How can A woman With No education Have Put RSE In Motion

Many experiences have happened during these techniques, known as disciplines, at RSE. People have been hurt physically, emotionally, and otherwise. Post your experiences.
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How can A woman With No education Have Put RSE In Motion

Unread post by forever » Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:12 am

Anyone have an explanation?

At a different time i ass-u-me that it's Ramtha in charge. HE said so.

I have watched that 20/20 interview several times. Steven Bakker ? JZ Knights early P.R. guy share what he saw and experienced. It was 1984, CA. Desert. I watched Steven Bakker's face and words, he was destroyed by it. By watching her imitate Ramtha. Fool, dupe, lie to the people. He said she would get a few puffs off her cigarette from a spot out of view of her followers. Put it down and march to where students could see her. Imitate Ramtha. Then go back and smoke some more. Wow!

Whereas i once thought Ramtha was in charge and had put everything together at RSE,..?

The horse fraud thing is amazing. That ANYONE, man or woman could create such a story to sell a horse for $250,000? By saying, "RAMTHA said" the horse was his from army days, Shamiradim, reincarnated. The attorney general went after JZ and she got shut down, taken to court and had to repay the money, a lot of money. Obviously she concocted the story to get huge money for a horse that wasn't worth nearly that much. There's NO doubt in my mind that she concocted Ramtha as well.

I believe something happened at first. Ramtha, 35,000 year old from Atlantis, Lamuria? No. And according to Steve Wienberg that wrote the White Book? He put the fable together?

Ironically, when i went to my first beginners in late 1990s i met a woman from CA that was one of the first students at RSE. Had left and come back 10 years later. She couldn't believe the difference in Ramtha.

The following year i met and stayed with long time student that was having serious doubts about the legitimacy of Ramtha. That she didn't think it was him. In both cases being new and fired up i wrote it off as, "students that can't do the work'. (yeah, i know :)) It wasn't until many years later that it was ME saying the same thing. After getting online and seeing how commercialized it had become. Contrary to what "Ramtha" had said previously. JZ the star. Her face and pose on anything and everything. As Ramtha of course.

I think almost from the start she, JZ dreamed of celebrity status. Her first channeling was at Richard Chamberlains? Shirley McClain put her on the map. And Linda Evans. People in Hollywood, well known validated "Ramtha' and JZ. She did dialogues for 11 years before starting RSE? All the while marketing Ramtha. She was on Merv Griffin etc. It's show time.

When RSE started what was it? C and E? Over time disciplines were introduced and "teachings" created. To fit the "message. And over time what was taught in dialogue days, FEELING and EMOTION being a treasure and how to manifest,,,was completely PROGRAMMED out! Emotion became "the image". Part of the "limited personality self, altered ego". And joy, the original theme went out the window. When over time it became all about the brain. Programming the brain. Calling it enlightenment? When in fact it's mind control?

Ramtha-Ascension-Deep-Trance Now Hypnosis? Read it yourself.

I will ask the question again; how does a woman with no education to speak of create all by herself the "teachings", RSE? I used to think "Ramtha' created the teachings. Yeah, SHE did. I wondered how an ascended, 35,000 year old God of the Hindu's could teach we are the light spectrum and not know the 4th level is green? And how is it that Dr Joe, a chiropractor is the one that came up with the N.O., nitrite oxide effect on the brain information. That HE found by being an "internet junkie". That then became part of the brain teaching. It didn't come from an ascended master.

It's adding up. Coming together. We now know that what's been copyrighted as Ramtha exclusive-isn't. It's in Vera Stanley Alders books that absolutely agree and support RSE teachings but have never been suggested reading?

The more i dig the more i find out and am able to put together.

If you look at pdf, Love Yourself Into Life, it was about Christ Consciousness. Love and Joy. Remembering we are God. The magnificence of emotion as treasure. Now it's about reading cards, gambling, drinking. being called A-hole. Told to smear feces on yourself for humility. . F-ng Jews, Catholics and much more. And, whereas Ram once meant "the god" it's now been changed to "father". Moveover let me quote from Love Yourself,
All who be despisers of his brother, of freedom, and despise all things will not see (the coming age) and will not be permitted upon this plane until they have aligned themselves with the Holy and Divine Force of God.
It goes on to say there's no avatars of this Kingdom. There's no leaders. All are leaders.

