The Ramtha Project

What experiences led to your opinion that RSE is, or isn't, a cult ? Address issues; no flaming tolerated.
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The Ramtha Project

Unread post by David McCarthy » Sun Oct 27, 2013 8:58 pm

I have agreed to post this information titled 'The Ramtha Project' unedited with anonymity to its author/s.

What is written here I cannot prove as fact, after all... this is the nature of the beast.
I will add this much…
We have touched upon the possibility that RSE is a covert mind control program, that JZK is a pawn within a greater ‘network’.
Although I prefer to steer EMF away from conspiracy theory debates in order to focus attention on more solid ground to recover our hearts and minds from RSE' with its diabolical entrapment and fallout .
I absolutely believe RSE utilizes to great effect ‘mind control methods’.
I also believe that approaching this question go hand in hand if we are to fully understand and heal from the harm caused by RSE
and its deadly methods that has destroyed the lives of many kindred spirits, and how ‘if possible’ to fully expose this cult and shut it down.
We do well to explore all possibilities with an open mind.....
But first placing a burly bouncer at our door called CT 'critical thinking' if we are to make safe headway through these unchartered waters.
This I have no doubt….
if you have attended RSE.... you have been subjected to covert mind control.
The purpose and instigators of this premise we can freely explore on this thread.
However...don't be offended if CT taps you on the shoulder.... 8)

Thank you Alpha/Omega

The Ramtha Project

Note: The below information has been condensed, mildly written with the intent of stressing ‘key points of information’. A more in-depth study and evaluation exists.
JZ Knight is treated in same regard as the RSE students.

JZ Knight is a mind-control subject. The school is a test center on a massive scale.
Those that don't meet the 'game criteria' are honed on, used as examples, in order to trigger or enable others to excel and become "perfect subjects". The controllers want the best performers for their studies.

The first commands that are 'in-bred' are:

1. You will respect.

2. You will comply.

3. If not, you will be dealt with accordingly with fear, with embarrassment (eg. such as being pushed with admission of guilt.)

4. You will be rewarded with attention if you obey.


The great campaign is to render humans to eventually denounce their moral humanity. Love, humility, compassion, forgiveness, CONSCIENCE (etc.): These human traits in form of virtue are considered 'weak', unsuitable, and distractions for the programmers/controllers.

The primary directive is to push a student to exhaustion by whatever means, to provoke their brains to work over time, with the intent of having the subjects 'awaken' potentialities of various kinds. (Stress is a key ingredient.)

If potentialities (Example: Remote viewing, telepathy, et cetera) emerge, the student is compensated. If not, the student is used and programmed for 'menial tasks', such as rendering the establishment (school) with monies; assisting with propaganda, etc.

Students that perform without resistance, are first screened, then given an opportunity to join within the more elaborate structure, such as (eg.) becoming a worker. Other students are rewarded in different ways.

When this stage of the game arrives, the profiles of these students are well documented in a nice file cabinet, under lock and key. They have become the 'school elite' (or rather, the programmers’ elite). Having gone down the rabbit hole to such a profound extent, they don't see any hope of back tracking, so they just continue to play along. Their greatest fears are not to end up with the "losers" that were honed on and weakened.

The students that have been 'cherry-picked' become the contenders for greater initiation tests, processes and mind games. They are constantly watched and monitored. They know this. It's too late in the game for them to turn back. They are taught 'not to fear', but in the very sub-layers of their minds, that's all that exists: fear. Eventually, they grow tired of the fear, and totally abandon themselves with unrealistic carefree and apathetic gestures. They shrug their shoulders and convince themselves, "I might as well continue to stay." They have abandoned themselves to a reality that their "Will" has chosen. This pleases very much the programmers.

Basically, they are like drones that represent what JZ Knight became. They are just extensions of her down the echelon.

The ones to leave the “hive network” are the critical thinkers, the analysts. They leave out of self-preservation.


JZ Knight was cherry-picked from the time she was child. She was carefully molded and formed, and led to believe that she had a great purpose on earth. (She was not the only one during this era). Each human candidate that went through a 'selective process' was analyzed by their responses to stimuli imposed on them by the programmers.

There is no such one sole entity by the name of RAMTHA. This is just a composite title representing many at work underneath that title. And there's a whole echelon of workers to make certain the title continues to exist.

JZ Knight ... is in a cage; a cage that she can't get out of. When she comes to some of her human senses (like vestiges of the past), she is quickly monitored, and her "patterns" are reset by the controllers, if by chance she suddenly has an urge to rebel. For the controllers, it is imperative she stay under their jurisdiction and mind authority. These controllers will even embarrass JZ Knight, setting her straight to their wishes and demands. Many times she tried to escape. She couldn't.

The RSE establishment is a network of tentacles, which is why it's close to impossible to find any one source behind what makes the school function as it does.

Again, "it's a conglomerate of entities" all under one title, called RAMTHA.

In this light, I guess you could call it the "RAMTHA Project".

Who are in the depts. of this Project?
Ans.: Dimensional physical ETs, and certain governmental factions playing alongside.

Are they still here, or have they moved on to covet over other territories?
Ans.: New factions have interceded, attempting to dilute the process, and to establish different building blocks. This explains the inconsistencies.


There is a way to break free.

