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Cult leader JZK vs Virginia Coverdale fails in Federal Court

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 8:25 am
by EMFWebmaster
Cult leader JZK vs Virginia Coverdale fails in Federal Court | We the Governed

The final effort to put Virginia Coverdale in permanent indentured servitude to Ramtha has failed.
Federal Judge Brian Lynch wrote in his findings of fact filed December 15th:
“Overall, this Court’s conclusion is that JZK was intent on suppressing efforts by Coverdale to expose tenets and practices of RSE because it might cause serious damage to its reputation. JZK attempted to use its superior financial resources to intimidate its dissident ex-students by its lawsuit. Coverdale had the temerity to defend herself in a lawsuit pursued vigorously by J.Z. Knight and JZK.”
“While JZK attempts to portray Coverdale’s primary purpose as an attempt to expose and discredit J.Z. Knight and RSE, that is a bit of the pot calling the kettle black. There is more evidence that JZK used the lawsuit and the damages award as an attempt to dissuade Coverdale and other ex-RSE members from speaking out about RSE and J.Z. Knight’s statements, teachings and behaviors…”
Full story available here > ... ral-court/

A Massive THANK YOU to Virginia Coverdale and Glen Morgan for all your efforts to expose the Ramtha Cult.