govt. mind control?

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govt. mind control?

Unread post by cerulean » Thu Mar 26, 2009 6:23 pm

I was a conspiracy theory buff back in the day. I had read a bit of the government/illuminati mind control topic, and though it's been years and my knowledge of the subject has gotten fuzzy, there seems to be some congruences between that and what I have learned/heard about JZ.

Mind control a very dark subject... a rabbit hole I do *not* want to go back down, but I am curious if anyone else has done research into this related to JZ/Ramtha, and if so what conclusions you came to?

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Unread post by Whatchamacallit » Fri Mar 27, 2009 5:25 am


I'll say this ... I had a chat with a friend a little while back. Nobody on this forum, actually. The conversation came about an entirely different way. It was related to the current terrible economy. Even around that issue there is the conspiracy theory that the global financial elite are plotting and planning to take over the world. RSE had their version of that, too, as you know; the Grey Men who plan to destroy much of the world, crash the global economy, etc.

Well, this friend said to me, "What if those that work in the positions that are connected with alleged conspiracy, simply aren't about conspiracy, but belief...conviction about what they're doing? What if it's more of working out an agenda rather than it having the conspiratorial edge ?"

Is it possible that with JZ, she is intentionally aware of participating in a big "field study" of sorts ? RSE is an interesting place for garnering psychological study data. It could be studied from a number of angles, really. I know some people believe she is in cahoots with the government and RSE is a type of project for studying people.

Yes, I can understand where someone would see the correlation between what we were taught about the Illuminati and a government mind control project and how that could dovetail with RSE.

For me, that is all still an open subject. If it were proved true, I wouldn't be surprised (intentional mind control project). An experiment.

Maybe one day the truth of it all will come to light. Time will tell.

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Unread post by joe sz » Fri Mar 27, 2009 6:14 am

cerulean. I agree, good thread.

Here are some questions that may help this along.

This is from what I wrote on my website on "Cult 101":
Thought control 1. The practice by a totalitarian government as attempting (as by propaganda) to prevent subversive and other undesirable ideas from being received and competing in the minds of the people with the official ideology and policies. 2. The use of a group or institution of authoritarian techniques similar in nature and purpose to governmental thought control. (Webster's Third International Dictionary)

Mind Control. Also not in my dictionaries. However it is a popular expression that swings several ways:

1. I control my thoughts. There can be some denial of influence here.

2. Someone or something invades or controls my thought processes.

3. Group influence determines how I control my thoughts.

4. I conform my thought to beliefs defined by a group or a guru.

Which one of the 4 suggested descriptions fits what you believe "mind control" is?

Do you identify mind control with brainwashing?

Do you believe that your thoughts can be influenced by another's thoughts?


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