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JZK,Inc claims "Conditions of Participation" on EMF Members!

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2012 3:53 am
by David McCarthy
JZK claims NDA agreement on EMF Members
JZK is now sending out (T.R.O's) Temporary Restraining Orders' targeting who they think are EMF members.
This is so nuts it defies reason, can these people think we are that stupid to fall for this?
EMF registrations are completely private
We don't know who EMF member are..its none of our business.
If JZK,Inc believes EMF has a POST that has somehow broken some bizarre RSE contract or copyright law
then the correct and legal procedure is to contact EMF admin .....
We can sit down with a nice cup of tea and discuss the matter.

Today.... I wrote to Steve Klein...JZK, Inc

On 10/31/2012 4:35 PM,.

Dear Steve,
Please send me a copy of the RSE COP Fraternity document you claim I am legally contracted too!
As an owner and Webmaster of EMF I would like to add this document to our public files.
I look forward to receiving this document ASAP,
Yours sincerely.
David McCarthy

Related: Filed Oct 29 2012 # 122022418
OCT 29 2012
("RSE"), which provides Instruction, Information and techniques to Its students that are
unique to RSE. All students who attend RSE sign an agreement not to disseminate RSE's
information or materials as a condition of participation at the school.


2.1 Upon Information and belief, Defendants John and Jane Doe Members of

Enlighten Me Free (collectively referred to heretofore for convenience as "EMF" or "EMF

members") live in Thurston County, Washington. EMF members have identified them-

selves publicly in YouTube postings as former students of Ramtha's School of Enlighten-

ment. As former students, EMF members entered into a contract with RSE in Thurston County, Washington.

3.9 Enlighten Me Free ("EMF") refers to itself as a group of former students of
Rarntha's School of Enlightenment. As students, the individual members of EMF would
have signed Conditions of Participation as a prerequisite for attending any event at RSE.

Re: JZK,Inc claims "Conditions of Participation" on EMF Memb

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2012 6:09 am
by Vanilla
Looks like Steve Working again for them.

I heard Virginia was served today. Papers from JZ. Is this true?
Its just to threaten. To Scare. They would never go through with this kind of information out there that has Jz spewing out racist bigotry. The proof that is out there. If not registered with court number its just a threat. I have served people papers just to get money they owe me, works everytime.

Hey you know that photo of Jz Knight with Obama and her grandchild? Well that photo made her grandaughter a superstar in her high school. It made her famous. Now the girl, because of that photowith JZ Knight...the racist bigot channeler, now she is being bullied, and made an outcast. Parents wont allow their kids to be associated with her. Its so terrible. People are outraged.

RSE students are now pariahs. Just like they were 20 years ago. They are looked on as total bigots and weirdos. It has affected all students. Masters Connection is going to have difficult time getting local people to advertise in their newsletter. It has affected businesses too. Noone wants anything to do with RSE, or the students who support what they seen in the videos. They are hated.

This is why the event this weekend was cancelled. Using the sale as excuse.

Look Jz is a bully and a tyrant. She went too far with Virginia. She went to far with her comments. She attacked minorities. She attacked my friends. She attacked me. She bullies people. She cannot come clean, apologize, and own up to it.

Everyone saw how Ramtha told North Korea they were going to be nuked by November by a teenager who gets the throne and to move to Yelm to be with the school. You see how spiritual this school is.

JZ thinks because everyone is drunk that what comes out of " Ramtha's" cannot be held accountable for? You can't silence hate crimes against minorities. You can't hold a copyright on hate speech.

People are so shocked. But I have heard worse stuff come out of "Ramthas' mouth. I was there when he threw baloney at the audience.

People fly all the way from Australia, 7 grand they spend- just to listen to Ramtha talk about Jz and James. People rush to events almost speeding to and from work, only to find Ramtha drunk talking about James and that whore. They want enlightenment.
Everyone is fed up. I am surprised.

What is sad is witnessing people's lives fall apart. Their belief crumble. They need therapy alot of them. They moved here and live in trailers. Leaving families behind. All their money to support this school. Its been made public what has been going on behind hidden doors. I am so glad.

Even for the school I am glad. For all the teachers, the investors...they can finally do the walk away and create a real day full of hope..

I am told many things. I do not know what to believe.

