Calling RSE a CULT is not libelous

Please support the RSE whistleblowers and citizen journalism and voice your concerns here. Act collectively and hold JZ Knight and the Thurston County public officials accountable for fraud and human rights abuse at RSE. This is about accountability and pursuing justice.
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Calling RSE a CULT is not libelous

Unread post by David McCarthy » Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:34 am

The response to the South African press regarding former RSE students Philippe Meniere and Agnes Jardel and the murder Tragedy in South Africa,
JZ Knight/RSE warned...
JZ Knight RSE.
After 1992, journalists could be held libel for calling the school a
cult following a Superior Court ruling that provided a legal precedent,
ruling that RSE is not a cult:
This is a blatant lie.
but typical of the disinformation/misdirection/fear tactics that the RSE cult spoon feeds its flock and the media, and it works... :-?
The fact is..... in 1995, JZ Knight lost a defamation lawsuit against the 'American Association of Retired Persons' (AARP) for calling RSE a CULT.
J.Z. Knight v. American Association of Retired Persons, Thurston Co. (Wash. Superior Court).
In 1995, the channeler of “Ramtha“ sued the AARP for defamation arising from an article in Modern Maturity magazine on cults.
Obtained summary judgment dismissing all of plaintiff's claims.
Plaintiff admitted that she was a public figure.
She was unable to show that any statement was publicized with actual malice.
No appeal was taken.

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Defamation - Wikipedia

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