Tierney: I lived in fear, quite my job, moved to WA

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Tierney: I lived in fear, quite my job, moved to WA

Unread post by naturegirl » Sat Sep 22, 2012 5:43 pm

So many people left to become a part of what they thought was real, I was one. I sold my home in CA moved to WA in November 1999. I was told that I had to move to WA before 2000. I was on some level mentally craze with this thought that if I did not leave CA before 2000, I surely was going to die.

Ramtha had told everyone that we had to move before 2000 and I thought for sure the world was coming to an end on May 5th of that coming year because of what Ramtha predicted.

I lived in fear, quite my job, moved to WA – people I knew did the same thing moved to WA. He played on our emotions and I just knew the world was on some level was coming to an end, and we the chosen ones were going to live on….
Well, May 5th came and nothing happen. Not even an earthquake in any part of the world; it was the calmness day all around the world. I remember this because I stay on Steve Klein grounds of his house, and he came out that morning and said nothing happen, nothing in any part of the world. Ramtha has interfered- the time line had changed, his people protected us. I thought to myself mmmmmm???

I sat outside drinking red wine and thinking to myself all kinds of thoughts and feeling so confused.
Two days later – Ramtha called an event at the ranch and never mention May 5th – it was as if it never existed.
Well, it was not alright with me and it was the moment that I begin to do some real soul searching. I took the blinder off. I thought to myself – how could this person tell people for years that May 5th is doomsday!! So many of us changed our lives and moved.
I didn’t want to be a victim because I know how to manifest and have always known how to manifest, so the next week after leaving my job – I went and got another one right away.

But, I had my inner eye on Jz/Ramtha.

JZ use to have impromptu gathering at the ranch- she would send the word out that the gates are open for 2 hours to hang out with JZ – free of charge, what a surprise!!

My holy spirit made sure that I received those messages and I went – I remember one time in particular I was up very, very close to JZ. She was drinking tequila and she kept drinking, the more she was drinking, the more I saw she begin to lose it. Ramtha begin to talk and JZ begin to talk – they were the same people. There was no Ramtha, it was all JZ. I watched it very, very closely and she knew that I was reading her and watching her… Every time she called the impromptu gathering, my holy spirit made sure I was there and she would drink and get drunk and I would watch her every move… One time, she was looking at me and she knew I was looking inside of her and I knew she was reading me – so I felt that we had an understanding. She knew, I was not one of those students that had not done any inner work, I was on the spiritual path, long, long before I stumble across this school and always manifested my life- no matter what the lesson I have gone through, I always come out as a winner.

So, I was not one of her students that she could say – did not do inner work and was a victim.

What, I discovered when everyone around was passed out drunk – this Ramtha and JZ are the same and she knew that I knew. It knew, I was watching and I made no secret – I was bold in my observation.

I spent 2000 observing Ramtha every move and I observed JZ every move at her impromptu afternoon events. It didn’t take long to know that there was no Ramtha – it was the same. She maybe only had 10 at the most of these afternoon events, I think I went to 4… She knew people were starting to talk, at that time I was with a person called Eran and I remember him coming to one of those events and he said I can’t go to those events because I can’t tell the different and it bother me!! Not me, I wanted to know the Truth! I went to my Holy Spirit.

Once, I got it inside, I went to my last event it was just after Sept 11th – she sat a few seats behind me… I forget who it was on stage talking about Sept 11th. I turned around and I looked at JZ and I mentally said goodbye, she looked at me and she knew and that I knew there was no Ramtha.

I left the arena – walked the field one last time because I always got my cards on the field, I went to the void the first time in the tank, I was a winner and I was bored with her discipline and the whole Ramtha thing.

I spent 2000 researching his words and teaching - and it was not new, it was all eastern teaching and very old teaching… She did her homework and she is very good at remembering quotes – I have found verbatim the same sentences in her teaching from other teacher that were here long, long, time ago and have written books. The more research – the more knowledge I discovered nothing that I had been taught was his Ramtha teaching.

I left that event, walked the field and gave thanks to my God for my awakening – I was thankful for my ability to find cards – go to void and all of the experience that I had experienced. I left the school, left Yelm, sold all of his books, tapes and moved on…

Virginia, I am so thankful you have shared your story, love your videos and I am glad that you have moved on… Be extremely thankful!