The Love Yourself Into Life was the original message from 1979-1983. And contrary to what it says about having a following for "enhancement' that he didn't support-wasn't it JZ who said, "Ramtha said i'm supposed to charge'''"? From the start.
and 36 years later.....? it's one hell of a business!

Anyone that can say it isn't a cult, brainwashing and mind either on drugs or so far gone they have no mind left. It's been programmed out of the -stolen from them.

Heaven help us all. May the light of love and wisdom protect and guide us.

As i submit this it's like sending a note in a bottle-to whosoever will. May something i have said stir something in someone makes them search for the truth of my words.

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Re: How can A woman With No education Have Put RSE In Motion

Unread post by Shocked » Mon Feb 23, 2015 10:04 am

You have got to be kidding..."smear feces on yourself" ...........................tell me this isn't so?
How can they be doing that....JZ will stop at is absolutely horrible that she has that type of control over the students...............Come on wake up...........she is twisted!! I bet she doesn't do that, or maybe she does.

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Re: How can A woman With No education Have Put RSE In Motion

Unread post by forever » Mon Feb 23, 2015 10:49 am

The feces? A student that posted. I had the same reaction. It was Evans that was told to do it.

I have to tell you-when i saw the video of JZ as Ram so drunk that when she spit at Evans it didn't go far and instead landed on her own leg. I was absolutely sick inside. Disbelief. Shock. At the ugliness of it.

Did you see my post about Ramtha being marketed by Dr Laura De Giorgio. "Ramtha-Ascension_Deep Trance Now Hypnosis?

Check it out online.

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Re: How can A woman With No education Have Put RSE In Motion

Unread post by Ockham » Mon Feb 23, 2015 3:08 pm

I looked at Laura De Giorgio's web site. Interesting. I presume the thinking behind De Giorgio being allowed to market the Ramtha material is seen by JZK Inc. as good publicity. The volume is probably small enough not to be seem as taking business away and might actually entice people to look further into RSE. De Giorgio must have a good web designer - her site comes up pretty high in Google searches - a handy thing for RSE to get some free indirect marketing.

I think JZK Inc and RSE we're built up by the business managers. It seems like there is a pretty large industry built around New Age, spirituality, quack medicince and phony investments. I think if a person with the right investigative skills looked into it, that the same names would keep popping up all four of those areas. I think there is a cadre of fat cats in the woo industry that are like the venture capitalists of Silicon Valley. I believe woo peddlers have Internet search engine optimiztion specialists, blogs full of shill testimonials, grass roots shills to talk up the cause du jour, and big e-mail and postal mailing lists. At least one web site comes to mind, and RSE/JZK use it: PR Newswire. It looks lime the site can be paid to upload just about anything one wants and then uses search engine optimization tricks to make sure the blurb gets noticed.

I have also read anecdotally that Knight took acting lessons about the time she rolled out Raamtha. It would be good to be able confirm that. It would make sense given that Knight was trolling the Hollywood crowd in the late 1970s.

I don't think Knight was experienced enough and well connected enough to have built up JZK and RSE all on her own.

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Re: How can A woman With No education Have Put RSE In Motion

Unread post by Angelette » Thu Mar 19, 2015 2:15 pm

I think th e magic of going to rse is this, you go believing everything you hear, and you fill your brain with all the old cds and dvds and classes and then you finally come to Yelm , you see Ram and are so smitten you just never go back home, you leave everything behind. You become totally tranced out to this new reality and nothing else matters.

Then one day you wake up you lost everything you have nothing and you finally see crystal clear and you know only I can be my savior

Maybe that is the magic of RSE. It teaches you the most painful lesson of them all self betrayal. How could you betray yourself and believe this story of atlantis and lemuria, and its not real? It never was? Ramtha wasnt a vile creature half lemmy who escaped a volcanic explosion?

