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Unread post by forever » Tue Feb 10, 2015 11:29 pm

Fear is gone. I am waking up to LIFE! Understanding that the "magic" i experienced in beginning was within me and what i arrived with. The miracles i have experienced are not a "runner", it's from the essence and presence in my life and thoughts i call God.

Since going to RSE MANY years ago i have been on a trajectory. My own. To accomplish my own homeostasis. Sovereignty and freedom. Having made "Ramtha" my only source of input of credible information ( omg ) was very limiting and restrictive. I also had no contact with students. It wasn't until i recently went outside of it and found what at first i thought was confirmation of teachings from long ago-only to find it's the other way around. Jeez. It wasn't until i learned about (thank you) RSE international and saw the toast, an obviously drunk JZ saying, "let's toast to RSE international it's made you what you are". It offended. It pissed me off.

Many of the "teachings" are a part of my consciousness absolutely. But it's the ones about taking responsibility for ones life, yeah i know.And that we all are responsible for our life etc, create our own reality. I do not blame or credit anyone for anything in my life. Pleasant/unpleasant. It's ALL double speak from RSE and there's no consistency in what's "taught" or said. Much less PRACTICED by the evil one, beast herself. According to her own words. She's the epitome of the BEAST that "Ram" describes as image.

Something broke when i looked outside of the RSE doctrine. Like a rubber band that had been stretched as far as it could go. In the years since leaving RSE and on my own trajectory i cultivating a foundation, mine. I was making a journey. And just as i was "arriving" the rubber band connected to RSE broke. It began months ago when i came into contact with a student. That left Yelm. It's what started it. When i got an ear full. Began to investigate. It went from there.

I see it. I look at now and shake my head. It's brutal organization. To the point of CRUEL. The showers that are right out of MASH. In contrast to JZ lavish living. But an enormous wake up is selling of seats. Bring your pop corn. And the auctioning off of one on one with "Ramtha". Spiritual revolution? No, it's just a rerun of the sixties. History always repeats.

It goes on and on. It's not that EMF persuaded me of anything. But the information by documentation has opened my eyes. It's irrefutable. Not just on EMF but JZ Knight herself. Her words. Her actions. She also has a lot of competition. "Ramtha" is an era like everything else and on it's way out through implosion. Will ultimately be categorized as fiction and entertainment. Tell that the people that gave their life for what they believed is truth?

It wasn't until i got outside of Ramtha doctrine that i saw how callous, rude and brutal, arrogant "Ramtha" is. As well as NARROW. It's true. Not to mention if "humble" is defined as smearing shit all over yourself i suggest JZ demon-strate. But then she is showing all what she is about in the demon-strations of wine ceremonies.

Oh, excuse me. That's not her-it's Ramtha. And now it's not Ramtha. He left awhile back because she got corrupted by $$ and now it's his jealous alcoholic BROTHER, Ramus ( never mentioned) according to Zorra, that JZ is channeling. OMG. What INSANITY!!!! It's CRAZY! Is Zeuss going to appear? These are the gods? No thanks. And then there's Mufu and Penny Torres. A replica by design. $$$$ It's garbage.

However, the "narrow" i was talking about is the lack respect for life. Ramtha doctrine makes him/her God. Of course it isn't how it started. But then it never is-is it? Has RSE always been a sewer or is it that i am just now waking up?

To me it's the end of an era but not the end of me. Was it all just a dream that fades and disappeared in the light of day? When growth replaces the need to "believe" in someone else rather than trust my own judgement? After wading through my baggage, humanity, that made me want and need "Ramtha" is gone. I have had my life review. :)

New day. New beginning.

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I made it

Unread post by forever » Wed Feb 11, 2015 12:23 am

Song by Stevie Wonder: There's A Place In The Sun.

It's my life story. I listened to it and cry. With relief and joy.
Old now I look in a mirror and the physical beauty i once had is gone. Thank God. It brought me nothing but grief. In it's place is a free mind, heart and soul. A beautiful mind.

It's been a long hard haul but at last I found my place in the sun.

If you are not familiar with that song please listen to it. Available on you tube.

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