Ramtha ?virus? spreading?

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Ramtha ?virus? spreading?

Unread post by Caterpillar » Mon Aug 17, 2009 8:35 am

Latest PRWeb release on RSE:


From above:

?Ramtha's School of Enlightenment (RSE) (www.ramtha.com) will be visiting Israel in August as one of many stops along its Introductory Tour to expose people to the wisdom and teachings of Ramtha.?

RSE could be copying Kryon, another channeled entity who seems to be popular in Israel.

?Ramtha's School of Enlightenment is truly a growing international school today. In 2007, there were more than 6,700 students in over 60 countries.?

Only 6,700 students, is that all? JZ needs to focus more.

The article sounds too good to be true. Where is the "real" evidence including the "scientific" study on JZ?

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Unread post by gazza » Mon Aug 17, 2009 8:58 am

In 2007, there were more than 6,700 students in over 60 countries.?.

Wonder how many there are now?? 2007 must have been the peak, the numbers must have dropped otherwise they'd say how many they had now in 2009

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Unread post by Kensho » Mon Aug 17, 2009 12:59 pm

Another great post Cat and good question gazza,

May the responses from EMF members as well as what follows serve as a 'vaccine' for the virus.

QUOTE: ?Ramtha's School of Enlightenment (RSE) (www.ramtha.com) will be visiting Israel in August as one of many stops along its Introductory Tour to expose people to the wisdom and teachings of Ramtha.?

Hey Israel, do you really want/need to be 'exposed' to this disease? It is more than likely that all you will get from this Introductory session are videos of the character Ramtha and JZ's stage shows (Neither will appear in person). These edited videos will undoubtedly be intermingled with presentations that are carefully designed to delude you into adopting a sociopathic thought pattern. RSE hopes that you will then believe that only through joining RSE will you become a 'god' that has complete control over and creates reality.

Beware of the sensationalism surrounding the few students who will also likely be presented as having 'achieved' clairvoyance and ask yourself why have you not heard of these people in the main stream media. You might also carefully contemplate how these 'achievements' relate to a spiritual awakening/realization of universal love and compassion?
Do you really want to spend the rest of your life putting the latter aside while you chase after the former? That is essentially what these 'advanced students' and the followers of RSE are dedicated to.
Continuing to cherish, assist and love others is surely a more sensible approach to spiritual enlightenment. It is also a whole lot less expensive monetarily and in terms of living a precious and purposeful life.

QUOTE: Ramtha's teachings have helped thousands worldwide to overcome trauma, depression, and addiction,

Just from the posts on EMF, it would seem that following Ramtha's teachings also serves to 'create' these things as well.

QUOTE:Hailed by Time Magazine as "?the most celebrated of all current channellers,"

I haven't found that quote in TIME; but it sounds more like a paid advertisement or PR stuff coming from RSE itself.
This is also from TIME Magazine:

http://www.time.com/time/magazine/artic ... -1,00.html

From the above link
And Now, the 35,000-Year-Old Man
By CRISTINA GARCIA/SEATTLE Friday, Jan. 26, 2007

Ramtha's "teachings" seem to consist of bits and pieces taken from so-called human-potential movements like est and the pop incarnations of Zen Buddhism.

Some psychologists see the movement as consisting of those who have become disillusioned with organized religion and are seeking something to fill a spiritual void. Others see more ominous, cultlike currents in channeling and dismiss its practitioners as latter-day snake-oil sales men. "A lot of the stuff is just trite and repeated over and over again," says Carl Raschke, a professor of religion at the University of Denver who has studied the phenomenon. "I'm convinced there is some kind of mass hypnosis going on." Observes Reginald Alev, executive director of the Cult Awareness Network in Chicago: "Ramtha reminds me of a ventriloquist's act with one partner missing

QUOTE: Knight asserts that we all "have the ability for genius" and will achieve such once we attain clarity by loving ourselves.

