Steve Klein, RSE's event services manager

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Steve Klein, RSE's event services manager

Unread post by Vanilla » Wed Oct 10, 2012 9:13 pm

A few people mentioned he quit his job at RSE out of disagreements. But he is still in the school.

I remember a student telling me that he was at a private event, several people were there to witness. It was a one on one group thing. They say, very cautiouslu to me, as if this is a big secret, that Steve and Jz Knight as "Ramtha" got very drunk and had a moment where they were kissing.
They were making out and everyone was laughing, cheering, but inside this person couldnt believe it.

I didnt mention him by name. He is a big person in the Yelm community. He supports local businesses in his website Even Catholic Churches. I am not sure if he still runs it.I remember him being intriduced to as the guy who is really wealthy from a family of elite bankers, gray men types. I know he used to be gay but maybe turned because Ramtha told him to be straight. I feel kind of bad as I see him as a victim, he believes in the creation of Ramtha as real. I feel that.

I dont think he liked the way the school was going. But then again, I heard JZ was downsizing 75% of the staff. Who knows.

Oh well.

Now Greg S, in Ramtha's inner circle, close to Jz and the "big man" ahha whatever, he is famous for being in the videos for the beginner class they show at the school, like 20 years ago,it was filmed, and he was wearing a pentagram necklace doing c& e for everyone. All these girls who come to the school want to sleep with him. ----anyways of course he gets to marry a millionaire because Ramtha set it up, with the mind control JZ can get any of her buddies or staff to marry into money, because these people are conned, they believe god is telling them to marry someone..and now he is telling everyone he is so rich because he focused. No. Its not fair of him to do that. I do not feel sorry for Greg like I do Steve. I think Greg S is in on it. For power.

What do you guys think. You guys know who I am talking about by first name, right? The fact is that our poster here VIRGINIA has caused a HUGE rift in the RSE movement with her facebook page.
She has no idea what she has done. SHe is a brave girl. If she only knew the impact her page is having on all the students. People are leaving in droves. They are all talking, calling each other up to talk about what she has posted, and the growing number of people who are questioning the school .They are just being woken up, shown a different side. Like Pluralistic ignorance----being broken.. people are not afraid Ramtha is going to get them, send lightning to their homes. That MAYBE it is possible, Jz is a fraud. And its causing waves.

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Re: Steve K

Unread post by Virginia » Wed Oct 10, 2012 11:56 pm

I heard that there was a make out at a feast with Ramtha and someone. I never got confirmation or heard who it was with so I don't write things that I can't confirm. Interesting. Could be rumor could be true, anything goes up there. I am so out of the loop of school people that I have no idea what they are saying, mostly this is all due to one "angry" disgruntled student. That's the best they can do. I told the commissioner its 400 angry ex members driving this. I mean who wouldn't be a little miffed for getting conned? I still have a great life and I find myself having more fun than I've had in years. I think the angry one is the one getting drunk and peeing herself on stage and yelling horrible things at her following. Sick and angry, scary combination.

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Re: Steve K

Unread post by Tree » Thu Oct 11, 2012 1:49 pm

I find it rather amusing and ironic it was Steve K making out with jz as ramtha seeing as he was gay in his life before jz as ramtha
set his up with Yael. In the other attendees eyes, it would "look" to them like Steve was making out with the "big Kahuna who has balls of steel."

as for Greg Simmons, Vanilla, marrying....his wife used to be the head of the warehouse: Navarou's mother. I think you must mean Jimmy Capezio.
Jimmy married an Oppenheimer. I personally saw a $9,999 check donated to the school from her just because she was "inpsired to" one particular day.

I hope all current RSE students who are on the EE Facebook page are getting a real good look at what's going.
I am especially glad for the Europeans.
Everyone needs to stay informed.
The more eyes that see, the quicker one can get to recovery.


Re: Steve K

Unread post by Phill » Thu Oct 11, 2012 2:23 pm

Could someone please give me the link to the site Virginia put up? Don't know about it.

And eeww about Ramtha making out with one of his students. Especially after recently I heard him say that as a teacher you don't get involved with ANY of your students no matter how attractive you think they are. Can't imagine Ramtha not walking it but then again, what do I know? In God anything goes...

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Re: Steve K

Unread post by Robair » Thu Oct 11, 2012 2:36 pm

Hello Everyone

For many years I have been calling Steve Klein, Greg Simmons, and Mike Wright, the 3 Stooges and telling everyone that they are part of the scam, Like Glen said in his video you cannot be close to JZ and not know she is a fakes. James Flick is also part of the scam no way he doesn’t know.

As far as I am concern they should go to prison along with JZ

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Re: Steve K

Unread post by Eddie » Thu Oct 11, 2012 10:30 pm

the last personal email account that I have of Steve Klein:

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Re: Steve Klein RSE Manager

Unread post by Virginia » Fri Oct 12, 2012 6:30 pm

I have to agree Robair. James certainly at the least questioned it, he actually may be able to plead dumb but he knows enough by now. He knows she lied about channeling Jesus, why wasn't that enough? He knows a lot but he doesn't want to give up the image of being big man on campus or potentially hurting his income from resveratrol (if he has managed to keep that going, we all know he wouldn't have it if it wasn't for JZ.) I always held out hope that he would eventually come clean and help others. He has spent half his life following Ram...very hard to have to admit half your life was following a scam. I thought with his current girlfriend, who knows JZ is a fraud, that there might be some progress on that end. Sadly, it doesn't seem that she has been able to woo him away from his meal ticket. So, James needs to step up and step up now or he will go down with the ship. He has never been big on courage and he tends to blow in whichever direction will give him the most benefit. James growing up, taking responsibility, helping others...probably not going to happen but who knows, maybe he will get a clue that this time the ship is actually sinking and he may have a round a golf or two he would rather play outside of jail.

The others I have always had such a hard time believing that people would help perpetuate a fraud like this. I know their jobs are dependent on keeping her going but I just found it so difficult to believe they were just not totally brainwashed themselves. Now putting all the information together, and knowing they had the big picture with all the crap all along, that tells me that they must know. It really pains me to think that this is not just one sociopath but a group of people helping to cover her tracks. What makes people so corrupt? Maybe one will spark the courage to come out and tell all -but again, they won't until the last rats have left the ship.

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