Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center

If you are new to this forum and are looking for information that is particularly helpful and relevant to those who have recently left RSE and are starting their recovery process, this is a good place to start.
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Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center

Unread post by David McCarthy » Wed Oct 21, 2009 8:18 am

Joe, everyone,

Do you have any feedback/experience regarding the "Wellspring Retreat Center"?
From what I understand they provide an excellent retreat program for victims of religious cults.

Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center
Psychological, emotional or spiritual abuse and cult survivors
Here at Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center we treat people who have been victims of psychological, emotional or spiritual abuse from religious cults, toxic relationships or other manipulative groups. Survivors come to us for help after having removed themselves from some of the following situations:

Mind control
Domestic violence
Religious cults
Therapist abuse
Psychological abuse
Brainwashing cults
Abusive groups
Clergy abuse
Mental abuse
Spiritual abuse
Emotional abuse
Cult abuse
Do we do mind-control and cult deprogramming?
No. We do not get involved in cult deprogramming, nor in reprogramming. We do help people re-integrate into mainstream society and come to terms with who they are and what happened to them. Some of our clients have undergone deprogramming by professional exit counselors, others have made the decision to leave a situation of mental, emotional, and spiritual abuse on their own.

Because we do not do exit counseling, we also do not intervene in situations of domestic violence or alleged psychological abuse. There are other resources for this and we urge you to contact law enforcement and professional exit counselors when necessary to address these problems. Our role is to help those who have left abusive relationship come to grips with the mental or emotional abuse they have suffered and rebuild their self-esteem and self-confidence.

It is key to note that this is a strictly voluntary program. Only after a person has chosen to leave the psychological or spiritual abuse and seek treatment can they come to Wellspring Retreat & Resource Center for help.

Our treatment is not limited just to cult brainwashing and domestic violence. We have treated survivors of sexual abuse by clergy and therapists and victims of manipulation by multi-level marketing scams. Some of our clients have come from abusive 12 ?Step programs and drug and alcohol treatment centers. We have also worked with former gang members and victims of torture. Whenever someone feels he or she been deceived, manipulated, exploited, or subjected to brainwashing or emotional or mental abuse, we can offer hope and help.

What is spiritual abuse? What is mental abuse? What is brainwashing?
There is no clear-cut definition of what is spiritual abuse and what is not, what is mental abuse and what is not, what is brainwashing and what is not. These questions have been debated for centuries!

Our approach is not to work within rigid definitions, but within the framework of addressing what has caused trauma in a person?s life. Because different recruitment and membership styles of religious and other groups will be more harmful to some than others, it is more important to focus on helping the individual who has experienced the suffering than to make lists of "cults" and point fingers at organizations and churches!

However, having said that, much of our work is centered around the ground-breaking work of Dr. Robert Jay Lifton who identified eight criteria for a thought reform system. When we find these criteria active within a relationship or a group, we can usually say without hesitation that the relationship or group is abusive.
Why specialize in cults and psychological abuse?
We offer a safe haven specifically for cult and abuse survivors to explore their own feelings and their own choices. What makes psychological abuse unique is that victims are made to feel they do not have choices; we restore survivors' ability to choose without being judged.

Another symptom of abuse, is that survivors often become victims again, hopping from one form of abuse to another. Deprogramming often does not end the abuse. It is one of our chief goals to free each of our clients, so that they do not fall into mind control or abusive situations again.

We welcome anyone who has been suffering from mind control, cults, mental or psychological abuse or coercion of any type to contact us and find out whether our treatment can help them readjust to normal life and ? most importantly ? avoid repeating the cycle of abuse.

Brainwashing mind-control :: psychological, spiritual, mental, emotional abuse :: religious cults and cult dep
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joe sz
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Unread post by joe sz » Fri Oct 23, 2009 8:43 am

Most of the clients I referred or took there in past years were very pleased with the treatment and education they got there. Average stay was 2 - 3 weeks.
I heard a few complaints as it is not a good fit for every personality. No place or therapy is.
Most they could take at a time was six clients, I think, so every person got as much attention as they wanted--or not. You could decide to be alone and just hang out too within reason as long as you attended some minimum sessions.