My life is so much better and I am so much happier, the Jz/ Ramtha thing it is a part of my life I could have done without. But, it is OVER!!

I just left the school and I never expressed my feeling - I didn't express my true inner feeling to anyone there, because they did not care and when you leave the school - you are a outcase in that community!! Which I could care less!!

Please keep these sites going, people keep sharing, - people need to heal – it surely has helped me healed. I rarely post – but after reading your post, I felt the need to share my story and I am going to post my real name, I am truly free, thank God, thank God!!

Blessing always to you,

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Re: Tierney: I lived in fear, quite my job, moved to WA

Unread post by Vanilla » Sat Sep 22, 2012 11:58 pm

I am so sorry. I am , I feel for you. I do. Many here know what it felt like.

When did you see Jz drinking tequila? When and where? At event?

You feel an outcast yes. You felt like you were part of something amazing. Then it all hit you. It's not true. Jz is acting. Even if its alternate personality, channeling through, the magic is long gone from the school. These days. It is a scary place. It's about being so drunk you go to a void..called black out. Nothing masterful, nothing evolved. Just addicts to erasing reality.

So sorry. I hope all is well and bright and you learned and yes, maybe you had some good times. Take the best with you.

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Re: Tierney: I lived in fear, quite my job, moved to WA

Unread post by Ockham » Sun Sep 23, 2012 2:36 am

Hi Naturegirl! So glad to hear your said, "Good bye," to JZ and RSE way back in 2001. Thanks for posting your wisdom here. Hopefully people that need guidance will see what you've shared.

I know several people hooked on RSE, though I am not a devotee myself. I have seen very much what you've said watching my friends' entanglement with RSE. Even in my casual exposure, there is no doubt that, "Ramtha," and Knight are one in the same. On the audio CDs, I've noticed that after Knight's been rambling on as, "Ramtha," that she sometimes forgets to do the Ramtha-voice and just reverts to JZ talking. I can't imagine that nobody notices, because it is so obviously just JZ -- she's been verbally rambling so long that the subject matter becomes painfully dull, that the voice characteristics are more interesting than the content, so it sticks out like a sore thumb. I pointed out JZ's gaffe to my friends and they had an RSE-manfactured excuse to explain the problem away... something like Ramtha was giving her voice a rest, or whatever.

Yes, JZ has gotten drunk to the point of vomiting and it was reportedly shown on a live webcast. I also heard from friends in RSE that JZ peed herself. So disgraceful! That show of behavior would have sent me walking away if I were in RSE. Enlightenment, indeed! So be it.

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Re: Tierney: I lived in fear, quite my job, moved to WA

Unread post by Virginia » Sun Sep 23, 2012 7:14 am

It is never too late to post here, it helps others tremendously. Your story will have more of an impact than you know. When I first posted my story I had no idea what was about to happen. It was like an avalanche of wonderful people pouring out from everywhere, so glad to be free.

You must have been very strong to move on without the support that we have had through EMF and EE. I remember the early days and questioning myself "could I be wrong, could she be real?" Well after the hours and hours of investigation and support of some amazing people I am totally free and trying to show others a way out through the things I have come to learn.

I am so glad you have posted. It really answers my on-going questions "how could James, or staff NOT know she is a fraud". I think most of the inner circle do but a couple are just totally brainwashed. Most of the people closest to her she has in categories. The one's whose ass she kisses (usually the wealthy), the ones who she keeps at arms distance so she can continue to have them admire her, and the ones that know what she is that she pays well in one way or another to keep up the charade. Obviously if you noticed all these things so do they. This helps me to continue on blasting them as well as JZ for their collaboration.

I am so glad you enjoyed the videos. We can't forget to laugh, it is the best medicine. I look forward to getting to know you better. Thank you so much for all you have done by coming out and sharing your story.