Attaining that clarity and love is pretty tough to do when the 'teacher' and the RSE corporation make their business profits by controlling the thoughts and behaviour of their followers.
This is done through the use of many tactics but it seems that a favourite of RSE is emotional terrorism and promotion of fear (The Days To Come - the world is going to end in a cataclysmal extinction level event, so you better hurry up and become a god).
This teacher says things like 'I will take you down', 'You are going to die'; apparently to motivate RSE 'students' (victims) to this end. There is also a regular degrading of RSE followers' efforts, dedication, individuality, beliefs, and self esteem/worth through verbal, emotional, psychological and physical abuse; as related through the many posts on EMF.

The appointed teachers of RSE serve to 'help' potential followers and captivated followers along the way. They do this through the use and promotion of mis-information, NLP/mind control techniques and behaviour modification; to name a few.
Israel, these are the people who are coming to your country to 'expose people to the wisdom and teachings of Ramtha'; but what you will more likely be exposed to is RSE's disease of the mind; delusion.

QUOTE: It was Ramtha who coined the term channeling in the late 1970s

:shock: Really? Vera Stanley Alder uses the term in her books from 1938 on.

QUOTE: A stunning 84% to 90% of the students who attended those events reported that the Beginning Retreat was "the greatest week of their life, so far."

What they don't mention is that this poll is taken at the end of beginning retreat events after much 'pumping up" of the audience and before followers have had the opportunity to test what they have been exposed to, with respect to the effect on/in their daily lives.

This poll is usually led by Greg S_, who has 'training' as a motivational speaker. (Watch out for him if he makes an appearance at an event; as this 20+ years in RSE teacher, as recently as 2008 admits that he still has issues with the attitude of impatience. It is worth asking yourself why he has not overcome the attitudes associated with self grasping ignorance by now.)

Getting back to the poll, it stands to reason that if everyone else is raising their hand in agreement (The polled question is posed to be responded to like that)...it is unlikely that many would go against the flow of a pumped up crowd.

It would be more realistic to ask these same people the same question three years after their first event.
That result might be more revealing because it would give insight into the long term effect and effectiveness of what RSE claims to be teaching, promoting and achieving. After three or more years in RSE are people really healing themselves, are they wealthy, are they clairvoyant, can they do the miraculous...and how close are they to attaining god-hood? Those are the questions that are worth asking along with the expectation of getting a demonstration of any claims.

QUOTE: In 2007, there were more than 6,700 students in over 60 countries.

Those were likely the highest numbers because 'What the Bleep' was popular in 2005 and it drew a lot of people to RSE. If the average time spent in a cult is 3 years, those like me :oops: ,who went to RSE as a result of seeing that film, have probably left... or are in the process of extricating themselves from the grip of RSE's disease of delusional thought programs.

Much love,

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Unread post by ex » Mon Aug 17, 2009 5:26 pm

if the people in israel would hear the stated opinions on stage would they realy attend? like:judaisem is the religion which represent victimisation most. all the stuff about jehova. how the jews went into the land where milk and honey flows robing it from the palestinien population thousends of years ago. now just repeating history. the one and a half houer ride in a toyota compared to the 40 year travel in the desert. a sharade just like going to new orleans. hope somebody can extend the list.

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Unread post by Kensho » Mon Aug 17, 2009 9:34 pm


How about the 'teaching' regarding incarnation? The Ramtha character claims that the younger people of Israel are the reincarnations of the Germans that they killed in WWII, and that the younger people of Germany are the reincarnations of the people of Israel that participated in the killings.

That sort of thinking is so pathetically bent and twisted, that it is actually funny in a warped sort of a way. :lol:

Much love

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Unread post by voidgate » Mon Aug 17, 2009 10:18 pm

The destruction RSE causes is not as evident to people who do not get heavily involved and give it their all. They will lose a bit of money and not make risky decisions as "they aren't converted to the degree they believe they are the chosen people whom Ramtha has called to be with him (at a price). He used to say in the early years of RSE that he decided who was going to attend his school and no one would get there if he did not want them to be. There is no evidence that is true.

