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Posted: Sat Aug 09, 2008 12:12 am
by David McCarthy
These instructions were given out to RSE members
October 2001.
These teenagers may participate with wine during the ceremonies according to the stipulations of the Consent Form as long as it is signed by their parent(s) only and the parent must be in attendance at that event. This form will be effective for the remainder of the current year and be renewed each year.

Ranch Rules
• Nonparticipation: All students are expected to participate fully in the disciplines for their group as set out by Ramtha.
• Wine Drinking: You may only drink wine when Ramtha toasts. Do not drink in between Ramtha's toasts. Do not try and "catch-up" if you were out of your seat at the time of a toast.
• Intoxication: If the staff has an indication that you may be intoxicated at any time during which there is no wine ceremony or when you arrive at the Ranch for an event, you will be required to take a breathalyzer test. If you fail the test, by the monitor indicating a measurement over the legal limit, the consequences are as follows:

• First Incident - You will be sent home with a friend or cab and will miss that day or evening's event. If you are sent home via cab service, you will be required to reimburse JZK, Inc. for the cost of the fare.
• Second Incident - If you are intoxicated during an event at a time when there is not a wine ceremony, you will be sent home with a friend or cab and will be out of the event with no refund. You must also then miss the next evening event with Ramtha.
If you arrive at registration intoxicated, you will be sent home with a friend or cab and miss that day or evening's event. You must also then miss the next evening event with Ramtha.
• Third Incident - In either case, you will be sent home with a friend or cab missing that day
or evening's event and you will not be allowed to attend any events except your mandatory
events for six (6) months. At that time, you may write a letter requesting to be reinstated to
attend optional events.
Please consider that if you are required to leave for one day during a mandatory BC event, you are out of that BC event and out of Blue College.
• Stage: The stage is off limits. No one is allowed on the stage unless Ramtha invites you there.
• Knives: No knives are allowed in the Arena at any time. If your food preparation requires cutting/slicing, you must do so prior to coming to the arena for the wine ceremony.
• Garbage Bins: Please dispose of your trash from the wine ceremonies in the following manner: Bins with Liners for trash items, Bins without Liners for wine bottles only, and Dispensers for corks only.
• Drugs: No drugs of any kind are allowed at the Ranch except for prescription drugs that have been prescribed to you personally. If anyone is found with drugs, they are out of the event and potentially out of school permanently with no refunds. Drugs will not be tolerated.
• Pipe Tobacco: Only regular pipe tobacco is permitted when smoking your pipe at the Ranch. There will be no use of any herbs or combinations thereof that you might normally use at home. If you can't adhere to this policy, then do not smoke your pipe here.
• Physical Violence: No one is allowed to verbally or physically abuse another student on the Ranch for any reason. You will automatically be removed from the event and potentially from school permanently if found doing so. If you have been drinking at the wine ceremony, this will not be allowed as an excuse. You are required to take responsibility for all your actions at the Ranch regardless of the discipline you are involved in. If you are removed from the event, you will not receive a refund.
• Soliciting: No one is allowed to sell any products and/or services on the Ranch during an event or registration.

RSE Wine Ceremony Policies Regarding Minors:

NO one 12 or under is allowed to participate in the wine ceremonies. During wine ceremonies, designated children's sections are off limits to anyone who is not a parent or guardian responsible for a child during that ceremony.

• Ages 0-5
During the entire ceremony, this age group and their parent or guardian must sit in the baby section. There is no wine allowed in this area.
• Ages 6-12
During the entire ceremony, this age group and their parent or guardian must sit in their designated section. There is no wine allowed in this area.
• Ages 13-20 WITHOUT a parent
No one 13-20 without their parent is allowed to participate with wine during ceremonies. These teenagers must be seated in a separate area of the Arena designated for those teenagers for the entire ceremony.
• Ages 13-20 WITH a parent
These teenagers may participate with wine during the ceremonies according to the stipulations of the Consent Form as long as it is signed by their parent(s) only and the parent must be in attendance at that event. This form will be effective for the remainder of the current year and be renewed each year.
We must have a copy of the teenager's birth certificate or other legal document memorializing the parents' status on file along with a copy of the parents' driver's license or passport. These are to determine the legal parent(s) and need only be submitted once, as we will keep these on file.
These teens must come with their parentis) to the registration window to get banded. If a teen comes to the window without their parent, they will get a "Youth Band" and will not be allowed to participate in the wine ceremony. There will be no changing bands. No exceptions.
If a child 13-20 years does not follow the rules, the matter will be discussed for a procedural decision (i.e., being dismissed from the event and/or the school). This decision will apply to the parent or guardian and the child.
A procedural decision will also apply to anyone (who is NOT the parent) found giving wine to any student under 21.
Any dismissals do not constitute either a refund or a prorated refund.
RSE October 2001


