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Robair coming out post

Posted: Mon Jan 24, 2011 12:07 am
by Robair
Hello Everyone
I have put this post one here where it really belong

Hey well let the real game begin.

Putting my real name out in the open has been on my mind since I started with EMF, the choice not to do so until now was a decision made every time I would sign in. Many reasons was evoked not to so, the biggest one being pleads from my wife. Her main reason was and still is repercussions not so much from JZ and her team of pathological Liars, but rather from some fanatic who might feel the need to defend the school , something that David and his wife have been living with since the get go. Others reasons are friends that are still in the school, who might judge us now in a completely different way forgetting who we really are or have been to them , it is something that we have taken into consideration and instead of judging with the RSE Brain we are hoping that now knowing where we really stand might just incite them to take a real close look at it for really what it is. Also the time I dedicate every day on this is time not spent enjoying our retirement manifested by our hard work , not by the entitlement mentality promoted by RSE that you are God and you deserve to be wealthy.
After the first News article I decided to contact the reporter (Helen Bamford). She asked me if I would do a phone interview with her that would be printed in her Paper, in order to do so she would have to use my real name for the article, at that time I was face with either shut up or put up! Here we are. I was on the phone with her for about 35 minutes, she only use a part of it for the article but drove the point that the school is preparing for the 2012 end of the world scenario. I also told her that, make no mistake about this farce of a school it is a cult. Over all she did very well.
My wife has agree with me that it was time to come out and joint the rank of the few that have done so principally David, Kensho, and Joe.
Here is the most important part of this post.
I am talking for myself only, and as a recovering cult member, Even though I have used genuine excuses to justified my decision not to come out an face the really of having been involved in a Cult for all those years, I do realized that it is something one have to do to starting their final stage of recovery.
I am really happy to have finally made the decision which has already free my mind and soul and also will able me to even be more active in my quest to expose her organization for really what it/she is a mind and soul rapist cult.
Robair Robair don’t you know that JZ is supposed to have won a court case and according to her NO one can call her corporation an her Trademark Ramtha a cult?” Noooo, I did not know that, maybe we should got back to court and obtain A brand new Summary judgment Dismissing all of Plaintiff’s claims obviously the Judge did not know what he was doing in the first Judgment and would really appreciate to know that you JZ who never lie in your life have been straightening everyone in his behave on this particular Judgment . Way to go JZ you have accomplished something no others have done . Being the plaintiff, the Judge, and the appeal court judge.

Re: Robair coming out post

Posted: Mon Jan 24, 2011 2:31 am
by Marie
Robair, you are my hero....:-)

Thanks always for your honesty and courage.

And if that reporter needs any more voices, please have her contact me! My mother and sister have been blabbering about "the days to come" for the past 10 years.... And that was exactly what precipitated their moves to Yelm. I have heard it stated many many times that they were told by JZ/Ramtha, that Yelm will be the only safe place when the world ends and it will be their responsibilty to repopulate the earth because "they are the chosen ones." And that they should arm themselves, build underground bunkers and store food. JZ Knight also says that they should say anything to anyone, including lie lie lie and deny deny deny, as long it gets them what they want in the end.

Re: Robair coming out post

Posted: Mon Jan 24, 2011 3:34 am
by ex
thanks for this bold step. good luck. i just thought through resent events to tell some very personal stories and hesitated out of the reasons you said. i know in a way its cowardly but i am not ready for the big bang. since writing and english r not my strong trade i question if it would do much good anyway. i appreciate all your guys work. all the stories from everyone here. thanks for not let jzr getting away with the resent events.

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Posted: Mon Jan 24, 2011 11:47 am
by Felicitas
Hi Robair,

Nice to finally 'meet' you and congratulations on this big step. I know it must have been a difficult decision for you. When I became a member of this message board I thought about this too, but then decided to use my real name right from the start. But for me that was an easy choice, since I have only been a 'current' student for 1 year and therefore not really on any RSE-'radar'. ;-) Not much to loose there. For you on the other hand, having been a student for many years, it is different.

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Posted: Mon Jan 24, 2011 5:40 pm
by Robair
Thank you everyone for all your personal support it is immensely appreciated ,and also very grateful for all the support you have giving EMF all those years .
I would like everyone to know that even though many of us have put up a good façade, does not change the fact that we all are and have been battleling with the devastating effect of being in a cult.
To EX , please no you are not a coward very far from it, it took me a longtime to acknowledge that Robair was in a cult not Oldone, and it is something that each of us are struggling with. Considering coming out with my real name the last stage in my own recovery it not something that I consider a fit all for everyone else, and who knows what else might hit me later. EX you have been part of EMF for many years and have a very good understanding of RSE the cult, and whatever you decided to do it is your decision, and if someone ever complain about you or anyone else the way you or they write , He/She will be consider an very limited mind entity and will band .
I am sure that not many on here really know who Robair is, I will write a brief post on myself later.
Again thank you to one and all for all your support of myself and more important your support for EMF our main tool in exposing this CULT.


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Posted: Tue Jan 25, 2011 12:27 am
by Sad Grandfather
Congratulations on putting it all on the line. While I am only involved as a family member, I am sure it is much easier for me. I originally signed on as Sad Grandfather, so that my daughter wouldn't get her feelings hurt, if she saw this site. I soon discovered that she no longer had "feelings". I didn't want to re-register, so just put my real name and location under my screen name, along with my website which tells my whole life story. If Judy or her henchmen want a piece of me they surely will know where to find me!

How about it Judy? Are you going to let a 76 year old crippled granfather face you down? Why don't you send your bad warrior fantasy over here to get me?
:roll: :lol: :lol:

Re: Robair coming out post

Posted: Tue Jan 25, 2011 4:26 am
by Robair
Hello everyone.
Thank you Joe.
I am very happy joining a group a that have put their names pubic. My wife now think that I am going to be spending even more time on this,so we have been negotiating new rules for me to go by that will keep her happy, the only chance JZ have to get me to quit would be my wife to put an ultimatum on me.
I don't want to go off topic on here I will respond in more detail on this on an other tread maybe Leaving RSE: The aftermath
Thank you again