In there early years the prize students, amongst them Audrey Wolfe and Joe Dispenza attended almost every event. They were the examples of how to behave as sincere student. It is not known by me if these people got in for free at the time. People I personally know who gave it their all are in very hard life circumstances, or dead.

Ms. Knight has publicly opposed both of the above.

People who don't get very involved are likely to lose a bit of money and end up with nothing of value in their daily life but an emotional memory of the euphoria the arena gave them at the time.

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Unread post by Caterpillar » Tue Aug 18, 2009 4:20 am

Here is the info on the Ramtha ?virus? in Israel, summarized by Kleiner?s Korner, June 15, 2009. RSE sent its most ?contagious? teachers to Israel.


Copied from above:

?J. RSE announces that for the very first time, Ramtha's teachings will be coming to the "Holy Land" of Israel and the Middle East this August with an Introductory Evening & Workshop to be conducted by Ramtha's appointed Teachers Greg Simmons & Debbie Christie:
Free Introductory Evening in Tel Aviv, Israel - August 13th:
link here

RSE's Intro Workshop in Tel Aviv, Israel - August 14-15
link here

The Israel coordinators? website:
link here

Ramtha's White Book was translated and published by my wife Yael and is available in Hebrew: link here .?

(For the links, go to Kleiner?s Korner website above)

Here is the article ?Living: New Age Harmonies? from Time, Dec 7, 1987 that JZ LOVES to quote about herself:


Excellent article, 11 pages (first page is blank).

JZ/Ramtha was mentioned on pages 7-8:

Quote: ?Probably the most celebrated of all current channelers is J.Z. Knight, a handsome ex-housewife in Yelm, Wash??

Critics? point of view on page 10:

Quote: "A lot of it is a cop-out, an escape from reality, an anti-intellectual movement denying rationality," says Alan Dundes, a professor of anthropology and folklore at the University of California, Berkeley.?

Quote: ?Dostoyevsky said anything is permissible if there is no God. But anything is also permissible if everything is God. There is no way of making any distinction between good and evil."

Quote: ?Douglas Groothuis, a research associate at a Christian think tank? "Once you've deified yourself," he says, "which is what the New Age is all about, there is no higher moral absolute. It's a recipe for ethical anarchy. I see it as a counterfeit religious claim.?


From above RSE?s press release:

Quote: ?Hailed by Time Magazine as "?the most celebrated of all current channellers,"??

Out of the whole article, JZ only quoted ?the most celebrated of all current channelers?. She left out the first word of the sentence ?Probably? from the article on Page 7, and she failed to mention that this article was published 22 years ago in 1987! It is in the past. What a psychopath/sociopath!!!

?A Nightmare on YELM Street? indeed?

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Unread post by Kensho » Tue Aug 18, 2009 5:56 am


Does that mean its the same Dog and Pony show? Well...poke my eyes out 'cause I've seen everything!

All kidding aside, nothing about any of this is funny...even in a warped way.
I just find it all so sickening; especially with the realization that RSE will be using the same hook, line and sinker that they've been using for years...and that some people will get hooked.

What may be different this time around though is that the tour is most likely motivated and presented purely by and for the RSE Corporation and its investors, rather than by the greed of Judith.
In fact, her personal absence from a 'first time' tour of this area seems to indicate that she is having 'others' test the waters before jumping in herself.

It's just sad and pathetic to see what happens to a person when both greed and fear possesses them to this degree. I feel sorry for you Judith; just as I do for all of those that you have, and will infect with your disease.

What an unnecessary tragedy for the human spirit to endure.

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Unread post by ex » Tue Aug 18, 2009 9:29 am

thanks for brilliant research. i dident read all of the times articel but shierly mc lain schould sue jzr for all the copycat [on selfsufficency and spiral energies]or did she learn trosion field stuff from ramtha as a former student? does it hurt jzr that you get mentioned as 'probably' and far down the line after your competition even when you created channeling ? 1987 eh? nothing new at rse just the fleeced students are exchanged. everything else is ancient.

