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Ramala, a must read.

Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2015 9:12 am
by forever It's worth reading.

Ramala was not the source of info it was the name of the umbrella these people worked under. They began channeling shortly after their marriage in 1970 until 1989. Ramala centre is in England. JZ was doing a lot of reading about England then, per Steve interview?

When did "Ramtha" allegedly first appear? And the white book?

Check out Sai Baba apparel. If i am not mistaken it's identical to the one in Soulmates video, JZ. Just a different color.

There isn't ANYTHING original about her "teachings". Not even the biggest teaching of all that all potentials exist simultaneously. And was labeled "quantum physics".

If people read VS Alder material and new age books it's in there. Wow.