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EMF is helping people; this we know. That being true, it has served its purpose. People have left RSE or stopped themselves from even getting caught up in it beyond the early stages, from the information and support available from EMF. For this we are grateful.

We want to say a BIG THANKS to those of you who work behind the scenes, getting us resources, typing out transcripts, making lists, and being a SUPPORT SYSTEM for those in need. Your kindness and outreach to us and to others goes a long way toward helping people build their lives again, and moving on. There are far more of them that we never hear from, but whom are logged on the admin stats as readers, that are helped. We do get emails from them, even though they just don?t want to post. That?s okay.


During 2008, EMF reached new readers and posters. There are far more readers than posters, but nevertheless, the message is getting out there, all over the world; RSE isn?t all it?s cracked up to be. We?re not taking credit for that, but based on feedback we?ve received, others have reported, web info has shown, people are voting with their feet and walking away.

A few comparative statistics:

There were a number in the many tens of thousands of new Google videos that were posted and viewed, from EMF/LARSE work. They are referenced in other people?s blogs and websites, too.

Enlightenmefree.com has a traffic rank of: 842,859 and the page views at EMF have risen almost 37,000 in volume in just the last three months OF 2008. There has been a 3% increase in the number of global viewers of EMF.

Interestingly, RSE?s website has dropped in rank and in view, by almost 4,000; 4%, and it doesn?t come close to making the Top 100 Websites. Furthermore, attendance numbers at RSE have been in a significant, steady decline since 2006 onward as reported online in trend analyses as well as people talking who have observed it, too.

Perhaps the single most important event of the year: Late summer, early autumn, during a court trial, JZ admitted in a court of law, under oath, that she NEVER CHANNELED JESUS CHRIST. Was that an admission of fraud ? Was that perjury ? It was and is a major red flag for those who have the eyes to see it.

Glen Cunningham interviews are published. A student and hired staff of RSE, who left years ago, though remains as a local resident of Yelm, courageously speaks out about the wrongdoing at RSE that he experienced. Despite a few flaming arrows that came his way, *many* of the locals applauded his effort; former students and area residents. He knows he did the right thing. If anyone else is up for the task, contact EMF and we will talk to you about doing an interview.


EMF posters who are really wolves in sheep?s clothing. The register to post and dance a dance of deception with the Forum that is really just a self serving attempt at serving their own agendas. Many of the incidents along this line, during 2008, were from those who proved to be pro-RSE supporters on some level. When they?re found out and called on it, their love and light quickly morphs into vitriolic attacks to the forum and some of the people who post on it.

As a reader/poster on EMF, it might be wise to view new posters with cautious optimism until ?who they really are? becomes evident through sustained, ongoing communications that are sincere, and mutually respectful. If posters can?t respect ?agreeing to disagree? without resorting to vitriolic, condescending posts, they just aren?t honoring the posted guidelines of this forum. Agreeing is NOT required; but respectfully disagreeing, IS. Common courtesy, folks.

Over the course of the year, a handful of posters have proven they?re not EMF material, and really had no business coming on board only to slam what this website/forum are about. Spamming the forum because you?re angry about an issue is inappropriate and won?t be tolerated. If someone is upset about an issue, they can take it to the moderators. They will get a response, though it may not be to their liking or agreement. If that is the case, make your own website. This one was birthed with a vision, we have a right to uphold it, and we will do just that with no apology to those who would try to disrupt or modify our intent and purpose.


RSE students continue to die from illness, old age, instead of ascending into their body of light, without death. All the while, they hold out hope that they can be cured by doing their blue spirit body healing work. Such a high failure rate with poor accountability by Ramtha/JZ/RSE.

Many of you already know this and it has been posted before though it bears repeating:

New EMF registrants are welcome to chat with others via the message board.
* New EMF registrants do not earn the right & privilege of accessing additional functions such as private messaging (pm) for a period of time until we know they are not being deceptive. Sad that people would do this, but it happens; perhaps to be expected with a controversial subject. Nevertheless, it?s inappropriate use of EMF.
* Moderators are the only ones who have use of the ?edit? function. This has also proven necessary to preserve the integrity of the forum?s threads and keep the continuity of discussions intact as much as possible.
* We have a three year track record of doing our best to be fair to posters. There have been a few times when we have had to delete posts and also ban posters. These actions are decided with our overall guidelines in mind. We reserve the right to assess each situation based on its uniqueness and do what we feel is best and fair, given the dynamics of the situation.

* If you have been solicited, or harassed by another person/poster, please let us know so we can do our best to help resolve the issue.

Circling back to where we started, The Best, we want to say that YOU are just that; the best. To speak out, bravely post your experiences, healing your own pain of betrayal, recreating your life in a more personally empowered way so you are free of cults, mind control tactics, and the vulnerability that goes along with giving away your MIND to another, if not your heart and soul for a time, is quite the noble task. Sincerely, a radical few. Whether you lurk, read and post, stay with EMF for a short or a long while, we all appreciate the genuine efforts of those who honestly post, and who do so from their heart; one to another.

If you have feedback about EMF, please send your comments, criticisms and suggestions to info@enlightenmefree.com and we?ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The EMF Webmasters & Moderators

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Unread post by Marie » Wed Jan 07, 2009 5:17 pm

Job well done, thank you all for being here. May the EMF community continue to grow in 2009.

While my own family relations fell completely apart as a result of rse's influence -- my mother moved to Yelm, my sister no longer speaks to me, and my aunts and uncles, mom's brother and sister and their spouses have made it clear that unless I am completely on board with the rse thing in support of my mother, they have no desire to communicate with me either -- EMF and the people I have communicated with here have been a tremendous support and help fill that void. I may not post frequently, but I am always reading this board. In a weird way, it helps me still feel connected to the family I have lost.

Thanks to all.

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Unread post by Another Dimension60 » Thu Jan 08, 2009 5:18 am

Marie - I just feel compelled to say to you, from my heart to yours - she'll come home, your Mother will come home to you one day.... Meanwhile, love her and believe in her. Send her a simple I love you now and then. How hard was it for her to watch you fall down while you learned to walk; to see your back the first day you went off to school; to see your vehicles exhaust pipes as you drove away from home to live your own life.... You're in her heart and Soul; she'll come home.

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Unread post by Whatchamacallit » Thu Jan 08, 2009 5:43 am


Your story reminds me so much of Sad Grandfather; he also lost his family. It's the opposite, in a way, whereas you lost mom/siblings, he lost child/grandchildren. The pain you both carry is palpable. I'm glad that EMF is a place that helps both of you out in its own way. Never give up hope. As some of us have said before, nobody ever would have expected me (or others) to leave RSE !!!! It DOES happen !

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