Re: JZK,Inc claims "Conditions of Participation" on EMF Memb

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2012 6:16 am
by freemysoul
All this heat has got JZ pulling out what is left of her hair. It sucks when someone shines a light on the dark recesses you thought would never be seen in public, by people who think rationally and honestly. And it must really suck, that the public at large, the 'social conscious' JZ berates regularly, now see her as the pathological sociopathic homophobic racist cult leader she truly is.
Hey JZ, when you stop destroying the lives of people who came to you to better their lives and pay back everything you took from those same people, we will stop "bringing you down"! Until then, we will do everything and anything we can to stop you from brain washing and manipulating honest people into thinking as you do: ignorantly, deceitfully, greedily, hatefully and selfishly.
p.s. How much are you getting for one of those snot covered gaudy robes you wear while pretending like your ramtha character? $5,000 or more I bet. The sickening thing is, you sleep just fine at night, knowing just how much you are getting over on people. Those days are numbered though JZ, because people are catching on, the public at large has turned on you, and will continue to do so, and so are many of your 'current students'. You make me sick. The solace I take from it all, is that I know in my heart that you reap what you sow, and you got some serious reaping to do, you soulless, cowardly human being.

Re: JZK,Inc claims "Conditions of Participation" on EMF Memb

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2012 7:56 am
by freemysoul
The last thing JZ wants to do is sue, or go to court with Virginia. She knows, as well as we do, that her 'use agreement' isn't worth the paper its printed on, and also knows that the court of public opinion, which will make up any jury, will see through her lies and her ignorant hate filled rants. If JZ is foolish enough to go after Virginia, or any of us here at EMF, truth would finally see the light of day, and the truth wouldn't be the kind of 'truth' as JZ sees it, it would be the documented, verbatim, proven, witnessed, cataloged and corroborated TRUTH that we have on our side, the kind of truth that sends people to jail, and the kind of truth that brings judges and juries to award LARGE monetary sums to those of us hurt or permanently damaged by JZ's words and actions, and that is a very long list.

Re: JZK,Inc claims "Conditions of Participation" on EMF Memb

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2012 10:41 am
by delavie
The videos show excerpts that inform political sensitivity of JZK/Ramtha on homosexuality, Catholics, Jews, the Mexican population ... Perhaps S. Klein will be glad to send you some documents!

09/23/2007 250.00

06/05/2011 250.00
09/24/2011 260.00
04/15/2012 250.00

Re: JZK,Inc claims "Conditions of Participation" on EMF Memb

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2012 11:25 am
by Ockham
Horse manure! I, for one, have never sent a dime to RSE, nor have I signed a Conditions of Participation documet. In the United States, we do have constitionally protected rights of expression. RSE may not be pleased that I have a critical view and express it, but RSE is equally free to issue a rebuttal. Provided what I say is factual, I am free to have any opinion I want. It appears that RSE would rather have expression regulated in a way more fitting of North Korea's Kim whom Judy Knight reportedly derided.

The current RSE legal tack is a tactical error. I'll leave it to RSE's readers to figure out why; they can always ask for 35,000 year old advice, can't they?

Re: JZK,Inc claims "Conditions of Participation" on EMF Memb

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2012 5:16 pm
by ex
TSTSTS too funny jz. you cheat on your husbands stealing other women s husbands and than you judge others. very enlightened. your followers are brainwashed and stopped thinking. why do i make such a nasty statement? because i believed in you and ramtha once. when i realized you might be a fake and i spend too much money on a delusion i pulled away. than i realized i got a lot of hooks trying to pull me back. i was lost. in no way i felt i made great work. emf came up and i found people who saw you for what you are and that my view is not an 'ultimate failure'. finally there were people who stud up and showed nobility in questioning your behavior. a lot of normal people [you call them villagers] just let you be. they got some filtered information about rse. finally the tip of the iceberg was showed by a courage women. she showed what happens behind closed doors to the world. now people see what its about being a master. villagers are upset what trash was lingering at the edge of their town.
the most shocking thing for me is not your f... yous or your swearing because i was sitting in your audiences and didn't take it too hard. the real shock are the brainless zombies who surround you and parroting your twisted worldviews without questioning. the fact that you promote yourself being put on a pedestal is the most narcissistic delusional thing i ever saw.
if there is still a rest of a decent human being in you turn your cult compound into a seminar center or something you pretend to be, but be honest. admit what your channeling rely is: a farce there is still time for you to find peace in your life. you lost already a battle. and you will still loose the war which you will start if you pump yourself up by giving out empty threats. face it you can only handle a brainwashed crowed who sees you as their hero. villagers will just shake their heads about you and will soon get what a lunatic you rely are.

