Bettye Johnson's letter and response

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Bettye Johnson's letter and response

Unread post by Virginia » Fri Oct 12, 2012 1:57 am

Bettye Johnson's letter and response
This is for all even if you cannot vote. IF YOU CAN FOCUS, YOU CAN HELP.

I became a Ramtha student in 1987 when I moved to the Sequim, Washington area. I was also a student of the first Beginners Event in

The Great Hall in July 1989. I Treasure all of these events and the teachings I have received and applied.

I remember – and I think this was in 1989 at a retreat and Ramtha sent us to Seattle because their city officials wanted to dump

their sludge into the Nisqually River. Sharon Rosenberg had been attempting to get this stopped before the retreat. We were sent home

and told to dress to the nines and we carpooled and chartered buses to take us to Seattle. I managed to get into the City Council room and

the students who spoke were magnificent. The Council members were about to deny us when one spoke up on our behalf and turn

It to our advantage. The council voted no sludge for the Nisqually River.

From this event, we were also told to go along the highways and the by-ways and pick up trash. I know I did on the highway between

Sequim and Port Angeles. It wasn’t too long before clubs and businesses were picking up trash. We now have the State Highway Commission

Having people to do it.

We also protested having hospital medicals to be disposed in incinerators in Yelm due to the smoke in the air. We stopped them. We also protested placing

A NASCAR race track almost in Yelm. We have had off and on issues with the Yelm City Council over water rights. Oh yes, we have accomplished much.

We have also had students who leave the school because they didn’t like some of the disciplines and founded the Enlighten Me

Freedom website. I have an idea that some thought they would get instant enlightenment without doing the Great Work and

Disciplines. One of them appears to pop up from time to time. This time, we have a newbie who is out to ‘bring down’ the RSE school.

Her name is Virginia Coverdale and she has joined the STOP group, and also the EMFs. She has been attending the Tuesday County

Commissioner open forums and blasting RSE. She also has the STOP group backing her. I attended the forum this week and heard them.

They did not like it that JZ asked Sandra Romero to speak to us on campus. I have also researched that Coverdale alleges RSE and we students are

a cult. Some years ago, a judge ruled we were definitely not a cult. She alleges the school does not have the proper permits. The STOP

People were also saying also the same thing. (Apparently she intends to continue bombarding the commissioners weekly and

perhaps they will have a lawyer take over.)

After Coverdale finished her tirade, she left. The fire department commissioner spoke and RSE has always had permits and they

are inspected periodically for any infractions. They have always received a 5 star. She also alleges the children attending are not

looked after. Child Services has looked into this and RSE is in compliance and those of us who attend can see that they have their

own teachers. I have learned that she has sent emails to the police, fire department, county and state employees, etc.

STOP, which is a branch of ALEC, spoke and called RSE a cult. They are out to take all the Democrats and replace them

with the ALEC Republicans. Barkis is one sign you will see in this area along with Randi Becker, Gary Alexander, wanna-be governor

Rob McKenna belongs to ALEC.


I am asking those of you who will focus with me at whatever time you want to have Sandra Romero District 1, Cathy Wolfe District 2

and Karen Valenzuela, District 3 to win the election. Also, instead of State senator Randi Becker, let’s see Bruch Lachney as winning

and Jay Inslee becoming governor instead of Rob McKenna.

We can also focus on the downfall of STOP and ALEC. It is much like fighting the Balrog and Gandalf standing on the bridge saying

“You cannot pass.”

I have been sent a list of YouTube videos that Coverdale and STOP have put together. Please go on line and place a

“dislike” on their site

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Re: Bettye Johnson's letter and response

Unread post by Virginia » Fri Oct 12, 2012 2:04 am

First of all Bettye, I wouldn't consider me a "newbie" I have been around the fraud JZ's Ramtha act for 25 years and in school for approx. 5 years. I have grown up drinking this Kool Aid. I am not working for Freedom Foundation, another absurd notion but I respect their principles and what they are doing for our property owners. I know them well and I know their values and we have shared information about the terrible policies of these corrupt commissioners.

As far as what I said about the children. I very specifically said (and there is video we will get to prove) that I defended the parents of RSE. I said they were lovely people who only were only doing what they thought was best for their children. However my only concern was that while they are at the ranch they have been told, and believe that Ramtha will protect them. That gives them a false sense of security that is dangerous. I stand by those remarks.

