How to help if you have family or friends in RSE.
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Unread post by NoBS » Fri Sep 23, 2011 10:26 am

Hi all ,

I am a new member but a long time guest reader.

I’ve decided to register to this forum because it seems I have no one to turn to and I need help please.
I am living with a new partner for the past year who is amazing person but have totally lost his way lately and I don’t know how to fix this .

He has been a devoted RSE student for the last 7 years . When we met (12month ago) he introduced me to it and I even went to RSE school once ,which was enough to smell the "Rat".

I do not believe or support this fanaticism but have not made an issue as it seemed to be on the background for the first 6 month of our relationship . However , since this April and the recent “ urgent updates BS” he has completely lost the plot .
He has spent ( and continuing to spend) all the money he owns (over 50,000 over the past 6 month) . Contributes very little to our life in the NOW ( we live together). Plus dragging other people in to it , to invest in land and shelter, water , food , generators , water tanks, tools , gardens, spices, medicine … etc..

I know we should not have expectations of our partners and One should respect others choices and Free Will but we are now expecting a child (still early days) and all he ever talks about is 2012 , End Of The World and this crazy JZ :twisted: . I am scared that it will never end!?

I have tried everything , I showed him this website , hours of research on other sides and pleaded for this madness to end. Nothing works … he says things like:

“ You disempowering yourself by not willing to see the truth and fallowing masses” OR
“ There is a higher truth that can only be seen through energy . If we only assess the world through intellect we will be lost and never find truth” OR
“ The world is unconscious and will pay the ultimate price very soon” OR
“ The aliens will pick up conscious people (like him) only and the rest will then realize” OR
“I see what’s going on darling, more than any people in the world who only uses 10% of their brain” OR
“How do we understand 15 dimensions when we choose to see only 3 and believe that’s it. Have faith , the truth is coming”

WTHell ??? (sorry)
Is he serious ?

My GOD …. even writing this – I just want to cry …. :cry:

Please help !! How can I get through to him???
How can I stop this madness??
Will seeing a professional help??
Is he a lost case?
Will I ever get Ramtha out of my life?
Can it even be done ?

........Or should I run as fast as I can? :idea:

Any advise will be most appreciated . I am drowning …..

Sorry for the long message but unfortunately that’s a short story … :oops:

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Unread post by Kensho » Fri Sep 23, 2011 1:02 pm

Hello NoBS (great user name),

This is just so heart breaking.
Please know that many of us at EMF can certainly empathize with your situation. It is so hard to come to the realization that someone that we love and cherish is seemingly not able to comprehend that they are caught in such a destructive belief system. The severity of its repercussions on those that love them is difficult for them to fathom and that makes the whole situation even more difficult.

It might be easier to see it as though your partner had an illness; for in many ways it is like that. If someone that we cherish falls ill, we love them even more and we want to help them; yet with RSE followers they feel as though they are not the ones that need help. Rather they may feel as though they are acting to help you...even if it is out of love and concern, it is likely misdirected and delusional due to the programming that they have received through RSE. This thought process and other symptoms of their illness are somewhat beyond their control; for its cause is a well engineered fear-based mind control program.

Becoming frustrated or angry at one who is suffering such a disease of the mind is akin to having those emotions toward someone who has a physical illness that can only be cured through a complete change of life-style and attitude. Similar to one who is addicted to a habit, it seems that such a radical choice to change can only come from the one who is suffering it through a desire to do so. But first they must realize that they are suffering and until that realization is made it is unlikely that much will change with respect to their actions and beliefs.
Out of loving kindness, concern and compassion, we can provide information on the cause of their illness and also the cure but until they become uncomfortable with what they are experiencing, the ability or choice to even look at their situation realistically is obscured by the illness itself.

It seems that you have now realized that you are now in a most difficult situation. The many stories posted here on EMF tell of the difficulties that you are likely facing and may face in the future. For your own sake and the sake of your child it is understood that some decisions must be made sooner rather than later and that these are likely some of the hardest ones that you will ever make. Yet, if you remain firm in your own beliefs and the perception of RSE, the choices that must be made will likely become even more self evident.

Of particular concern is the future of your child. RSE followers are known to indoctrinate their children into the RSE system of mind control and without question, adopt the advice of the leader Judith Knight, posing as the character Ramtha. Of late, it seems that Judith has fallen into a deteriorated mental state herself and may also be affected by alcohol while addressing her followers. This is certainly not someone to heed the advice of, yet for RSE followers even these blatant displays of her own mental illness are not a deterrent to acting upon what ever she says.

