Did It bring us happiness?

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Did It bring us happiness?

Unread post by forever » Thu Feb 12, 2015 8:02 pm

Obviously much can be said about the scam. Planting the seeds of greatness, enlightenment. Unlimited capabilities. Just a thought away.

It isn't just about the "list". The proof if you will is did it-does it create happiness and joy? That many gave up to go there to be "enlightened". In reality RSE is a never ending nightmare of illusion, competition and fear. For many the never ending battle for survival until they have "manifested" their fabulous wealth.

Anyone know of anyone that went there poor and got wealthy?

Are people happier as Ramsters? Not the ones i met. How many become tyrants from the "teachings"? There isn't even basic human respect given to students.

Let's not forget about Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost? Allowing someone else/thing to use her body. Listen, i have a full plate just managing myself!

Anyone want to venture how it's gonna end?

As greedy and power hungry as she is. And the feces..abuse. Victim/tyrant i say she's gonna wait until she knows she's gonna die-and just prior to will come out and laugh in every ones face. And say something like, "after all these years with me you have learned nothing, didn't i teach you not to give your power away"? Dark.

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