No one would listen to the teachings if

Many experiences have happened during these techniques, known as disciplines, at RSE. People have been hurt physically, emotionally, and otherwise. Post your experiences.

No one would listen to the teachings if

Unread post by tidalwave » Thu Sep 29, 2011 10:49 am

No one would listen to the teachings if they saw the long term product of the effect of the teachings around Yelm. There are huge numbers of people who are broke and can't attend when they live right near the school. Loads of people have wasted thousands of dollars on stored food and digging in when the forecast catastrophes never come.

There are always weather abberations and every calamity is put down to the predicted end of the world with the "chosen ones" surviving. The best way to convince anyone not to listen to the garbage coming out of the arena is to observe the results around Yelm in particular. A lady who worked in the coffee shop in Rainier years ago knew the lives of a lot of advanced students. Their lives were pretty dreadful with not many miracles except "believing". A lot of them don't have the money for things they want to make themselves happy.

A lot of long term students have absolutely nothing to show for all the money they spent over many years. The only way to convince anyone who is hooked is to know a lot of people who have got no value out of it.

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Re: No one would listen to the teachings if

Unread post by ex » Thu Sep 29, 2011 1:58 pm

you would think so. as you said there r thousands around. in rse this r the people who don't get it. there is also the atmosphere that all the hopes r on the new people. i thought in the beginning: what r all this losers doing here. with this powerful teachings i am enlightened in no time. since clear and rational thinking like you display is shut off there is not much hope down this road.after getting told 3 times in a year that the sky falls people r still going to rse. there is one sad excuse were i have some compasion: you r very alone when you start looking through the scam. rse replaced your familie your friends your real teachers in life.

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Re: No one would listen to the teachings if

Unread post by Ockham » Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:42 pm

I have heard some ramsters actually live in their UGs. ... Probably becuase they can't afford both a home and a UG becuase they blow so much money on RSE instruction.

So there you have it: living in a dank hole in the ground; eating stale canned food; and not having fabulous wealth; maybe not radiant health either due to breathing bad air in the UG.

I wonder what the drop-out rate from RSE is? Probably after a couple years of crap teaching and doomsday that never comes, many ramsters silently fade back to everyday life of a broke homeless person, once they can't afford any more RSE events. My prayers are that many of them wake up and their families help them rebuild their lives. Of course new ramsters are harvested daily by the RSE publicity and media machine to replace the ramsters that die or fade away.

It does make one wonder how many times the ramsters that stay in RSE have to be hit over the head with the two-by-four plank of reality to see through Judy Kinght's false statements.

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Re: No one would listen to the teachings if

Unread post by freemysoul » Fri Sep 30, 2011 12:27 am

When I started to hear about RSE in the mid/early nineties, the internet was not nearly as common or massive as it is today, so when I did a search back then on RSE and JZ, most search results were positive feedback, or links to its site, which was brand new at the time. The same search today brings up sites like this one, and much more information about the 'school' and JZ that isn't all flattering or pro RSE. If I had EMF to research back then, it would have influenced my decision to join RSE when I did, and at the very least would always have been in the back of my mind what others had already experienced there. I know for myself, and others like me, who were on the fence from the beginning, they now have the option of seeing the forest for the trees and looking behind the wizard's curtain so to speak. This definitely has leveled the playing field for people who like to be informed before they jump into the shallow end head first, and gives me great inspiration knowing that my story, and the thousands just like it, can be told free of twisted motivations, enlightening those who only know JZ's deceitful perspective. All our stories can now be heard and heeded, stealing away some of JZ's false pretenses while saving people's lives from her malevolent grasp.

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Re: No one would listen to the teachings if

Unread post by California Dreamin' » Fri Sep 30, 2011 7:06 pm

My good friend who remains in the school after more than 20 years has changed dramatically over just the past year. Each time I talk with her she has sunken deeper into delusion.

At one time she was a sensible person who was willing to consider the pros and cons of remaining with RSE even after I shared with her all of my concerns and revelations that came to me after my exit from RSE.

Now, she speaks to me as if she has been hypnotized, and a glaze has formed over her words as she repeats the teachings to me. She has absolutely NO DOUBT about ramtha/jz anymore.

She now tells me jz is half alien, to which I replied "do you actually believe that crap?" She then proceeded to tell me some tale (which I forget) which validates that. Most of all, she believes ANYTHING and EVERYTHING because "the ram" said so. She is living in the fear and panic which I so gladly escaped from. Yet, she sinks deeper and deeper into hopelessness and panic, since she doesn't have a UG.

Once I believed my friend could still be saved from the cult. I no longer believe that. This is so very sad. She has lost her original points of view about just about everything.

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Re: No one would listen to the teachings if

Unread post by Vanilla » Fri Sep 30, 2011 8:51 pm

Rotting teeth, fungus toenails and not being able to come up with 1000 dollars unless saves, these are the 20 year students I have seen, I have had lunch and dinner with. They cover their homes with Ramtha framed poster. Blow so much the tops of their head, the hairs are white.

I do see some students with money. Those are those who invested in the school and get a paycheck every month. Also those teachers, they seem to do well and get lucky, mostly because everyone.

Years and Years of gambling, one guy gave 10% of his earnings to the school. Hundreds of thousands of dollars this one guy gave, only to be publicly humiliated and his family left him after it.

Yelm is not even on the lower middle class scale. It is cold and rainy. Everyone looks senior and poor. JZ's mansion sticks out and there are these signs calling it a "school".

Wine drunks. Crashing cars. Going to court, Dui's, tattoos of pentagrams..webs.

People say ramsters have money? I heard the Deburrs diamond lady is a student. I really really doubt that. Ok you have a few celebs, washed up in Yelm. Their husbands getting supermodels pregnant, while they go to events.. Obviously its not working for them either.

Guys drinking wine, smoking pipes til their teeth break and turn yellow. Blacking out at bars, getting into fights, crying outside pizzerias why noone likes them. These are RAMSTERS.

Parties where the boys desperrately wait for the "fresh meat" to come in, the new female students so desperate to find a man in the school, they all trade and swap. Get tired of. Til those girls get pregnant and settle down. Til the next "actress" or "21 year old surfer" comes and everyone cheats on their wives.

Lots of people in the school cheat. Even in Jz's life, even Jz. There is no honor. Its shameless. Rebound romances. Anyone who "looks good" or in BMC or has a Harvard long as they have money.

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Re: No one would listen to the teachings if

Unread post by Tree » Sun Jan 08, 2012 2:36 pm

all the views here I totally agree with.
I heard the Deburrs diamond lady is a student.
it's an Oppenheimer.

CD: your friend who is still in: I find it utterly amazing this could have been me and/or you as well -today-, but fortunately, something clicked or a crack was led open.
This is soooo unfortunate yet entirely plausible that the wool keeps getting grayier and heavier.

I can spot a brainwashed person a mile away or on television ( if I am around one).
They are ashen in their facial skin, their eyes are sullen and glazed over and they repeat indoctrinations or teachings blithely and rotely.

now, in a bit of hindsight, I actually don't feel as naive as those people that I used to call friends, who are still mesmerized by the charade.

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