Your letter Bettye was misleading but not unexpected. It seemed innocent enough but crafted to rile up the parents of RSE. If duct tape is not good for children don't use it okay?

JZ Knight threw HERSELF into this election. People contacted me to learn about the Ramtha cult because a story was breaking that JZ donated a bunch of money to the democrats. I gave them the information they wanted. If JZ regrets being arrogant enough to think she would be taken seriously in this town that is her fault.

RSE is a cult. When the courts hear the real story and the affidavits we are compiling she has no chance.

I knew when I went to expose JZ Knight that I would lose many friends and family. I am fine with that. I have been portrayed as angry. I love my life. I am angry that JZ stole millions from some very wonderful people that I have come to know, I am angry that she pays people off, I am angry that she has caused so much misery but I am not an angry person. I am a strong person that is helping for one reason: Many are too fractured, too depressed, to suicidal to fight for themselves. Each day as they get stronger I can go back to my wonderful life and know I didn't cut and run just because it was convenient for me to do so. This has been very inconvenient, but clearly there comes a time in your life where you remain a victim or expose a fraud. I chose the latter. I will continue to hope that one day you will all see what we have come to see ..the massive fraud perpetrated by JZ Knight and handlers.

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Re: Bettye Johnson's letter and response

Unread post by preeatenna » Fri Oct 12, 2012 2:24 am

Good response, Virginia.
Where did Bette's letter appear?

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Re: Bettye Johnson's letter and response

Unread post by Virginia » Fri Oct 12, 2012 2:29 am

Sent around in an email I believe. She says they are to code, that is why they are corrupt. They know she is not so last week I asked for the SUP that shows she can even operate this business there. They haven't come up with one in three weeks. So they keep saying "fire was signed off on" yeah by the fire department that was paid 120,000 dollars. That will be investigated as well as soon as these corrupt commissioners are out. And, that was not the fire commissioner Bettye, it was Resource Stewardship who work for Romero and Wolfe and are the first ones to lose their jobs if Barkis and Rogers win this election. They are horrible.

One last thing just so she knows that Karen Venezuela is not up for re election for two more years, so when she is still there in January it wasn't because of your focus. fyi

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Re: Bettye Johnson's letter and response

Unread post by preeatenna » Fri Oct 12, 2012 2:50 am

Where would Bettye and many others be without the school? It is understandable that they feel threatened. Their whole identity would be shattered. A very sad situation that we can all identify with. It's so good to be on the other side of the ditch.

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Re: Bettye Johnson's letter and response

Unread post by Rooster » Fri Oct 12, 2012 3:14 am

I agree preeatena. I have to say ,I have been sent so many of Bettye johnsons letters from my parents. They are all brain washing bull. Just sent one tonight on a brainwashing no news video! Keeping them for documetation! Behind you Virginia!

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Re: Bettye Johnson's letter and response

Unread post by Ockham » Fri Oct 12, 2012 1:48 pm

To Bettye: as Harry S. Turman quoted:, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the Kitchen."

Judy Knight decided to inject RSE into politics, and it would be foolish to expect politics not to be, er, "political." How shocking it must be to find out there can actually be an other side when one takes a position and maybe not every everybody on the ohter side is complacent.

The Bettye e-mail is almost comical, suggesting that, 'Ramtha,' had the idea to pick up trash for highway beautification. Come on, is that really an original and enlightend idea? Anybody remember the ads from the 1970s that featured the Native American shedding a tear and admonishing us to pick up trash. This is just another example of, 'Ramtha,' purloining a well known idea that's been around for a long time. How does that relate the point anyway?

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Re: Bettye Johnson's letter and response

Unread post by ex » Mon Oct 29, 2012 1:17 pm

jz can only survive if her ramtha gig is held behind closed doors seen by a brainwashed bunch of followers. as soon as ramtha hits the public unedited the reality check which follows is too crushing. [sorry for not finding nicer words]

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Re: Bettye Johnson's letter and response

Unread post by Vanilla » Mon Oct 29, 2012 7:57 pm

I agree with you EX.

The public needs to know.

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