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Unread post by Caterpillar » Tue Aug 18, 2009 12:21 pm


From above article in Time (1987), Page 4:

Quote from Shirley MacLaine: ??says MacLaine? I want to turn a profit with this so I can build another center and another. I want to prove that spirituality is profitable."

Could this be the reason why JZ is no longer friends with Shirley?

From page 7:

Quote from Jach Pursel (Lazaris): "Lazaris is so popular," he says, "that, yeah, a lot of money gets made." But Pursel makes his real money as an art dealer??

Another similarity. JZ is also into some kind of art.

Unfortunately, people that are seekers or believers may buy into the Ramtha ?delusion?. Skeptics (if they even attend the event) would find the teachings ludicrous similar to science fiction or fantasy.

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The "reality" in Israel might be too much for Judi

Unread post by Kensho » Tue Jan 12, 2010 10:34 am

Judith as JZ or the Ramtha character won't be going to Israel after all...
It looks like the card/roulette stuff that is on the RSE website will be presented instead.


Israel Campaign Changes

An important change to the Israel Campaign Event was necessary to be made at this time, as it is seen, after much thoughtful contemplation and careful consideration.

The event will continue to go on but as a Beginning Retreat instead, conducted by Ramtha's most senior appointed Teacher.

Students will have an in-depth opportunity to learn the fundamental teachings and mechanics to create the remarkable wonders and miracles in their lives that Ramtha teaches.

We welcome and invite everyone to join our School for the first-time ever Beginning Retreat in Israel! The foundation of this event is based on the exciting breakthroughs our students and Ramtha's appointed teachers have demonstrated in 2009.

Register For The Beginning Retreat Online

JANUARY 28 ? 31, 2010

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Unread post by ex » Tue Jan 12, 2010 2:44 pm

probably greg simons because he can lie there, that remarks of ramtha has never been made:like the jews are the biggest victims. they made a journey which takes half an houer with a tojota truck and needed 40 years. the jews went acording to the bibel into the land where milk and honey flows and robed it from the people which lifed there and murdered every women and children .[the nowadays palestiniens]. jzs joke were she teached the jews of new yorck in her blood and told them to go for a burger on their sabbath.of course this is all not part of rams teachings. its only the crapp she states on her holy ground in yelm.

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No show

Unread post by Caterpillar » Tue Jan 12, 2010 3:57 pm

Judith is up to her old tricks.

Advertising ?Ramtha? could be a marketing ploy to boost sales.

Plus JZ/Ramtha cannot demonstrate the teachings/disciplines.

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Unread post by G2G » Tue Jan 12, 2010 7:01 pm

Would like to see them all going through the airport security in Israel and explaining the purpose of their visit and showing photographs of their visit. I just don't think airport security in Israel is going to be amused. jmo
"I never really understood religion - it just seemed a good excuse to give" - Ten Years After circa 1972

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Unread post by ex » Wed Jan 13, 2010 1:52 am

it might be too risky for her peorsanally to go.[chrimas plainattack] but a armyleader has his generals and footsoldiers to send out. doesent have to risk his own live. carfull consideration?-just do it?-determin your own desteny? doesent realy fitt together.

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Unread post by G2G » Thu Jan 14, 2010 3:39 am

Oh yeah, that's right. I remember Greg telling us the story of his stopping turbulence on one of his cross country flights. Uh, yeah. Go back Jack, and do it again. :roll: :roll: :roll:
"I never really understood religion - it just seemed a good excuse to give" - Ten Years After circa 1972

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theosophy's anti-semitic bugaboo

Unread post by joe sz » Thu Jan 14, 2010 5:43 am

RSE in Israel poses a host of problems IF they make the news there. Israel has been tough on "sects" settling there, eg Scientology. Yet some have managed to find limited acceptance [for example the Black Hebrews: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Hebrew_Israelites
Main article: African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem

