What we have been taught about men

Many experiences have happened during these techniques, known as disciplines, at RSE. People have been hurt physically, emotionally, and otherwise. Post your experiences.
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What we have been taught about men

Unread post by Justtruth » Fri Jun 10, 2011 9:14 pm

Is really sad and not at at hopeful if you are a woman

Tracing back the years, feels like we were taught

And guided by JZ's relationships

Would love to hear from the men on this subject

WOW, I have to review everything I have been taught, and this

Subject is a big one

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Re: What we have been taught about men

Unread post by Ockham » Sat Jun 11, 2011 3:07 am

Good evening JT,

Well, I've mentioned here on EMF that several years ago a ramster friend loaned me a later edition of Ramtha (the so-called white book) that no longer has the acknowledgement of Steven Weinberg. I don't have the book hand to quote the page number of the passage, but I got an ick-factor factor about half way through the book. It is one of the conversations of Judy with, "Ramtha," and I was getting the vibe that she harbored some hostility for the male side of the human species. I sensed that Knight had either experienced of imagined she had been the victim of abuse at some point in her life. There are people on EMF much more experienced than I with Judy, "Ramtha," and Judy's life as a young woman that should be the ones to go into specifics.

It sure sounds like Knight and her Ramtha alter ego spout a lot of crap about man-woman relationships and a lot of it is a mirror of Knight's own pathological relationships with men. Vanilla has posted several good accounts recently relating garbage going on in the arena.

Sure, I've seen relationships where the guy is a no-good Lothario, leaving the woman hanging out to dry. Just the same, I've seen women take guys to the cleaner. By contrast, my own parents had an exemplary loving marriage as long as they lived. I've also been given the gift of a great woman partner for many years. I don't think one can generalize about half the species the way, "Ramtha," does. Love and charity comes from the heart and spirit, not the organs and glands that differentiate men and women. I can presume there are women that would be more likely to grace the cover of a fashion magazine than my partner, but I don't care. I love who she is, not what she is.

Think about it. It is lucky for the survival of our species that at least a good percentage of men and women can find love in each other and manage to raise families. I won't try to paper over the fact that traditional families are getting more rare due to our current social fabric (or lack thereof). I feel confident that most people can find a good and loving partner, but it might take some time. Something to ponder is if you've exited an abusive situation - it isn't your fault, don't ever devalue your self worth. Next take a look at why you were in that situation; you always need to keep your emotional antenna adjusted so that you don't home in on the same signals and make the same mistakes again.

I apologize in advance that I can't address the insider's perspective of an RSE student, but I'll offer myself as least least somewhat of a counter example of what I understand as an outsider to be RSE's perspective.

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Re: What we have been taught about men

Unread post by ex » Sat Jun 11, 2011 6:40 am

yes man wants sex. they do a lot to get it. have jobs build houses put up with partners. women can manipulate them with sex. you can give this all the jz negative spin. or even the ghetto physic spin of pimp and hoes. ramthas views on relationships and men always reminded me of catholic priest giving marriage counseling or judging women. i got out of a relationship with a die hard ramster women. all this years she was only after her amusement at the ranch. after i refused to pay any events out of my income she found clever ways to funnel money to all her needs. needless to say that i was...am tired of this selfishness. ramthas advise to the women who live from their husbands paycheck: don't spread your legs for it but take it anyway. if a man challenges a women between himself and ramtha....guess what her advise was. i am happy that i got out of that relationship. i am blessed with a partner where i find support and love. this where so new concepts to me that i had to deal with strange sides i developed in the 1st one. like a lot of arguing, feeling manipulated. i am still astonished how blissful a relationship can be. i don't believe that a relationship with one partner in school will ever work. only if the nonramster has kind of masochistic tendencies.concrat to james for getting away. the hope and effort to try make it work drained a lot of resources love and joy out of my life. this ideal man ramtha represents[virgin, intellectual stimulating, no interest in reproduction] always was the giveaway that jz not realy channels a man. i will write again about this issue but it will take a wile. its not easy to deal with generalizations.