In the future, this can mean that you may be pressured into allowing certain child rearing practices which can in some cases extend to forms of child abuse. Similarly, if your partner holds the belief so strongly that what they are engaged in is correct so as to not question it, it is also possible that as things escalate with his involvement in RSE's fear-based survival preparations, that you and your child may very well be increasingly the recipient of the fall out. This can include financial hardship, domination, and exclusion from society, friends & family as well as emotional and mental abuse.

Please know that we are here for you at EMF, but you may find speaking to a counselor familiar with cults or at least addictions with respect to relationships helpful. In the mean time keep your bank account separate and safe. When I was in RSE we were told that "The only rule for (RSE) masters...is there are no rules." :shock:

With love, Kensho
"Don't let any person bring you so low as to hate them."
Booker T. Washington

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Unread post by ex » Fri Sep 23, 2011 1:46 pm

hi no bs. if you read here a while you might have seen my cynicism and i would say forget this guy and get the hell out of the relationship before it breaks your hart and bank account. but with you there is a baby and a possible futer familie in play. find out what role you play in his future. if he prepares a place for you and the baby in a ug that would be missguided but kind of sweet in all this madness. if you r 'expendable'[ in his future world] you r only abused. you might give an ultimatum concerning your babys birth for taking responsiblety in this world too. set a border for the preparation for the days that r here. he knows how ramtha changes the game plane all the time.[2 year food - 8 year food - 10 year food]. in 7 years non of her predictions came trough. and know jz gives a sh... about partners who r not in her web. sadly relationship from rse and non rse partners r mostly not ending well. i am not an expert and in no way qualified to give you advise just my point of view. good luck to you.

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Unread post by David McCarthy » Fri Sep 23, 2011 2:24 pm

Welcome to EMF NoBS

I have much the same to add that Kensho and ex have voiced...
Having someone we deeply care about trapped in RSE is much like trying to wake a coma victim.
There is not much you can do for them directly and this can be heartbreaking.
They may snap out of it sooner or later...... or take the RSE madness to their grave.
But whatever the outcome...it is crucial at this point to protect your material assets.
Widen your horizons beyond your partners influence that is fundamentally based on fear, mistrust and self hatred that will sabotage all possibility of a nurturing and loving relationship.
This does not mean abandoning your relationship but rather understanding what kind of relationship is really possible at this point.
For someone that is deeply entrenched in RSE any relationship with them will be a deeply psychological abusive one.
These are the hard facts that I wish there was a more simpler and kinder path to walk for those families and friends suffering the RSE fallout.
I hope you find some help and understanding on EMF.
I appreciate your posting and reaching out.

But he has nothing on at all, cried at last the whole people....

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Unread post by Ockham » Fri Sep 23, 2011 3:15 pm

Hello NoBS,

I found it very emotiionally difficult to read your posting; my sincere sympathies to your situation.

I have several family friends that have been pulled into RSE. One deeply involved with UGs, food hoarding, vitamins, endless disciplines, etc. Another has cherry-picked the RSE teaching mainly for the spiritualality and largely ignores the doomsday hogwash - though not completely.

As a psychological neophyte, to me Kensho's explanation of the RSE phenomenon is what I see in the people I know in RSE. It functions very much like an addiction and has a feedback loop that was carefully crafted by Knight and her staff (I wonder if they read Joseph Goebels?) to make use of RSE create a need for more RSE.

The significant risks posed by having a life partner or spouse involved in RSE are the delpletion of financial resources, social isolation and pseudo-science philosophies of child rearing that are tantamount to abuse. You may find yourself in the unenviable position of having to weigh the risks against your ability to provide a secure future for your and your future child. To date, there is no formula for disentaglement from RSE; there is a different trigger for each individual when too much is too much. You can not know when or if any individual will decide to exit. Some people have sadly taken RSE to thier graves such as the French couple in Zambia that met a tragic end in a police gun battle.

Peace be with you.

joe sz
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Unread post by joe sz » Fri Sep 23, 2011 7:20 pm

hello NoBS.
as above, so below
that's an occultist aphorism of old used primarily by astrologers but I mean it as a pun----I ditto what was said above.

Jim Melton called RSE a neo-Gnostic "new religion movement" for good reason--one of the few things that makes actual sense in his book about the Ramtha cult. My review:

I've been researching Gnosticism and its complex history for decades and why the early Jewish and Christian orthodoxy rejected it. The core reason was a matter of science in the end. In brief, Gnostics devalued "this world" as a corrupt creation and that includes our physical bodies, our government, our science, etc. Gnostics valued what they called the Pleroma or "fullness" of the unknowable or Alien God. Since there was no way to know this God, one had to have some sort of experience that resonated in the soul. Only an elite number of human beings got "gnosis"---the rest were like animals and clueless, thus not "freed" from bondage to the body at death. Valentinus was a famous 2nd century Gnostic Christian who made a serious challenge to the Church of Rome with hs doctrine [Gospel of Truth, eg] but the proto Chrstian fatehrs rejected his ideas as a too radical interprestion of the tradition. iow, Gnostics would emphasize some neo-Platonic aspects of the Gospel of John but ditch the rest.

