Phillip Anderson Nobel Prize winner and physics

There are those who don't believe this study was a credible work. What do you think? Why?
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Phillip Anderson Nobel Prize winner and physics

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JZ's misuse of 'quantum physics' has been a real laugher among anyone that grasps what particle physics entails.

Here is a good read from Prof Anderson who addresses that fact that you cannot go to a reductionist view of a human being as a "bunch of quarks and electrons" and determine human behavior from that. He wrote about this in 1971. ... 9814350133
A running thread through several essays is Anderson's criticism of ultra-reductionism in science which is reflected in the title of the book, "More and Different". Anderson's basic viewpoint is that more is not just quantitatively but qualitatively different from less. In 1972 he made a splash by discussing in an article in Science magazine how "higher-level" sciences are based on their own fundamental laws which cannot be reduced to physics. In the book he details this philosophy through several examples from physics, chemistry, biology and psychology. He does not deny the great value of reductionism in the development of modern science but he incisively explores its limits.
- See more at: ... 3AL4r.dpuf

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