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How do they get people to bypass the rational mind? This.

Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2019 6:25 am
by Xylofone
If you pay close attention to the indoctrination, they begin by declaring war on the rational, thinking mind. This happens overtly. They belittle rational thinking in every program, stating that analyzing situations is part of the human drama you want to transcend, and rational analysis has no place in a serious student's life. The deeper mind is what you want to access, and that can't be accessed through thought.

OK, that actually makes sense that the deeper mind can't be accessed through thought, but the way they set it up plays into people's tendency to over-interpret the idea that rational thinking is bad. Soon, "stop trying to analyze it and just do it" becomes the response to every concern. "Stop analyzing" is first introduced as "stop analyzing what your partner is saying and just listen." Then, it's introduced as "stop analyzing the disciplines and just do them." Finally, "stop analyzing" becomes the mantra for any question, concern, thought, and idea that calls the school's teachings into question, even innocently. If you're caught analyzing anything, you're in your monkey mind, the limited mind, and you're off track.

They make sure everyone is programmed to believe the war against the personality is also the war against the limited thinking mind that wants to analyze everything. That pesky mind is always getting in the way.

It reminds me of the way certain religious sects train members from an early age that secular texts are all false, and are not to be trusted, thereby eliminating a member's ability to take objective books seriously that look into their own belief system logically. They've already been programmed to believe any book written by outsiders is false, so at that point, even objectivity becomes invalid.