Blu Room to remain open during COVID-19 pandemic

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Blu Room to remain open during COVID-19 pandemic

Unread post by Xylofone » Sat Mar 21, 2020 10:58 pm

**UPDATE: As of March 21, 2020, Absolute Health Clinic has finally decided to close the blu room due to COVID-19. However, the nutritional IV drips and other appointments will still be available with AHC doctors. What took so long? Did they finally realize the blu room won't cure this new disease and they're putting everyone at risk by remaining open? See the end of this post for the official email.

Original post follows:

Absolute Health Clinic has announced they will remain open for all who need their services. They are a blu room but also have doctors who administer IVs. It's great that they are offering Vitamin C IV drips, even Chinese doctors have said it helped critical patients. But here's the problem.

Instead of staying home, people WITHOUT SYMPTOMS are rushing to the clinic in Olympia to get Vitamin C IV drips instead of staying isolated. Risking themselves, their families, and others just to go get a drip they wouldn't need if they would just STAY PUT IN THEIR HOMES.

The clinic is considered an essential business now that there are doctors on staff there.

So how many people from the Yelm area are going to spread COVID-19 around by lying on a table in the blu room that doesn't get sanitized between uses....? How many people from the Yelm area are going to get infected with COVID-19 and try to use C&E to cure themselves while dancing around chanting that they've always been healthy in between gasping for air because they actually should have gone to the hospital?

The AHC is suggesting that EVERYONE come to their clinic, not just those with COVID-19 symptoms. They're encouraging people to get IV therapy, peptide therapy, stem cell treatment, and buy their supplements to boost their immune system against COVID-19.

Can someone please tell them how this virus works? Because we do not have antibodies for this virus. You can't just "boost your immune system" against COVID-19.

Patients are going into the AHC thinking taking OREGANO PILLS are going to protect them from COVID-19.
Dr Matt, if a person gets corona virus and recovers from it are they naturally immune from getting it again? Or is that not how this virus was ‘designed’!?

Dr. Matt says: "your immune system had hundreds of thousands of years of developing from your ancestors. I know we have the best defensive system designed but you have to keep it up. Micronutrients are so important."

JZ says: "Blu Room!!!!"
Earlier I posted that Dr. Matt told me I could visit a blu room while taking a specific medication that warned me not to be exposed to sunlight. I specifically asked him why sunlight would hurt me and he told me that I could indeed visit the blu room and that the medication was not a contraindication with sunlight exposure. I'm not even joking here folks. When he told me he has patients who use the blu room all the time with the same condition, and they're all fine, he referred to a surgery.

He mistook my medication for a type of surgery - the two words are similar but not the same. He had no idea what the hell he was talking about and he still doesn't.

This establishment cannot be trusted and it is not run by medical professionals.

Proceed at your own risk. Or actually, at the risk of Olympia and all surrounding cities. If COVID-19 spreads to the smaller towns, we'll know we can probably thank AHC and RSE students for that.


Email from AHC March 21, 2020:

We’ve made some changes due to COVID-19
Dear Absolute Health Clinic community,

Thank you for your continued support through these trying times. We are still undergoing the process of getting our new Blu Room installed, and getting the materials here to do that.

Also due to the outbreak and further tightening of regulations due to Covid-19, we are not currently working our normal business hours. We are assessing the situation daily/weekly. As soon as we have more concrete information as to when the Blu Room will be back up, and when we can be at full operation again without putting those susceptible at risk, we will keep everyone in the loop the best we can.

You can still call the AHC office, since we are continuing to offer IV Nutrient Drips, Peptides, and Stem Cell services, although due to changes in our day to day operation, we are not available full time. So with that said, please go on to our website to see what kind of online services we are going to be offering due to the increase number in folks staying home.

Thank you and stay healthy,
AHC Staff

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