Gnosticism then as today attracted folk who felt disenfranchised "in this world" or felt like misfits, who yearned for perfection and escape from the "masses" of ignorant folks or "mud people" as they called them. The proto-Christians eventually accepted 4 extant 'gospels' by the 4rth century largely as a well thought out statement to weed out dozens of Gnostic and Docetic challenges. What we understand as science today inadvertantly came about from the "university" as promoted by the Christian and Muslim traditions in the west. If Gnosticism in general had ruled, we would have been stuck as monks in monasteries, doing rituals to try to get out of our bodies with psychic powers, not reproducing and certainly not giving a damn about materialism or investigating "reality".

The broader successful traditions/major religions allow for some aesthetic life as with monks and nuns, saddhus, sufis, etc, but this extemist way of life cannot be the rule of all if society is to survive and if we are to raise our children well. Kids do not belong in monasteries where the via negativa reigns.

RSE pretends to be some kind of way to "escape" from the body and the natural forces that govern the body and from this life and its basic responsibilities to living in this world---that is "gnosis" unhinged from the larger supporting social network that it devalues. It is not that pursuing gnosis is bad or good, it is whether the Gnostic pursues it with perspective and respect for what is real in this life. RSE is stacked with one lie after another about religion, science, medicine, relationship, history, psychic power, current events, aliens in space.........

So, you partner is primarily an elitist who thinks he "groks" what us mud people cannot grok. Pathetic :roll:

You have some difficult choices. My first wife bolted in 1979 after one year of putting up with me involved with CUT, a similar neo-Gnostic cult. Our daughter was 2 at the time. The shock of our divorce and my love for my daughter helped draw me away from CUT and similar systems within a year of my divorce. Had my wife stayed with me I think it would have been a much much longer day in hell for us all...

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Unread post by Sad Grandfather » Fri Sep 23, 2011 10:53 pm

From my experience with ny daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandchildren, I'd say run as fast as you can to a lawyer. Make sure your funds and your child is safe and get what you can from him to support yourself and your child. You will learn soon enough whether he holds any value in you or your relationship.

My daughter left this area 3 years ago. We are old, my wife has Alzheimer's and I can barely walk with 2 canes, though I still try to care for my wife. My daughter cares nothing for us, though she does call or email a couple of times a year to say she loves us. If her actions demonstrate love, I'm glad she doesn't hate us! My teenage granddaughter is the only one who has not totally lost her mind, and I hope I live long enough (2 years) to get her into a college in this area and away from there. My grandson is into all kinds of wierd crap. As for my daughter, since she is the driving force in keeping the rest of the family involved, I often wish her a horrible death, in the hope it would awaken and help save the rest of the family from the cult.

Of course, a horrible, painful death for Judy, demonstrating the ridiculousness of her cult would be greater justice and could save thousands from the fate she has planned for them.

Take your child and whatever you can, and get out of there!
Down with Judith Hampton Knight!

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Unread post by seriously » Fri Sep 23, 2011 11:44 pm

I know we should not have expectations of our partners and One should respect others choices and Free Will
You should definitely have expectations.

Some of your expectations might be; Our family will live above ground. Our family won't own assault rifles and stockpile 7 years worth of food. We won't discuss aliens on a daily basis because there are real things to discuss. We will have a retirement strategy that doesn't involve burying gold, water and food for the end of days. Our child will go to school where he/she will learn how to read, write, real science and math (i.e. skills that will help our child be independent, successful and be a productive member of society) Our child's curriculum will not include focusing on a candle, remote viewing cards, hyperventilating exercises and finding a card in a field.

I'm really sorry for your situation. I understand what you're going through. If only people that are still in RSE could look at themselves, their beliefs and the world objectively, they'd see how ridiculous RSE is. However, since they believe everything the imaginary 35K yr old ascended master that only appears through one person for large sums of money says, reality is a tough sell. They're too busy worrying about becoming a christ, focusing on fabulous wealth and radiant health, surviving the end of days and every doom and gloom scenario thrown their way.

I would say, ask yourself are you happy? Do you think he can change? If not, do you want your child indoctrinated in RSE?

Best of luck. Again, sorry you're going through this.