"Ben Ammi Ben Israel (Ben Carter from Chicago) established the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem in Chicago, Illinois, in 1966. In 1969, after a sojourn in Liberia, Ben Ammi and about 30 Hebrew Israelites moved to Israel.[17] Over the next 20 years nearly 600 more members left the United States for Israel. As of 2006, about 2,500 Hebrew Israelites live in Dimona and two other towns in the Negev region of Israel, where they are widely referred to as Black Hebrews.[43] In addition, there are Hebrew Israelite communities in several major American cities, including Chicago, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C.[44]"
I met with several ex-members of the above group on a show on Black Entertainment TV in the mid 1990s.

But the main problem is Ramtha's ideological and philosophical connection to Blavatsky's Theosophy wherein a host of antisemitic sentiments exist. It is no surprise that Nazism was inspired by Ariosophists who borrowed a lot from Blavatsky's 'Secret Doctrine'.

The key to this complex connection is in Gnosticism which influenced Blavatsky greatly and has been identified with RSE as a "Gnostic School" by Jim G Melton in his book on Ramtha.

Gnostic myth identifies "Yahweh" [aka Jehovah] as a fallen deity that created the physical universe as a mistake, thus polluting the "pure light" or Pleroma from which creation emanates. [The Gnostic creation myths are forms of emanationism.]
Theosophy and Gnosticism are antagonistic by default with the entire old testament or Torah based on this "fallen god's" influence.

Send the Israelie press a transcript of the Jehovah tape by JZ/R and see how they react (after falling out of their chairs laughing) :lol:

joe sz
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black sun

Unread post by joe sz » Thu Jan 14, 2010 5:53 am

This book by Goodrick-Clarke will give you all you need to know re theosophy and Nazism

http://www.icsahome.com/infoserv_bookre ... acksun.htm
Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity

Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke

New York: New York University Press, 2002, 371 pages. $29.95. ISBN 0-8147-3124-4.

Reviewed by Joseph P. Szimhart

Black Sun by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke is about the proliferation of fascist ideology in post-war culture, especially since 1990. Goodrick-Clarke (Hitler's Priestess, The Occult Roots of Nazism) is no stranger to this unsavory topic of contemporary Hitler cults that mix revisions of Theosophy (Ariosophy), Satanism, Hinduism, and racism.

The author, one of the best historians of the roots of Nazism and its post-war tentacles, weaves in and out of occult beliefs and myths without falling prey to exaggeration or fascination. But Goodrick-Clarke left me a little uneasy. He begins his survey with the origins of American neo-Nazism and takes us through the labyrinth of extreme right-wing groups in Europe and the United Kingdom that include black-metal bands as well as active anarchist movements. He describes the most influential leaders and writers, from George Lincoln Rockwell to Julius Evola, Savriti Devi, Wilhelm Landig, and Miguel Serrano. Black Sun ends with a chapter about conspiracy beliefs and the New World Order. Here, Goodrick-Clarke describes the neo-fascist fear of a liberal, Jewish, Illuminati network that includes aliens in spaceships, with Jan van Helsing and Bill Cooper (Behold a Pale Horse) as two of the prominent although nutty theorists.

The book?s title reflects a favorite symbol among neo-fascists who often fail to find common ground in a patchwork movement of anarchists, occultists, and arch-conservatives who today avoid overt use of the tainted swastika. The cover features a black sun disk with a Sig rune slash underneath. The author tells us that some Nazi pilots toward the end of the war in 1945 painted the black sun symbol on their aircraft. The black sun had significance as the primal source of life and power, harking back to Blavatsky?s Secret Doctrine, which proto-Nazis mined for esoteric information. Erich Halik, a Swiss engineer and a member of the Vienna circle of Fascists surrounding Wilhelm Landig (1909-1997), was the first to link the ?Black Sun? roundel insignia with the esoteric SS. ?The alchemical metaphor of sol niger [black sun] was said to represent occultation, blackening, a sinking into the mystery of self-discovery,? writes Goodrick-Clarke.

