. but at the time, I believed the fear, and was afraid of loosing my son. He came first in my mind and heart and over all, I could not take it to be away from him. I was in a panic mode and took what ever option that was handed to me by my ex. Had I the wisdom then, that I have now, I would have just said NO WAY to her but I was so ignorant to stand up for myself as if I wasn't worth it.
I drove the moving truck from Phx. My son was just 5 years old. When we got to Yelm We checked in to "her" apartment and I began looking for a job. That was tough because there simply was not much work in town and the only job that I could get right away was a dish washing job at Jody's fairway for $6 an hour.(the job I left in Phx. was significantly more). As I began meeting some of my ex's "ramster" friends, (The only people that my ex knew were ramsters) I had only gone to one event in Sedona, AZ but I had read many ramtha books since the 80's and felt very condescended from most people that I was introduced to. Some were just down right nasty like the guy who used to run the "master center" and that lady everyone called "Grandmother".
I was perplexed as to why a person that proclaimed to walk through walls and always found her card could be so short and rude to fellow students. However, very nice and respectful to Non-students that were not "believers. It was a real struggle to save money for bills etc. so I began looking for flooring work to make more money while working at Jod'y. At the time there was a "LOCK DOWN" in the RSE community of students and I was being effected by it by living with my ex and buying into the fear. Everyone at the time were in such fear and anxiety that I could not find a friend in anyone I met in rse besides Lauren and Reggie. They were cool but were struggling too like me. This was strange to me that they didn't have the community that I envisioned to be a loving community where everyone helps each other, but they were very materialistic and self centered and separate from eachother. All I ever seemed to hear was that this one or that one manifested amazing wealth or a new this or a new that. Never about peace, love, and sharing as a whole people.
There were events at the time all built around 911. Finally "Ramtha" could use this ultimate fear weapon and have more events=more students=more money. My ex was going to all of the events at this time while I was struggling to find a job.
After many phone calls and networking, I finally landed a flooring job with a guy in Olympia for decent money and started working. About three days into working my ex tells me that "Ramtha" said at an event that "there will be terrorists spreading Anthrax in the cities of Olympia and Seattle" and that to continue to have a place to live, I was given a choice by my ex, I had to 1. quit my job in Olympia or 2. move out because she feared that if I worked in the city, I would bring home Anthrax. All because "Ramtha" said so! Wow! I couldn't believe it...I just got a job and now she tells me this shit? I had only been there a couple of weeks and I didn't even have a car because I sold it dirt cheap in Phoenix to pay for the moving truck.
Now I was really screwed. All I could do at that point was to sell all of my music equipment to get a car and the rest went to buy food for the days to come that never came. I bought a piece of crap old ford station wagon that leaked oil and emissions into the drivers area and got me pulled over all the time by the police.
The guy that I was doing flooring with was nice enough to offer me a place on his sofa so I chose to move further away from my son to Olympia and keep this job. Whats funny is that my ex kicked me out for fear of bringing home anthrax yet, she didn't have a problem with me commuting from Olympia to Rainer to help with monitoring the kids at CSE (childrens school of excellence) I didn't say anything about it naturally because it was a way to see him.
I had to drive two three and four times a week to Yelm to visit my son and put in 20 to 30 hours a week for the "Children's school. It would have been much easier to put him in public school but my ex was adamant at him going to CSE. It was allot on my plate and it was very depressing being in a new environment and not even being close to my son as well as the constant rain and cold and not one friend that understood the full scope of what I was going through. I found it also perplexing that the RSE students put allot of emphases on celebrating Christmas, yet they always put down the Christian religion as well as Jesus who they refer to as Yeshua.
While all of this craziness was unfolding, one night I got together all of the money I had left and decided to move back to Arizona. I got into my piece of shit car that might not even make it, and packed what little I had left, I got as far as Eugene, Oregon in complete tears over leaving my 5 year old son. I was a mess. I pulled over at a gas station called a friend in California and talked myself into turning around and heading back to Yelm. I couldn't leave my son while I was still bonding with him. It was torture in my heart. The only thing that would make it better was to be near him so, I went back broke and feeling completely defeated.
Soon after my move to Olympia, work ran out and I was left jobless again and was able to move (back to Yelm) in with my ex's friend Lauren who had just done "blue college". She was a very sweet person that became a dear friend of mine. She also worked at rse in shipping where my ex soon became employed. Lauren died in 2010 of liver failure and complications with prescription allergy medication mixed with other over the counter drugs and of course...much wine/brandy that made it impossible to get a transplant.
As I was living in Yelm once again, I landed a job at Porta vallarta restaurant and began living with a gal from New Zealand whom I married for all the wrong reasons...besides I had a girlfriend still back in Arizona. What a mess! I began hosting open mic at El patio restaurant 2 days a week to make money while still working at PV. Things were very weird with my wife and I began hating living there. She was very much into the ramtha teachings and very uptight about everything. I couldn't wait to get the hell out of there.
I Lived with two different friends before I just had no more options or a way to make a living. One of them, "Derek" a "ramster" from NewZeland, Pushed the barrier one night after we drank a heap of booze, he wrecked his motorcycle going around 80 miles per hour around a hair pin turn in the country side on Vail rd. He told me that he didn't care about dying anymore because his ex (a ramster) who was mother to his 3 year old daughter was giving him the shaft and he felt broken inside. This was a very positive guy and fun loving person who now looked at me with blankness and defeat. I knew what he was feeling because I was feeling it too. W drank like a sport. I picked him up from the side of the road, threw him in my car and brought him down the road to a guy from the parties house. We took his boot off that was filled to the top with blood. His leg was shattered with bone exposed. Had I not moved him from the scene of the accident, He would have gotten a DUI. He received knee and bone replacement and was crippled for months. He soon sold everything he had left and moved back to NewZeland leaving his daughter behind and I realized that I was soon to be next.
In my mind I thought... how easy it was for my ex to paint a pretty picture of Yelm and the RSE school just to get me to agree to move there and then tell me to go to hell as soon as the time came. This way she was off the hook from taking my son illegally from Az because I came here with her and for years to come would have to live with the guilt of not being with my beautiful boy who really needed me because I just couldn't make it in Yelm.
Since then I have moved to Yelm 2 more times to be with my son and have high tailed the hell out of there every time with a big sigh of relief the moment I cross state lines. Don't get me wrong, Washington is a very beautiful place and I still visit but many of the RSE people who live there are seemingly misfits, that are involved in beliefs that are incredibly unrealistic, based on new age delusional concepts and assumptions. As much as I searched to find truth in the so called "scientific evidence" , I could not find any understanding nor knowledge that substantiates RSE as a legitimate school that teaches quantum physics/science let alone spirituality. RSE has brought me very much unnecessary: pain,anguish,sorrow,confusion,fear,bigitry,un-love,un-feeling,anxiety un-rest,un-peace,un-freedom non-harmony, and overall a diversion from the fundamental truth about life and my purpose in it.