Re: JZK,Inc claims "Conditions of Participation" on EMF Memb

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2012 7:55 pm
by Vanilla
From the mouth of an insider:
"the school is done."

If it is really over. If RSE is really done. Well, we had our good times, but the bad outweighed the good and in the end the moral of the story is hunger for power corrupts. Power over others is a drug. Naming babies. Ruling lives, creating marriages, gravestones engraved with RSE gibberish..creating futures, changing lives directing money around..keeping cancer patients from getting medical attention..
A Lot of people were hurt, lives broken, wounded. Used. Lied to. ALl this greed we saw. All these material possesions, junk really, hoarded , then given away for nothing. Waste. If RSE has really helped anyone it has been Jz and investors.

One could say " Oh because I moved to Yelm, I had a child so I am grateful I came here" or " Because I gave up all my money I met a girl who loves me for who I really am" One could AlLWAYS make the best of anything. RSE membership makes noone rich. Only your action and work do. Not sitting on the floor focusing for hours. Blowing until your head hurts. BLOW BLOW BLOW INTO THE VOID THAT WHICH YOU WANT TO HAPPEN- you can be like god, who blew reality into happening. STaring at cards we were told is necessary to be beamed up by the ets/ they only wanted those who had evolved to see infrared. And to also see bad things before they happen. We were scared into learning how to map cards with flashlights on our heads.

If Jz is really channeling something, its an alcoholic bigot know it all who became a monster. No use for anyone. Not in our day and age.

The grid, what the hell was that? Why did we have to sit in freezing cold on pillows staring at the sky to put a grid there on it and then implanmt our desires. Flashlight flickering? The cards fiasco where Mitja admitted we were all card mapping. Thats a discipline. People staring at cards for a day to see one shape shadow in the minute paper strands. Has that helped anyone, saved anyones lives? Cured cancer, or just made the school more money.

I would not have a problem if this could truly be a school of mysterious mysteries. But its not. Its abusive, alcoholic, smoke filled, blasphemous, orgiastic, crazy, paranoid...I keep seeing the old ladies writhing around to the music. I see the cliques inner circle.
Dont forget Sir Robert and how thristy for power he was, how he manipulated women into dating him by saying god told him they should sleep wth him.

We here at EMF, I speak for myself, I don't want to start trouble or slander. I have reasons I came here and I was really traumatized. Asked Robair and Dave they had to write me to tell me to stop posting sometimes 11 posts an hour. I had no idea how to handle the hurt I felt the RSE school caused me and my loved ones because of Ramtha's wrath on stage judging me from Jz personal vendettas.. I believed to be a god. Yes I was caught hooked. But I see now, how taken advantage I was and lied to. Its my fault ultimately, but a scam like this should not be allowed to ruin lives. I feel better now. Not like a stupid SUCKER idiot who falls for the first thing that says I AM GOD U CAN B TOO.

I am done. I do not know when I will be finished here. I come here now for entertainment and a little sharing. The school was everything to me. My whole life. I mean everything. I believed bought everything. I listened to cds for hours everyday. I focused. I tried. I moved. I cried. I had nothing, and I started over. I deserve some respect and deserve to be heard. All I wanted was magic love control over this thing called life. I thought this was THE ANSWER.

Re: JZK,Inc claims "Conditions of Participation" on EMF Memb

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2012 9:00 pm
by David McCarthy
I heard Virginia was served today. Papers from JZ. Is this true?
Hi Vanilla , everyone..
Virginia is in court today is facing down a ‘cease and desist order’ from JZK,inc


Re: JZK,Inc claims "Conditions of Participation" on EMF Memb

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2012 9:28 pm
by Sad Grandfather
Maybe this will be Judy's final undoing. The only way she can damage Virginia would be with legal expenses, and I wouldn't think she'd need a lawyer to answer Judy's ridiculous accusations. Virginia seems to me to be a pretty sharp lady, so I'd think she could handle it.

