JZ Knights "terpetiion" of Quantum Mechanics

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JZ Knights "terpetiion" of Quantum Mechanics

Unread post by denotes » Tue Dec 11, 2012 5:47 pm

Watching "What the bleep do we know" is challenging on every level. Some of the people interviewed profoundly relate a new way of looking at the material world and have the background and grey matter to back up their thesis.

JZ Knights intermittent appearances tank the films chances of reaching a broader audience. Everytime she opens her mouth, she mangles not only the English language but every concept she attempts to discuss.

I understand the film's creator is/was a follower of JZ Knight. My guess is he capitulated to pressure from JZ to include her silly ass in the film and thus raise her profile and credibility by associating her lunatic mumblings alongside the deeply coherent musings of serious thinkers.

Epic fail on that count as she comes acroll like a total loon with malapropisms popping out of her mouth every other word such as
"terpetation" where she meant to say interpretation and fun phrases like "wonderful wacky weird world of quantum particles"

Does anyone know this Will Arntz guy and is he still involved with JZ and RSE? My guess is he is either gone or more deeply embedded because she had to have been profoundly jealous and greedy around the success of that film.

Anyone know Will or what his current standing with JZ is?


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Re: JZ Knights "terpetiion" of Quantum Mechanics

Unread post by Ockham » Tue Dec 11, 2012 8:08 pm

I don't know about Will Arntz and the current association (or lack of) with JZK Inc, and/or RSE.

Relly, the whole Whate the (bleep) movie is a truck load of hogwash form beginning to end. Hardly anything in the movie is substantiated, such as the make believe stuff about the inhabitants of the West Indies couldn't see Columbus' ships becuase they had never experienced a ship before - and somehow a witch doctor was able to feel the vibrations caused by the ships' wake and then zap everybody else into seeing the boats. Really? Maybe the Apollo 11 astronauts had the same witch docotor on board so that they could see Earth when they were coming back from the moon - becuase nobody had ever expienced Earth from outer space before. Good thing the astronauts were able to see our planet in order to get back!

The attempt at a Warner Brothers approach to neuroscience with the dancing molecules toward the end of the film is really awful. To be frank, I've watched that passage a number of times and I am still not sure excatly what point the director is trying to make. That we feel desire as a result of brain peptides? Is that really supposed to be some sort of cutting edge science? They don't exactly come out and say that if you wish really hard, somehow your perfect mate materializes, but I think that's what they're pushing toward a la, The Secret.

What the (bleep) is really a dreadful film on so many levels. You're right, the interview footage with Judy Knight really doesn't add anything. Kinght spouts some new-agey aphorisms that don't really seem to have much to do with the context of the film. I suppose Judy Knight was probably bank rolling the movie, so she could demand some face time, and the director made the best he could of Knight's mumbo-jumbo. The other interviews with people who really do know something are butchered to the point of being meaningless. The computer graphics are fairly nice ... see I could find at least one good thing to say about the film.

I got the impression that What the (bleep) is supposed to essentially be an info-mercial for RSE designed to be shown at regional meet ups to prime potential students interest in the RSE brand of metaphysics and send them packing to Yelm.

In a word, Yuck!

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