In closing I would like to say that I am much happier as a HUMAN being (NOT A GOD) and have learned to put my attention on the reality that is before me now called "life" and my responsibility to be a kind hearted person that truly cares about my fellow human being and their thoughts and feelings and standing up for the truth with courage while I fight against lies and deceit. My hopes and prayers (meditations) go out to all of the others who are lost in this cult, but not just by their own accord, but also by the manipulations and machinations of a woman that calls herself a god and who's sales pitch is "COME TO THE SCHOOL"!...
Whoever reads this and is questioning the authenticity of rse, "PLEASE" consider what I have said and go always in peace.
Sincerely, Derrick Lee

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Re: First move to Yelm, Washington Part 1 Derrick Lee

Unread post by Ockham » Sat Mar 23, 2013 11:07 am

Thank you Derrick! Wow, what a heart great article. I hope people who are contemplating a move to Yelm, Washington see your article so they know what they are going to be in for.

The only people as far as I can tell that are manifesting anything are the owners of RSE that are manifesting the students' hard earned money into their pockets. Most everybody else gets to live in a flop house apartment or a beat up trailer squatting on somebody else's property. Jobs are limited in Yelm; you can work at Wal-Mart or a restaurant for minimum wage or even worse work at RSE where you may mysteriously find you are a volunteer instead of a paid worker. Don't expect to manifest much in your job unless you can be a software engineer commuting to Seattle or want to stoop to multi level marketing selling scammy vitamins or a quack medical device - if you do, you may face friction from Judy Knight if she thinks you're encroaching on her turf. Don't be deluded that you're going to clean up at the Nisqually casino. RSE has a nice web page with photo testimonials of people that mostly, "manifested," winnings of a few hundred dollars. What RSE doesn't show is the raft of students that manifested losing their shirts trying to manifest gambling winnings.