If thats what you want folks, to be hurt, to be lied to, to be cheated, in order to see the truth, then come.

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Re: How can A woman With No education Have Put RSE In Motion

Unread post by freemysoul » Wed Mar 25, 2015 9:59 am

Glad to see you posting, Angelette is it, and welcome. I couldn't disagree more though than with your being taught, or learning "self betrayal" comment, as this is exactly how JZ draws people in, by convincing them that everything they thought they knew before they met her, is mindless hoo haa, but if you stick around, open your wallet wide, she will fill your mind with all the magical thoughts you couldn't imagine. Not only will she fill your mind with magical thoughts, she fills your mind with poisonous thoughts, convinces hundreds to run blindfolded as fast as they can across a horse pasture directly into the path of hundreds more.....women, children, elderly.... She had me convinced that Prozac and Wine in coma inducing quantities would enlighten me. She lied, it almost killed me. She is constantly beating the 'no right or wrong' drum in some way or another to absolve herself of any accountability for the destruction her words and deeds cause.
Speaking for myself, that whole concept of self betrayal or self blame kept me sick for years and still today, almost 8 years later, have trust issues so deeply seated, that months of therapy haven't scratched the surface.
I created it, or you created must have been what you desired because you made it happen that way.......These are my demons today

As far as a woman with no education creating RSE.........................John D. Rockefeller dropped out of school at 16, and Mark Twain at 13, and lets not forget the greatest poet and Playwright in the world, William Shakespeare wasn't educated beyond the age of 13. JZ Knight graduated high school, attended business school and lets not forget that she has been a master manipulator for over 40 years. It doesn't take an education, nor an educated person to form a cult. Jim Jones did it high on LSD

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Re: How can A woman With No education Have Put RSE In Motion

Unread post by joe sz » Wed Mar 25, 2015 1:29 pm

also recall that Judith Hampton was/is an alcoholic with all the hallmarks of someone NOT and NEVER in recovery. Oh, yes, she went on the wagon for a time in early mid 1980s when everyone changed from toasting "To Life" at end of dialogs from using red wine to clear water, but Judith's manipulative behavior never changed.

Alcoholics and most addicts are generally self-haters who blame the environment for everything bad that happens to them "making" them drink, and are very insecure without creating an pseudo-image with grandiose features that they want others to believe---the definition of narcissism.

People truly in recovery admit very deeply that they have a problem, that they wronged others due to the problem and their choice to abuse a substance, and they try their best to make amends. Recall in the 20/20 interview, she says "if you say you are sorry, you never learn"--Judy's ultimate and immature alcoholic dodge from working at a healthy reality.

What you see with Judith is one long alcoholic episode. My guess is that with her ETOH-damaged brain and her deep need for being a celebrity she became prone to dissociative episodes that resulted in her Ramtha thing. I also believe that she reformulated the experience over the first year or so with help of Annmarie Bennstrom to come up with the narrative we keep hearing after 1979.

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Re: How can A woman With No education Have Put RSE In Motion

Unread post by forever » Thu Mar 26, 2015 7:22 pm

It's like being in a jury room and going over evidence in an attempt to understand something. Reach a verdict.

The first time JZ opened her mouth it was about the difficulty of her life. It was a red flag. The confusion/question is how can she JZ live and be so contrary to the teachings. That's of course believing that she and Ram are separate. That there is a Ramtha. And there's been people that have been involved with her that say Ramtha isn't real.

Everyone knows about JZs "victimization". It's just too embarrassing to even mention. People on this board know what i am referring to. It has amazed me. How can anyone without and education...launch and bloom and maintain RSE? And with all her $$$$$$$ status, glory and power be so unhappy. Carry on about her loveless life etc. Be so hateful.

I recently watched Onassis. The movie and documentary. Interesting. His hunger for greed and power made him "successful" and simultaneously ruined his life.

It was confusing to me years ago and recently the stories and video of JZ/Ramtha. How can it be? Real or not how can it be? The moral Ramtha wouldn't utter such trash or act like that. And without a "Ramtha" a business woman isn't that stupid. Anyone that can create RSE/Ramtha isn't stupid no matter how you look at it.