Posted: Sun Jan 18, 2009 5:37 pm
by California Dreamin'
I copied the following text from the thread re Attorney General Complaint Letter. My thinking is that anyone new to this forum might gloss over the AG Complaint Letter thread and miss this crucial input concerning Wine Ceremonies.
Wine Ceremonies ‘ ‘Education’

For quite a few years Ramtha gave presentations called ‘Truth Teachings.’ I was absent during these years but I did hear about them from others and observed some of the effects amongst the students. I have also heard restricted CD recordings (available to some students) where the audience and Ramtha were very drunk.
During these years Ramtha recommended smoking pipe tobacco to benefit the neurological configuration of the brain and also the drinking of red wine for a similar purpose. A video presentation available to the public confirms this. The video series is called ‘The Two Paths’ and was available from RSE. At times the smoke was so thick in the arena that it looked like a bushfire. I would consider it a health hazard. I heard recently that children were smoking pipes at these events right alongside the adults. Ramtha left it to the parents to decide if they should. I was unaware that in the USA it is unlawful for children to smoke if they are under 17 years of age. In Australia it is not the case. An ex student told me recently that he saw a three year old child smoking a pipe at the home of a student. The smoking, at events, suddenly stopped when J.Z. Knight was diagnosed with a lung condition.
The Truth Teachings were sort of like confession with copious quantities of red wine. Ramtha would single people out and expose their darkest secrets’things like adultery and ************ Children were present in the audience. He would address such issues for hours and the whole audience was under the influence of substance abuse.
I know someone who is still reeling from the emotional impact she received when Ramtha singled her out for exposure (this is years later). I have personally witnessed ‘advanced’ students get inebriated regularly on huge quantities of red wine in their homes. They were quite aggressive and abusive. Students opened liquor stores in town and other existing stores stocked up. I have a friend that got a second DUI (she was a non drinker prior) and she is still attending AA classes two years later. It has cost her a fortune. Students at events have been told to monitor their partner’s glass (the person sitting next to them for purpose of discussion) to make sure they had the right size glass and that they drank what was stated. The amount was about three to four glasses. They were told they had to drink it.
Another friend attended one of theses classes. She was a non-drinker. Most of these ‘teachings’ occurred at classes for advanced students. Recently however there was a Truth Teaching at a beginner’s event in July 2006. This is described in the post above. Apparently Ramtha and some of the students at this event were drunk.
Ramtha has also used foul language frequently at events for some years.

The following is a description I received from a friend who participated in a couple of Boktau events. A Boktau is a class that lasts for one month.

The students were so drunk from "wine ceremonies" that there were actually pedophile instances....drunken men who were caught attempting, or actually molesting children. It is unlikely that students, or staff ever called the police. Students are very "secretive" about the teachings and after all they have signed the gag order that they must no divulge what occurs at the events because it is "sacred".
There was a bonfire set up outside and "toasts" with red wine went on for a few hours. After it was over people got ill and started throwing up all over the place. They were endeavouring to stumble back to the arena. Later the arena was filled with the stench of vomit.
There were accidents....broken legs and other injuries and a couple of people ended up in the emergency room. Lots of people were up sick and crying all night.
One of the staff accidentally ran over someone with a pickup, or golf cart. They were using the pickup to carry those who could not make it back to the arena.
Children were not allowed at the wine ceremony then (it implies they were comments). They were in the arena with one of Ramtha's appointed tutors. Then all the drunken people came back to the arena and the children saw all of that.
At later events when the pipe smoking began many young children had their own pipes at all events and smoked with the adults It was left to the parents to decide if their children should participate in the pipe smoking.
Supposedly the staff at the time was supposed to have their own separate wine ceremony and were not supposed to participate in the main one.

Here are some descriptions of attendance at Truth Teachings. The top three postings are from FACTNet. The writer uses the name Whatchamacallit. The last posting is from Google groups.

1. From what I've heard and some of what I've seen, the Wine Ceremonies would alternate between drinking wine, Ramtha teaching, and then reaching a point where everyone was so plastered, at which time the "teachings" became the "truth teachings" and "he" would start singling people out, in the audience, and saying all sorts of things about them, to them, or eliciting responses/confessions, from them. I'm talking PERSONAL things that would shame most people. Deeply personal sexual issues of all types; (rape, incest, masturbation, pedophilia, drugs, thievery, etc, etc).

2. I have heard many times, that the dancing/drinking led to many sexual interactions of all combinations of genders; babies were born; and someone I know, awoke from a drunken stupor to pain on their leg...because some "couple" was upon her leg, unaware, and guess what they were doing’ This person awoke to see that and isn't over it yet. The person was unable to even speak about it for many months

3. Not long ago, I treated myself to an evening event in early December. Christmas with Ramtha. I was so excited as I have only attended VERY few of that particular event, having to travel across the country to attend only one evening event. That's an expensive event. It had been talked about by "Ramtha", and all students were encouraged to attend and be with The Ram for Christmas. I told the hubby I was going to go. I did. I was SO excited about a beautiful evening, in celebration of a sacred holiday.
Yeah, right.
"Ramtha" came out to the stage and did a fairly short talk and then started in with the Wine Ceremony (WC).
It went on almost ALL night long. I think it ended around 3 - 4 a.m...closer to 4. I sat down near the stage, by the wall, and observed far more than I needed to see.

