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Relaxing the rules - only in it for the money

Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2014 12:52 pm
by Ockham
I heard that more so-called advanced RSE programming is available for purchase if one has ever bought a beginning event. This appears to go against the old precept that devotees couldn't hope to understand Mr. Ramtha unless they purchased a bunch of expensive event programming every calendar year to, "stay current." The notion of staying current itself goes against an original statement that Mr. Ramtha was going to conduct a seven year school back in the latter 20th century for pre-destined students and that would be it.

So what what happened? Mr. Ramtha isn't such a good lecturer, and needs more time? Ask yourself why if Ramtha supposedly travels back and forth in time, why it wouldn't be known in advance how tough the teaching job would be. Why now is there no need to stay current? Suddenly Ramtha is a better lecturer and can get the point across in a single shot without needing to string people along with an endless series of expensive lectures? Which is it?

If one puts on the thinking cap, it is easy to see it is all about the money. RSE is getting more aggressive and commercially motivated to take every opportunity it can to siphon whatever cash it can out of its devotees pockets. The RSE administrators have realized the drop out rate was too high due to the stay current rule. Now RSE will sell programming to any devotee lucky enough to have a wallet not already drained dry by RSE. There wasn't anything spiritual about the decision, it was simply to allow RSE administrators to slurp up as much money as they can.