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Unread post by Ockham » Sat Sep 24, 2011 1:20 pm

Hello NoBS,

Your partner created his day, in fact, created quite a few of his coming days for the better part of at least his next twenty years when he decided to join with you to bring a child into the world. My concern is that he will rationalize a refusal to provide adequate food, clothing and shelter for the child on his part, thanks to RSE teaching.

You should definitely take steps to protect whatever assets you have to assure your partner does not blow everything you have on worthless RSE instruction and unnecessary survival paraphernalia. I am hesitant to suggest lawyering-up, but this is a situation where it might be smart to get help. A court judgment is one way to make sure support of the child stays part of his, "reality."

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Unread post by David McCarthy » Sun Sep 25, 2011 2:15 am

As always Joe thank you for sharing your indeph knowledge and for recounting your personal story of the havoc and eventual breakup of your marriage caused by CUT.
I think it's a mistake to slip into demonizing RSE members alongside JZ Knight and her inner RSE staff bottom feeders who deserves the title and description.
When I first joined into RSE 'or should i say.. "indoctrinated into RSE! I had no clue what I was slipping into that would lead eventually for me to abandon my wife and two children and life in NZ.
JZK/RSE uses a sophisticated and well proven brainwashing process that erodes away everything that connects us to the outside world that JZ Knight cannot control and her first target is to divide and detach us from our families and loved ones.
Real love, compassion, and morals are soon replaced for a clever web of 'Ramtha based delusion cemented with fear..
Even though my actions of abandoning my family in NZ was deplorable I really thought and was convinced I was acting on the highest spiritual and human ideals for everyone and the future care and survival of my family,
After all.... Siddhartha left his family to find enlightenment... :-?
I signed over our house and all family assets to my wife to arrived in Yelm with one suitcase and $1200.00 that was it.
The money ran out within three months, I was totally lonely, frightened and confused so I clung tenaciously to the RSE community.
Why with all my sacrifices, focus and dedication to RSE had I not manifested? I blamed myself and swore to try even harder, and if that meant more time away from my family then "So be it". I will return soon enough and teach my children everything..... :oops:
After all "Ramtha" had spoken directly during a recent event....and promised that all our families would be protected by the "Ram" if we dedicated our lives to RSE and "The Great Work' and move to Yelm..
I cried everyday for the first year while living in Yelm, but this was supposed to be a good thing and explained away by my RSE companions as "The Dark Night of the Soul" and entirely necessary to shake off the limiting human attachments and emotions of my past. One time I was Christmas shopping to send back some small gifts to my children..
a master friend remarked" Why are you still living in the past? let them go' :shock: :sad:
What I'm trying to convey here is.... many RSE students that abandon their families or worse..drag them into the RSE swamp, they truly believe they are helping and loving them in the best way possible.
I remember one fellow "master" telling me how he sent a picture of himself to his dying father with instructions just to stare into the eyes in the photo and you will be healed.
Such are the levels of cruel delusion that RSE inflicts upon the well intended seeker.
It is as Oldone often remarks..JZ Knight is a rapist of the Soul' this is so very true,
where can you turn once your soul has been raped?

And to those family members that have loved ones caught in the RSE snare who continue to drink its poison.. you need to protect yourself and your children fervently without delay..

But he has nothing on at all, cried at last the whole people....

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Unread post by NoBS » Sun Sep 25, 2011 9:23 pm

Hi ALL ,


I did not not expect such an amazing response … I am touched and very honored .

Up until now I have not had much support with my situation except one close friend who is dating my partner’s younger brother. He is too, like my partner is in RSE ….
My friend and I are both against JZ crap and try to provide support for each other as much as possible.

Having this amazing response, given me the strength to sit down and speak to him last night.

“I said that I love him very much and respect him too much to try to change him . I do not support nor wish to be with someone who is part of RSE. It is my choice what I do in life (just like him) and therefore I choose to take myself out of this equation.
I am only 3 month pregnant and will get use to not having him around. I own a small but a successful business which provides me with finances I need to provide for me and my baby when it’s born. I have a very supportive family who is just around the corner.
Our pregnancy was accidental and I cannot turn back the clock (I wish I could), but at least I can ensure my future is safe.
Should one day he choices to leave RSE , I would very much like to be involved in his recovery process and be there for him all the way . Once I see that he has turned the corner and RSE is no longer part of his life, I will welcome his back in our family. But he needs to want to do this for himself ...
It is not an ultimatum, just my instinct kicking in driven by a fear for my child’s future”

He listen very patiently and asked why can’t I see this “project” as a hobby or think that he has a garden which he attends to on the weekends?
I said I wish that was the case :roll:
Unfortunately Ramtha is a huge part of his life and it affects every aspect of his life in the NOW, he just doesn’t see it.