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Re: First move to Yelm, Washington Part 1 Derrick Lee

Unread post by freemysoul » Sat Mar 23, 2013 11:21 am

Thank you and Welcome to EMF. Your post and powerful words struck me like a bolt of lightning.
"RSE has brought me very much unnecessary: pain,anguish,sorrow,confusion,fear,bigitry,un-love,un-feeling,anxiety un-rest,un-peace,un-freedom non-harmony, and overall a diversion from the fundamental truth about life and my purpose in it."
One of the most profound, honest and powerful statements to ever appear on this site, from a witness with FIRST HAND validation, exposing the brutal and painful reality that is rse.

Thank you again Derrick.

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Re: First move to Yelm, Washington Part 1 Derrick Lee

Unread post by gracie » Sat Mar 23, 2013 1:35 pm


FWIW, I found out about a siblings involvement with RSE at precisely this same time you moved to Yelm

My mother was dying of ALS, my sister was in Yelm at an event, I learned later. and I was in the Midwest trying to figure out what was going on.

Long story short, I get back to Washington on 090511 and my mother is gone. I am driving. No phone call, no urgency, zero emotion. "Oh by, the way Mom died."

Like you said, very strange group of people. We return to the family home after the service and it is full of these very odd people whom I have never heard of or laid eyes on. I felt like a stranger in the home I grew up in. Sort of like I was a guest. Like "The bathroom is the first door on the right." Ya think!!

Here comes the "Lock Down". Post 911. she wont answer her phone, keeps all the shades drawn at her own home, will not answer the door. I suggest we use email or the USPS if all of the above are a problem for her. Her reply, "Oh no, that is not secure."

She sold her house, quit her job, moved to Yelm. Have had no contact with her in twelve years. It is the craziest mindset I have ever run across.

Good Luck


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Re: First move to Yelm, Washington Part 1 Derrick Lee

Unread post by Rooster » Sat Mar 23, 2013 7:57 pm

Welcome Derrick,
You definetely explained the terror of 911 at rse well. That is a time I felt the teachings were real and it was all happening. The mindset jz had students in were horrible. I am sorry you had to go through the experience, and sorry for your son. I agree with freemysoul! Thank you, for this wonderful post.

also welcome, Gracie! Warm thoughts to both of you.

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Re: First move to Yelm, Washington Part 1 Derrick Lee

Unread post by RoyGBiv » Sat Mar 23, 2013 11:13 pm

welcome, Derrick.
That was one hell of a first post!
Your story is so full of heartbreak and loss.
You'll find much help and support here. Are you in touch with your son?

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Re: First move to Yelm, Washington Part 1 Derrick Lee

Unread post by Sunshine » Sun Mar 24, 2013 5:43 am

Hello Derrick with 2 r's... So, so glad you shared some of your story here! I could relate to many things you talked about and it helps me, and I'm sure others, to know I am not alone. It is tragic the things we have all been through, the magnitude of the misfortunes that occur in and around this "school" are astonishing. You painted such a clear picture of life in Yelm, I feel like I died a thousand deaths living there. Reading your story, the stories of many others, let's me know that it was not MY fault that things were the way they were there at r$e. I left there and lived many years with this belief. I am FINALLY beginning to get past those feelings of failure and shame by finding EMF and EE and reading, talking, connecting with people like you, people like myself. I am so grateful to be feeling the freedom of the bondage of r$e. Thank you so much for posting this.

Love and Peace,

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Re: First move to Yelm, Washington Part 1 Derrick Lee

Unread post by derrick » Sun Mar 24, 2013 9:58 pm

Thank you all for your posts and your support. It's been a very long road for us all. It has taken me months to write about this and put it into the correct perspective. It will probably take months to do the next two times I lived there also but I suppose it's part of my healing and so forth. I have been on ee and others and want to tell you that your presence is helpful to me in my life and I want to give back by helping others caught in the trap. I have much hope though, that soon rse will go away and give us some piece. All of your words are more pieces of myself that I see and that is truly profound. I will take it slow and learn how to navigate around for a while. Thanks for your kind words and sharing your experiences with me. Peace D

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Re: First move to Yelm, Washington Part 1 Derrick Lee

Unread post by seriously » Fri Mar 29, 2013 2:04 am

Hey Derrick. Thanks for posting. It was a tough story to read. I'm sorry for your situation. We're all slightly different versions of RSE Inc collateral damage. Do your best to maintain a relationship with your son. He's going to need a sane parent.

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Re: First move to Yelm, Washington Part 1 Derrick Lee

Unread post by Sunshine » Fri Mar 29, 2013 10:24 pm

Here's to us all being survivors of the JZK nightmare! And sane parents ROCK!

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