My Christmas gift to myself gained me the following:

I witnessed people near me vomiting into bags.

I witnessed people, in drunken states, barely able to walk, trampling other's belongings, and stepping upon food (to eat when you drink your wine, you know !), and the food went flying up in the air and rained back down all over everyone's things. A full cup of wine went flying and rained on me. I look good in the color red. :::sigh:::

I witnessed a verbal conflict between a student and a staff person, that came very close to a physical fight. Threats were made.

I had a very, very large woman, fall upon me from her drunken stupor. I'm a little lady. She sang incoherent songs in my ear, for at least a half hour. I was silent. And stunned. She started an argument with staff, as she got up and approached the stage, where she was stopped since Ramtha was up there. This woman wanted to see him or talk to him. I don't recall the details any more.

I did drink SOME wine. I'm not a drinker. Never was, don't plan to ever be. Mostly, I sat in one position, with a full view of the entire arena, and I watched in disgust.

I saw dancing going on that was clearly what you would expect to find in a bar scene.
I went to the bathroom and was "hit on" by men, and by women. I ignored them.

I saw staff go running out the back doors, after suddenly coming to attention (they were drunk, too), and speaking to one another in their earpieces. Something was clearly going on that was not okay, outdoors. There was an urgency.
Ramtha had a few derogatory comments for some of the audience once everyone was drunk. Common Wine ceremony practice on his part.
1 a.m., 2 a.m., 3 a.m., people were walking out. The dancing went on and on and on. Frankly, I was bored and I am not prone to boredom. And disgusted. And disappointed.
I finally got up, went to my car, loaded up my things, and figured it's over. Then, I heard the music stop. I thought, well, I will just go back and see what the announcements are, because the event must be over now that the music has stopped.
I go back in and there is Ramtha on the stage ! "He" talked on and on about something.
Then, we were released.
I cried all the way home on and off in the airplane. I had to hide my face from anyone . You know how close together people sit in an airplane!!! I was ashamed that I had silent, hot tears running down my face, but I couldn't stop them. My pain and disappointment from that disgusting event, that had NOTHING whatsoever to do with CHRISTMAS, overcame me.
For this, I traveled across the country, for a CELEBRATION of a major holiday’
Merry Christmas. Or something like that.

4. This is the only writer I do not have personal communication with. It supports other information.

From: Greg Barber - view profile
Date: Tues, Feb 24 1998 12:00 am

Ramtha and Ramtha's School of Enlightenment - their biggest secret
The "wine ceremony".
Anyone interested in pursuing Ramtha's teaching should be aware you will
be asked to participate in a "wine ceremony", before you move to the
advanced group. This ceremony involves downing a bottle of wine and
"dropping your veils" presumably for some kind of emotional cleansing.
Ramtha will drink from 3 to 4 bottles himself during a ceremony. Poor
JZ!! Is she channeling or is she possessed’ A lot of people puke their
guts out. Lots of hangovers down at the Ranch these days. Do not go to
this school if you have a problem with substance abuse. Ramtha will
tell you to drink wine, because it opens up your brain. This is
This debauchery is bizarre in the extreme, and places all of Ramtha's
teaching in question. The fact that these wine ceremonies are _very_
frequent and secret(sacred’), is the absolute truth.
So now you know!
I attended this school for 3 years and left for the above reason. If
anyone else has left this school for a similar reason I would be
interested in your story.


Re: RSE Rules and WINE CEREMONY POLICIES October 2001

Posted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 5:54 am
by David McCarthy
Regarding the 'RSE Wine Ceremonies'

Can anyone confirm if they took place during an RSE beginners event?



Re: RSE Rules and WINE CEREMONY POLICIES October 2001

Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:48 pm
by Ruby
I was a “World Tour Student”, until I left RSE after my first and last visit to Yelm.
My beginners retreat was in Italy - Sportillia, 2002.
A wine ceremony was held with beginning and advanced students together in the hall in Sportillia.

Re: RSE Rules and WINE CEREMONY POLICIES October 2001

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2014 5:38 am
by David McCarthy
Thank you Ruby :idea:
Welcome to EMF


Re: RSE Rules and WINE CEREMONY POLICIES October 2001

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2014 6:22 pm
by Rooster
Hi Ruby, welcome to EMF. I am glad you found us!

Re: RSE Rules and WINE CEREMONY POLICIES October 2001

Posted: Sun Jan 11, 2015 2:28 pm
by Kelku
Hi Ruby,

welcome** :D

So we did the same beginning event in 2002.... we came a long way then.
All the best,