I got the impression from this book that neo-fascists have blurred the lines between their agendas and those of the New Age movements that also wish to transform the self and the world with magic, self-realization, and global transformation. We learn that what distinguishes most fascist groups is their Futuristic (i.e., Filippo Marinetti?s Futurism, which had great effect on Mussolini) bent to turn to war and violence as purifying agents of change before a better world can arise from the ashes, Phoenix-like. The belief is that the ?Supermen? of the white race will remain to rule. Goodrick-Clarke mentions that Charles Manson and his followers also believed in violence and a race war as a way to a more perfect world.

In the chapter, ?White Noise and Black Metal,? we learn that radical, hard-core rock music bands that include Slayer, Satanel, Venom, Mayhem (and more than 60 others in Germany alone) have developed a significant following of skinhead and fringe radicals who revere variations of Nazi philosophy. The author connects the two 18-year-olds who slaughtered 12 students and one teacher in 1999 at Littleton, Colorado to neo-Nazis. The killers chose 20 April, Hitler?s birthday. Their favorite singer was Marilyn Manson, a transvestite, shock rocker who combines elements of Charles Manson, Goth style, and idiosyncratic depravity on stage. One of Marilyn?s songs is ?Anti-Christ Superstar,? which reflects neo-Nazi revulsion for weak Christians who would turn the other cheek. A new wave of white power, shock rock appeared in the final decade of the twentieth century in Norway, headed by Euronymous and its demented lyrics. ?Very shortly (early 1990s) these fantasies of slaughter and apocalypse were followed by genuine mayhem with suicides, feuds, and murders,? reports the author.

More interesting to me are chapters about the influential theorists:

Savriti Devi (1905-1982, aka Maximiana Portas), who wrote extensively about her theories of Aryan origins in an ancient Arctic culture. Devi borrowed heavily from B. G. Tilak, who wrote The Arctic Home in the Vedas (1903). Devi, a Hitler devotee who saw him as an Avatar in the Vedic model, is influential among current white-power radicals, despite her Hindu leanings. Goodrick-Clarke wrote an extensive study of Devi in his book Hitler?s Priestess: Savriti Devi, the Hindu-Aryan, Myth and Neo-Nazism.

Miguel Serrano, who developed an esoteric Hitlerism with more anti-Semitic mythology. Serrano borrowed heavily from Gnostic myth to create a sinister agenda throughout Jewish history. ?For Serrano, the Jew is but the concrete manifestation of the antagonist in a cosmology structured by the battle of opposing archetypes.?

Francis Parker Yockey (1917-1960), who committed suicide while in FBI custody after a career as a neo-fascist agent throughout Europe and America. Yockey wrote Imperium (1948), a voluminous account of Western heritage that approves of anti-Zionist efforts.

Earlier, I mentioned that I was uneasy with this book. Primarily, I find it disturbing to learn that so many hate groups thrive today. I can sympathize with the author?s warning and purpose that he writes at the end: ?From the retrospect viewpoint of a potential authoritarian future in 2020 or 2030, these Aryan cults and esoteric Nazism may be documented as early symptoms of major divisive changes in our present-day Western democracies.? Warning noted, but I found too much information to digest at one read, despite my familiarity with the topic. I am not convinced that Nazism is the future threat that it once was. But the author does segue into 9/11 and the Islamic militant attack on New York City as another symptom of a ?clash of civilizations? with a continuance of the hatred for Jews and Western, Christian cultures.

And this is the main point of the book: There is a persistent dark or shadow side of our humanity that, for whatever reason, chooses to destroy what it dislikes rather than attempt to resolve the differences. I recommend Black Sun as a compelling read.

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Unread post by ex » Thu Jan 14, 2010 7:30 am

the sig run is the aquvalent of s. ss means Schwarze Sonne. wich is translated: black sun.

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