Who are the people with personal contact that have spoken out.

1. Jeff Knight
2. Glen Cunningham
3. Steve ..? White book guy.
4. her PR guy that said she was imitating Ramtha.

In any trial, court of law the credibility of any witness is questioned.
Jeff Knight Isn't necessary to haul it up and air it.

Glen Cunningham
Watch the video draw your own conclusions as to his credibility.

Steve White book Author
His motive and credibility is well documented on EMF in his own words.

The PR guy. He has credibility. I believe him.

The question has been (over the years) is Ramtha still there? Was Ramtha EVER there? Is there a Ramtha?

It's easy to look at JZ and say-no way. How can she be like that and simultaneously channel Ramtha?

To JZ it never was about evolving-not to or for her. It was about $$$, fame and power. It was students that went there to evolve. Got involved with teachings to improve their person and life. The muck and mire is opposing agenda. JZ in it for the money and glory and cannot live the teachings. Never has. So the remedy for that-is to change the teachings. No doubt she is unhappy. What's the substance of her life? Onassis was unhappy.

The foundation of the teachings comes from occult. There's also a lot that doesn't. As well as people have intentionally twisted the teachings on "victim". It was not taught as such-to the contrary.

So how could she have created and done it alone? She didn't.

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Re: How can A woman With No education Have Put RSE In Motion

Unread post by forever » Thu Mar 26, 2015 7:51 pm

Not sure this goes here David .

Annmarie Bennstrom in Joe Sz post? Is on YouTube being interviewed by Monique Guild.

Annmarie Bennstrom was in an orphanage from infant to 11-12? years old.

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Re: How can A woman With No education Have Put RSE In Motion

Unread post by Ockham » Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:24 pm

Ms. Knight may not have a degree from an accredited university but that doesn't mean she lacks savvy. Knight had the business sense to get a group of handlers around her to write the Ramtha back story and promote the business.

The Ramtha back story isn't always consistent. There are at least three different dates given in RSE publications for the initial pyramid-on-the-head mobile home kitchen encounter,

Did Ramtha exist? Not at all. Human kind 35,000 years ago was in the paleolithic era somewhere in between stone axes and crude iron / bronze tools technologically. Asia Minor from whence Ramtha supposedly came would have been buried in an ice sheet. The whole human homo sapiens population of the planet would have been no more than a few hundred thousand. There is no way any of the Ramtha origin story could be true. Any godly entity would have no interest in promoting inane horse shite about its (his) origin, as that would bring the credulity of anything further the entity channeled into doubt. It would be of no benefit to a genuine Ramtha to have a phonied up back story. Hence Ramtha can not be real.

Did Knight ever channel anything? Well if she did, it must have been a pathological liar. Either way, it is not of any use to a truly enlightened person.

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Re: How can A woman With No education Have Put RSE In Motion

Unread post by forever » Thu Mar 26, 2015 10:05 pm


JZ was living in a mobile home? Wasn't she married to a dentist at the time?
Do you know how she met Annmarie ?

What do you mean 3 different dates?

I do not believe for a minute any "enlightened" being would be part of any type of fraud.

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Re: How can A woman With No education Have Put RSE In Motion

Unread post by forever » Fri Mar 27, 2015 1:40 am

Anne Marie was married to Robert Prescott, Flying Tigers. JZ had had some big time connections.

I recall Anne Marie from dialogue video and recall JZ saying Anne was her "best friend". However, it seems to me i read something about Anne Marie siding with Jeff Knight? And that she left RSE for some years?

Is she no longer part of RSE?

It appears she has an Ashram business, $5000 a week. WOW. Frequented by well known celebrities.

Anne Marie seems opposite of JZ. Already successful in her life. Why would she concoct a story for JZ?

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Re: How can A woman With No education Have Put RSE In Motion

Unread post by Ockham » Fri Mar 27, 2015 2:52 am

Date discrepancy thread can be found here:


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