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Re: What we have been taught about men

Unread post by joe sz » Sat Jun 11, 2011 8:15 am


My impression: JZ and the male problem may go back to Judy at age 4 or 5, an alleged "rape" abuse by an uncle--she wrote about it in her autobio A State of Mind [revealing title as far as objectivity, eh :?: ], then abandoned by abusive father, later her first husband was abusive..so we see a pattern of JZ choosing/dominating subservient males from Bennett onward. Jeff was 12 years younger and gay, and so on with the rest.

channelers have been majority female and almost all use a male entity as a god on a leash to "rule" the masses.
H P Blavastky channeled 6 beings--John King when she was yet a Spritualist, then Koot Hoomi, Morya, Djaul Khul, Saint Germain and the Old Man of the Hills when she was a Theosophist. That pattern has been the "norm" since late 19th cnetury with a few exceptions. Guy and Edna Ballard added over 20 'ascended masters' incl all of Blavatsky's male critters, and "Beloved Jesus," but they also had many females: Lady Nada comes to mind.

Before he was published, I interveiwed an obscure, very very new age sensitive male channeler in mid-1980s at length in Santa Fe, whose main enity was "Zoosh" which presented as a sexless force, a "sound" like zooooosh of the universe and not a "person"...
sample: http://www.whale.to/a/zoosh_q.html

this is more about power than sex
most channelers [of the many hundreds I've looked into] seem very insecure in their core identity for whatever reason. so "possession" by a strong, very personal, "know-it-all" male spirit is a counterbalance in our male-dominated culture.

The channeling activity poses a severe limitation to the channeler from a psychological pov because it shows dis-integration of the personality, a "split" in function. Thus, individual integrity is lost because the channeler will not take responsibility for what "the god" says through them. Double standards, deceit and self deceit to the point of self-delusion will set in. Often this disorder will remain for life with the channeler---a hell of a way to die, I think....

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Re: What we have been taught about men

Unread post by true blue » Sun Jun 12, 2011 5:32 am

hi just truth and everyone

well i am a man who was in a relationship that has disintergrated thanks to judy and her warped views which she projects as truth

july last year my father died and 2 days after the funeral my partner of 14 years said im not happy here it isnt safe pay me out ill leave

so i spent the next 9 months trying to save it and the final straw came a month when she told me she felt betrayed that i would call ramtha a fraud

i feel like i am starting to heal finally now that ive had a chance to grieve my loss (fathers death) and still trying to come to terms with my hate and anger with ramthas school of bullsh@t

yes the money is all spent think i will probalby loose my house and realise i have to get over it before i can possibly start again

so just truth i do feel sorry for the women that leave loving men for a so called 35000 year old living god and waste their lives worrying about the future while they destroy the present

hope i can get over feeling sorry for myself and leave the hate and anger behind me

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Re: What we have been taught about men

Unread post by Justtruth » Sun Jun 12, 2011 5:57 pm

thank you everyone

True Blue, I feel your heart and I feel I can understand all sides of it

Hope you will heal swiftly

I have been thinking alot lately how many horrible thoughts and fears we

Have projected on others over the years, as we have heard these predictions

And knew our loved ones were not in a '' safe place''

That is not adding to their life

Can everyone imagine the upheaval and craziness these last predictions have caused regarding

June 15th, then it is on hold, but waittttttttttttttttt a comet is coming

Even if nothing happens, how can you ever feel very safe in your area if it is looming and waiting to come???????????

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Re: What we have been taught about men

Unread post by ex » Mon Jun 13, 2011 12:58 am

the poor cotton pickers daughter...... after what glen witnessed her own mother saying to this. i think that the biographie is a work of fiction. for what in jzs life ramtha takes revenge, i don't know. fact is there r no familie values at rse.if you make a beginner you get advised to sit not with your life partner. relationships break. a happy human has no reason to go to rse he she will lock through the bull too quick.

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