God as you understand him

Many experiences have happened during these techniques, known as disciplines, at RSE. People have been hurt physically, emotionally, and otherwise. Post your experiences.
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God as you understand him

Unread post by Justtruth » Sun Jul 10, 2011 6:18 pm

When I was a teenager, I went to Alateen retreats in the woods and they were a week long. It was for children of alcoholics.

On the last day, every year, there was a closing meeting called God as you understand him, they passed the mic around and everyone spoke

No one argued or debated, it was everyone's direct personal experience

It was moving beyond words and I felt the first stirrings of my spirit

Filling my heart

Felt the same at church camp and later with Ramtha

And now amy moment I choose to be bathed in love
And it was dear to me

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Re: God as you understand him

Unread post by ex » Mon Jul 11, 2011 5:35 am

as a kid i was impressed by my teachers by church..... later by my 1st guru and than by ramtha. well i too had good expieriences. but more out of my gullibility and nativity. nowadays i learned the word god is mostly used to manipulate cheat steal murder and rape. so god better stay out of my life, he let use his name from uncharacters like jz-ramtha to push their agenda. i do not believe a moment in 'the god' anymore otherwise everybody should have theire believes and heros.if its a god to make them live a better life good. but know that you suport organisations like rse if you believe in ramtha. everybody who knows and expierience the dark side of rse without speaking up deserves what happens there. they r same guilty suporters to lure people into the cult than ramtha himself. and i am not free of this guilt.

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