Re: JZK,Inc claims "Conditions of Participation" on EMF Memb

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 1:34 am
by Vanilla
I heard some stories about Virginia from Rse students. She is sharp indeed.

Hardcore RSE students some I asked think highly of her, maybe even have a little crush on her. They see her not as an outsider but someone who was an insider. One of "them". She is familiar to everyone having gone to so many events, even years after the whole fling with James. People know her by face.Every time I go out its everyone talking about Virginia and what she has done now. It is great. The town is buzzing. Everywhere you go. Everyone you talk to. She is not looked down upon. After all, she attracted Jz's man. She is insider. She was involved inside the school. She had her seat by the stage. She was somebody in the hierarchy. Like it or not. She was known as "V" as she admitted herself. I heard many things from guys, this one Dave F who tried to get out of a business deal and she served him. Even he was impressed. Indeed. The girl is smart. I would want this girl to work for me. Did she work for lawyers? I may have heard that too. She is the most exciting thing in town of Yelm. I heard people say how much they wish they could get to know her and anyone who has talked to her tells everyone they just talked to Virginia. Turn this town upside down

But you cannot silence her. There are ten people who will come forward now she paved the way. The damage is already done. It is too late.

The videos taken down, the rumors of them will be far worse than the real thing.

Re: JZK,Inc claims "Conditions of Participation" on EMF Memb

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 3:13 am
by Sad Grandfather
Go get her, Virginia!

I got a phone call from my daughter last week saying she was homesick, and wished they hadn't sold their house and land, here. I asked if she was still into ramtha, and she said she was following her online, but not paying to go to the live things. It sounds like she is about ready to leave, but since they bought a place, out there, and have sold everything here, I'm afraid they have burned their bridges behind them. I also get the feeling that their retirement has about been squandered, even though he is working full time, when he should be retired. Hope I can live to see them out of there, and see my grandkids again. She was the only family member who was really a full fledged ramster.

Re: JZK,Inc claims "Conditions of Participation" on EMF Memb

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 5:11 am
by preeatenna
Vanilla, the videos are not taken down. They do not have to be taken down. Virginia cannot post any more videos for the next 2 weeks, but that ruling applies only to her.

Re: JZK,Inc claims "Conditions of Participation" on EMF Memb

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 5:35 am
by Rooster
Every story I looked at the videos were taken down. Sounds temporay, I think Virgina will do well. Grandfather hoping for the best. Better now than later. Your family can still make things right.

Re: JZK,Inc claims "Conditions of Participation" on EMF Memb

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 6:37 pm
by seriously
Grandpa, great news! You're closer to getting your family back. AWESOME!

Re: JZK,Inc claims "Conditions of Participation" on EMF Memb

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 10:13 pm
by Sad Grandfather
Thanks! From what she said, I think they would come back, now, since she is doing the ramtha thing online. They first have to sell the house and land they bought out there, and find a place to stay back here. It can be worked out, but will take time. Here's hoping!

Re: JZK,Inc claims "Conditions of Participation" on EMF Memb

Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 2:14 am
by Marie
If anyone from rse is reading this post -- either with their own eyes or from remote view -- bwahahaha -- I double dog dare you to threaten me with anything.

I will do everything I am able to support Virginia and EMF.

rse (and I keep it lower case b/c that's what it is, lower) and jz knight in particular ruined more than half my family with its drunken rituals, product scams and wild tales of alien lizard beings and the "grey men" who control the world.

Twinkie, anyone?

Re: JZK,Inc claims "Conditions of Participation" on EMF Memb

Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 6:53 pm
by Kelku
so happy for you... your daughter gives you some real 'her', no rse gibberish, that's fabulous.

I always enjoy your 'stories directly from stage'....

I tried to keep up with reading the past days while working. Not an easy task since there is so much life going on...on EMF, EE, newspapers, blogs etc... :-)
It feels as if all the disconnected individuals now have a chance to come together and they do...

I just love what is happening here.
More and more people are coming out, dare to talk, are less afraid, use their own words rather than cult language, play with their wit, their discernment and their humour.... all these wonderful qualities that rse stiffles by telling us constantly how lowly we are

Proud to be a villager amongst all of you. :D