Remember, what they offer is not exit counseling. It is help with recovery using therapeutic tools with psychological tests, group and individual sessions.

I just checked their site:
Wellspring now offers a five-day intensive program for people leaving high control groups or cults. It will contain much the same program as the traditional two-week program but will be briefer and cost half the price. The intensive program will include daily counseling by a cult specialist who is also a licensed mental health counselor, workshops, and all the rich 24/7 resources of Wellspring's well-known wrap-around program. You may be able to finance the program with your health-spending account. Even though it seems costly, it is a bargain compared to a stay in a mental health unit.

Because of the overwhelming response from those desiring to take advantage of our two week program but cannot afford it, Wellspring is offering a reduced rate for those in need. A 'scholarship' reduction which may be up to 40% is now available every month for those qualifying for the reduced rate. We anticipate these weeks to fill very quickly, so please call Vanessa at 1-740-698-6277 ext. 221 for more information or email office@wellspringretreat.org. At Wellspring we understand there is a great need for financial assistance and quality treatment to be available for those who have been victims of abuse.

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Unread post by David McCarthy » Fri Oct 23, 2009 6:00 pm

The intensive program will include daily counseling by a cult specialist who is also a licensed mental health counselor,
And who is this international man of mystery...?

OK great...thanks Joe,

Learning to trust again is a big step, unfortunately for many cult survivors
their trust in groups has been utterly destroyed....
oftentimes they unwittingly stepped into another cult..... convinced it was helping them recover from the first!
I know I did....from DLM to RSE :shock:

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Cult Recovery by Paul Martin

Unread post by Caterpillar » Tue Oct 27, 2009 8:06 am

Here are some relevant videos:

Conference: Psychological Manipulation, Cultic Groups, and Other Alternative Movements

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Madrid, Spain

July 14-16, 2005

Posted by ICSA on Oct 17, 2009

Cult Recovery lecture by Paul Martin (Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center)

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBCwasdm ... re=related

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pONYMrO ... re=related

Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2T1GwOlK ... re=related

Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdqghQ1Q ... re=related

Part 5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfBoGpAR ... re=related

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Excellent articles

Unread post by Caterpillar » Sat Oct 31, 2009 7:25 am

An excellent three-part series on the cult experience from interviews with Wellspring Retreat and Resource Center, taken from The Post, Ohio University, Feb 2002.

(1) Cult survivors speak

http://www.thepost.ohiou.edu/archives3/ ... 02/n3.html


?Trust but verify? is the Russian proverb posted on cult survivor Liz Shaw?s office door.

Shaw, who now works as the director of development at Wellspring Cult Retreat and Resource Center, said this proverb reminds her to check people?s stories before trusting them. After surviving the psychological and emotional damage a cult inflicted on her, Shaw adopted a new ?buyer beware? outlook on life.

(2) Cult recovery center product of experience

http://www.thepost.ohiou.edu/archives3/ ... 02/n3.html


?Mental rape? is the term Paul Martin, director of Wellspring cult recovery retreat and resource center, uses to describe the mind control and manipulation cult leaders use on members of their cult.

Martin said this type of control is similar to drugging cult victims to make them feel good while taking away part of their personality.

?Cult leaders are serial killers of the soul,? he said.

Martin founded Wellspring in 1986. Wellspring was the only cult recovery center in the world until two German cult researchers, Inge Mamay and Dieter Rohmann, developed another retreat in Germany last year.

(3) Students susceptible to cults' lures

http://www.thepost.ohiou.edu/archives3/ ... 02/n4.html


College students must be aware of many issues, including binge drinking, sexually transmitted infections, stress, anxiety and cults, Clinical Counselor and cult expert Ron Burks said.

?Cults usually recruit on college campuses,? Burks said. ?Be advised, you're a target.?

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