We have no friends - they all “socially conscious” , he has no interest to travel – he can travel in his head ! ,he has no money – all “invested” in his project (actually he is in debt 5k on creadit card and owes 10K to the Tax man)
we have no future plans – “the end is coming !!!” , we cannot talk about anything that human race accomplished – they only use 10% of their brain, we cannot talk about business plans or investments – humanity will be wiped out soon.
I am tired of constant conflict.

Plus I don’t want to have a relationship where there is something we can’t talk about, I want my partner to be my best friend . Don’t want to exclude such a huge chunk of his life.

I’ve given him couple of days to contemplate and we decided to chat Monday night again to finalize our decision ( more like me confirming my own predictions : )

I really hope that one day he will wake up and come back to me …. But I doubt it .

He is waaaaaaaaay too involved. Obsessed .
Infect, he was the one who introduced his brother and his mother to RSE. He is the agitator … All 3 of them are Ramtha crazy. So he has support and they all wine each other up all the time.

I feel that his younger brother has a bit of hope still. He is young (26) and not so obsessed. I have a feeling he just doing this to get his older brother’s validation. I would strongly encourage him to get the hell away as far as he can whilst he is still half normal…. I might be wrong tho…

I would like to thank EMF for existing and for giving me such an amazing support …. I am overwhelmed .


Thank you for sharing your stories . My heart goes out to those who suffered major loses … I could only imagine the pain you must feel.

sending love to all

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Unread post by ponysong » Mon Sep 26, 2011 2:31 am

NoBS, you've got your head on straight, and a great sense of perspective. You, and your baby are going to be fine.

I'm sorry, but I had to chuckle at this:
NoBS wrote:
He listen very patiently and asked why can’t I see this “project” as a hobby or think that he has a garden which he attends to on the weekends?
That's the way I felt about it when I first started dating my RSE ex-boyfriend. Then after the March/April retreat (where apparently JZ was at her finest as "Ramtha" for 17 hours straight), my BF got all freaked out, worried that I would die in the coming 1000ft tsunami (I live near the coast). I'm still pretty sad about it. But at least I only dated him for a few months, and there was no possibility of pregnancy :)

Good for you for taking the steps necessary to protect yourself, and your precious little one that's on the way.

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Unread post by NoBS » Tue Sep 27, 2011 3:34 am

Hi Ponysong,

Thank you for your reply , you are very kind .
Not sure about the “head straight” thing as I feel that if that was the case I would not be in a situation of a single mother now.
Oh well , I suppose that’s the way the cookie crumbles , hey?

Ponysong I read your post about your recent break up .. :sad:
I am sorry, I know exactly how you feel … like part of your heart has died …
How are you doing ? how long has it been now ? how is he going ? are you talking at all ? do you think he’ll ever get out ?


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Unread post by ponysong » Tue Sep 27, 2011 3:53 am

Hi NoBS,

I was a single mom too (out of a questionable choice relationship), and my boy (now 27) is a decent, intelligent, loving person, who supports himself financially and takes responsibility for his own choices. He still says "I love you Mum" when we speak to each other and always has, even through his teen years. So while it may not be the optimal situation to bear and raise a child alone, it's possible to have a happy outcome. :D Oh, and I also completed my BSc Biology while my son was an infant and toddler; it just took me longer than the regulation 4 years.

I don't mean to brag or try to make out we were some ideal single-parent family or that there is no emotional or financial distress in our lives; far from it! It's only that being a single parent can happen to anyone and it doesn't need to be bad for your life or for your child.

My RSE ex-BF did send me an email a couple of weeks ago. It was the first contact since we broke off the relationship at the end of May. I had to tell him I could have no further contact with him as long as he continues to buy into the Ramtha Scam. I did give him a link to this forum though, and told him I'll support him as a friend if he ever decides to break away from the RSE mind-control. I'm still sad about it all, but it's getting better.

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Unread post by NoBS » Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:13 am

Ponysong thank you for your encouragement . I guess I didn’t think I’ll be in this situation …

Reading your post gave me hope and made me smile . I am hoping that I too can find good balance and can be proud of my accomplishment as a parent. I was told it’s the best feeling ever :D

You are very strong for telling your ex to stay away. I suppose One can easily slip back into the spell of “spiritual blah” . that’s how it got me .
Hang in there tiger … we’ll be ok ;-)

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Unread post by hollander » Fri Mar 20, 2015 10:05 pm

This thread has been very helpful to me as a recent arrival! Thank you all for your efforts over the years.

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