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Re: Tierney: I lived in fear, quite my job, moved to WA

Unread post by Rooster » Sun Sep 23, 2012 6:49 pm

Naturegirl, Thank you for posting.
I am sorry you got caught up as many of us did. The early teachings had some subtance. I think it was right around 2000, the teachings really went down hill. I remember J.Z. drank tequilla, claiming she did not wine. I quess trying to show she was different then Ramtha. It was many events she had drank the tequilla Vanilla. I am not sure which ones, maybe naturegirl remembers.

I still remember in the early 90's the prancing pony inn tapes. This was about going to bars and drinking in genral. That was when drinking was considered a evil. Then all of a sudden it all changed.
I am happy you are free and saw through the game. Life definately feels free upon leaving rse. I too am so grateful to EMF.

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Re: Tierney: I lived in fear, quite my job, moved to WA

Unread post by naturegirl » Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:00 pm

Hi Virginia – you know once you leave, you are an outcast. So, to go to people and express your feeling was not the right thing to do for me because I knew there feeling.

Just because it was time for me to move on – doesn’t mean it was right for them, I discover rse in CA and made a choice to come to the school and when it was time to leave – it was my choice. Regardless of rse, I cared about the people that came into my life at rse and I wish them nothing but the best.

You wonder how I move beyond rse- I knew when I was in CA – my intuition firmly told me many, many, many times do not go to this school, and do not move to WA for this school.

But, I got caught in the Ramtha web!!!– but I always had my eyes wide open when I was attending. I was always observing and researching, I just never spoke about it to the circle of people that I was around. The main reason is because any free thinking is not permitted at rse. What jz say is law according to her people.

So, since it was my awakening – I would never impose my truth on someone else.

The first thing jz said in my first event when I attended in the 90’ -

“What I say here in this beginning retreat is my truth- it is not your truth, don’t take my words for truth – it is my truth”

Well, when she started my beginner off with that statement- I thought to myself "interesting" – let me remember this and I did, it is her truth. This teaching is her truth!!

So, while I was flying back and forth from CA for many years to attend RSE, I always remember her statement.

I have been given free will from my Creator – so I had to make the choice if I was going to accept her truth. I went to rse and listen to jz for years, just like everyone else. I traveled back and forth from CA and moved to WA in November in 99. Right before the earth was coming to an END- you know one of those prediction. :lol:

While I was traveling to WA - Ramtha decided to leave again because his people where not getting the knowledge. Then a week later, he was back and the wine ceremonies were back on.

After May 5th 2000 – I begin to remove myself from the Ramtha's web; and thought to myself “WTF” have I done, I just sold my home, left CA and move to Dupont, WA.

My intuition told me several, several, times – don’t do it- don’t do it, don’t move.

My inner spirit was begging me not to do it – but at the time the pressure of the Ramtha's web, ex- boyfriend, so call friends. I entered the web..

But, I take full responsibility for my actions – because when you go against your inner knowingness, I can blame no one but me.

So, after I realizes what I discovered and what I feel is true to me, which is my truth.

I believe without a doubt that Jz and Ramtha are one and the same that has a photogenic memory bank and stole eastern teaching and created Ramtha.

This is reason why in the beginning – the teaching stretch my mind into a new way of thinking – she brought Eastern teaching down to a level were Western could understand and Jz put a twist on it.

This is my truth.

I truly support this site and it is truly a healing place, because not everyone could have done what I did…

I do want to make this clear – just because I left the web, it does not negate the fact that I had to overcome pain and suffering from the effect that I allow myself to experience from the web.

It took me a long time to heal inside, I enter the web with my heart open and I truly did care for this person that she created called Ramtha. My feeling were genuine feeling. I am a real person with real feeling, so the part that really hurt me the most was I allowed Jz to play with my emotions. I don't care she stole teaching from the East, many teachers today steal teaching from the east. It is the emotional game she plays, this end of world nonsense, the fear factor she has been using since the conception of rse.

Fear is a a powerful emotion - she uses it like no one I have ever seem before to keep your people close to her - I don't understand her need to tell the lies and hurt people with this doomsday nonsense. The world is always going to have earthquakes worldly disaster etc, but don't use this to put fear in people. She tell them that they can't create and then tell to drink more wine, great teaching. My spirit doesn't need this type of teaching!

To this day, I do not watch her or listen to anything she has to say, I sold all my tapes, books, pictures, and gave away things. I wanted this energy out of my life. It was not healthy for my spirit on any level!! The world is too beautiful to be fearful and waiting for doomsday. What a strange teaching, but this has been the teaching - just different group of people - she played on the Japan people, emotions - just my inner feeling.

I am not angry at her; I just will never understand her desire to play with people emotions. There are real sincere people that became a part of that web, with real emotions that got deeply hurt… So, my lessons from the web – listen to your inner knowingness, I could have saved myself a lot of pain and suffering!!!

Keep this site going- it is a great healing place!


P.S. To a earlier message on the board - Yes, I did see JZ drink Tequila on stage when she would call afternoon gathering at rse.
She would send the word out in the community that the gates were open and you have 2 hours to get to a free event. Very few people attended - because it was only a two hour window... So the groups were small - she had a person that worked for her give her tequilla and she smoked cigarettes after, cigarettes. This day, she got so drunk and she start crying on stage and they stopped and Linda took her off stage because the man they called father - was there, but left doing her talk and she begin to cry and said why did he leave, he would never leave if Ramtha was talking... Anyway it was interesting to say the least - the entire afternoon open my eyes wide opened... I also witness a very aggressive behavior in that event from Linda towards a young lady.

I don't want to go there with the Linda energy... Just know that whoever is reading this post. Abuse has happen in the school, I was once slapped in the face from a red guard in the presence of another red guard, because I tap his leg and he slapped me hard in my face. I said to the person- why did you do this and he said some Ramtha bull... which made no sense, I looked at the other guard present and he said, I guess you don't tap someone one the leg.

I ended that friendship...Don't ask me who, please... Just know that my sharing is truthful and I have no reason to lie and be hurtful, it serves me no good.

I am not stupid and I know people read this site, so I need to be careful in my expressing...EE is not the web favorite place, I am sure there are spies all over this place, just my inner feeling!! This is way, I have stayed away!!

But, I support people healing and I support my own process, so this is the reason why I have shared just a little of my story!!. Just a little!!

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Re: Tierney: I lived in fear, quite my job, moved to WA

Unread post by Kelku » Mon Sep 24, 2012 7:17 am

Hello NatureGirl,
thank you for sharing your story.

As for the spies on EE.... sure, they are everywhere, also on EMF ...
It took me a while after coming out to realize that nothing would harm me....
As long as we only report what we witnessed they cannot do anything but they know that we know....
Personally I like this thought.... :lol:
“Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud.”
- Sophocles

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Re: Tierney: I lived in fear, quite my job, moved to WA

Unread post by Eddie » Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:35 am

RSE does not have any power ... just Fear Mongoling.
You are free to live in peace.

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Re: Tierney: I lived in fear, quite my job, moved to WA

Unread post by Tree » Mon Sep 24, 2012 4:01 pm

But, I take full responsibility for my actions – because when you go against your inner knowingness, I can blame no one but me.
Normally, people with good critical thinking skills as well as a developed emotional component can say this and stand upright.
The think is, when it comes to brain washing, this is not the case.

At some point, we made choices to move to Yelm and build UG's and do field work, all under the "normal" guise of taking responsibility for our actions.
Ask any person out in the "social conscious" world....Would they sell all their belongings and moved to a podunk town?
no freaking way!!

We were out of our right minds.

We made those 'choices', not in our right critical thinking mind.

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Re: Tierney: I lived in fear, quite my job, moved to WA

Unread post by Kelku » Tue Sep 25, 2012 6:44 am

Taking whole responsibility for ones actions sounds good and it's the perfect excuse for any cult leader for not being responsible for the brainwash they induce.
Critical thinking needs discernment.... but a lot of our decisions only show a lack of it.
“Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud.”
- Sophocles

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Re: Tierney: I lived in fear, quite my job, moved to WA

Unread post by Eddie » Wed Sep 26, 2012 2:41 pm

Yes, I like to think in life that I learned from all my mistakes.

But my big "mistakes" were the result that I did not consult outside councel ... because my lousy thinking was that I take sole resposibility for ALL my actions and that I am NEVER a victim.
This bogus macho thinking costs me $100K's of $$ in "business" and in "cult hopping".

Scamtha preys on this ...

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