Keep telling yourself that Ramtha, as solely one entity, does not exist. That does not leave the possibility out that perhaps at one time such an entity did exist in time, but these dimensional ETs have been very selective in their provocation upon Humanity to take notes of the responses.

Humans enjoy 'story telling'. As children, we enjoyed when our parents would tell us 'bed-time' stories. As a species, we look at movies, at TV and all the drama, sci-fi, etc. We ENJOY stories, to spike up our internal 'dreaming'. We enjoy 'victory stories'. What better story than to enter a tyrant/barbarian and to flow along with how he became a great warrior, and how this led to his downfall, and well, you all know the story. JZ Knight became entranced by the 'gold glitter' appearing before her. So much so, whenever she feels psychologically uncomfortable, she psychologically runs toward the memories of that time of her initial experiences.

The "TV SET" is right there in front of the students, looking at the stage. Entertain them. Have them drink wine and smoke their pot as the fumes are going around in the arena. Allow them to bring their internal defenses down. And it is at that time, when the data is infiltrated to trigger more potentials within the sub-layers of a student/person's mind.

Those who refuse to partake, will be shunned, selected out of the audience and viciously honed on. This procedure is to remind all the other students what could happen to them if they don't obey.

By the time these students go home, they have been watched, injected with data (OR, have been data mined); and the process continues as soon as the effects begin to wear off; wash, rinse, repeat.

Those that have managed to walk away from the scene of the 'mind crimes', stagger to rebuild their human identity.


New students are heavily tested. The programming from the almost-elusive programmers begins. "Respect the teachings" (going back to the first commands). Those are the RAMTHA PROJECT TENETS.

Each student that arrives at RSE has already been 'screened' before they arrival. They have already been watched. If the programmers believe they can glean something from their potential candidate, the candidates will be 'treated with courtesy'. If, later on in time, the candidate does not respond to the wishes of the controllers, they will feel the 'weight of honing', as if their own humanity were being condescended and stripped away from them, and then tossed in a bin for entertainment during the "wine ceremonies".

The "controllers" always want to be on top of the game, and they get very upset when their game backfires. When they are upset, there's an increase in "wine ceremonies" because what the programmers have succeeded at, they don't want to lose.


Again, there is a way to break free.

As the programmers have tested you, test them. Go, try it. Just keep telling yourself ::

1. There is no sole entity by the name of Ramtha. Then is nothing more than a composite title.
2. JZ Knight herself is programmed. She is the “host”, and groomed from childhood.
3. Stand to the entities you believe that are there, and yell at them with such a constructive and focused fury of soul, that they will take steps back.
4. Reprimand them. They deserve to be reprimanded.

Cutting to the chase, these controllers, have no jurisdiction over Humanity, even if they brazenly announce, "WE HAVE THE AUTHORITY"

No. They don't.

Remember your own Human tenets, and you'll be able to find freedom and more peace. The vestiges of those events will occasionally pop up out of your memory banks, but just do your daily chores, keep things simple.

A wise being once told me: "It does not matter whether with truth and lie, the enemy deceives you."

Learn to discern, not the way these controllers teach those going to the RSE school, but the way that you should discern to keep your proper humanity existent.


To be noted: MacLaine advertised JZ Knight, and this was just an added 'branch' emanating out of the overall picture.

As Peter Manning was nothing more than a composite name, covering all the people that had approached MacLaine with "I am God", it is already known in advance that these ETs and dimensional entities already had conjured up their strategy.

JZ Knight is just an addendum to the strategy in totality. As many others have been.

The whole "New Age Phenomenon" is nothing more than one massive strategy to keep humanity in governance to out-worldly forces.
But he has nothing on at all, cried at last the whole people....

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Re: The Ramtha Project

Unread post by Alpha » Tue Oct 29, 2013 3:01 am

Thank you David. I have been browsing the posts, slowly reading to carefully understand all material.

Elsewhere, within the Debate Forum, I came across a post of an ex-student who claimed that "Ramtha was a negative alien" (This is not the post that Whatchamacalit wrote. This was another post. Somehow, I can't seem to find it presently). Not being able to find the post, I decided to add my reply to that post here, perhaps destined to be a more suitable place.

Addressing the ex-student:

"If I may have a healthy debate with you: You're not that far off the marker, but there is no Ramtha. I have carefully read a lot of evidence, and left it to my critical mind to either accept or not. With enough evidence compiling, I began to understand the deeper roots.

I'm not at liberty to disclose names or even dates, however, I've been given permission to disclose the fact that, in some years past, a group of people decided to become students to experience the teachings and the phenomena which many students were purporting to experience. The goal was to glean information and to make an assessment (at that time, not directly of RSE) of the phenomena.

Imagine their puzzled expressions when "Ramtha" would yell out from the stage: "Spies ! Spies ! I hate spies !" Keeping their wits about them and not really knowing if this was in reference to them, they continued what they had set out to accomplish, ie., to acquire the validity of the claims being made and to have first-hand experience; above all determining if, indeed, there was a real one solid entity by the name of "Ramtha".

Much to their astonishment, especially during the wine ceremonies, they discovered (by means I cannot reveal at this time, yet am waiting for their permissions) that each entity going in and out of JZ Knight was not of the same frequency; was not of the same mannerism; was not of the same message (as the teachings would have ups and lows, at many times going off the consistent track) in the utmost specific of ways, though a certain consistency was glossed over to give appearance that this was just one entity filtrating through. When many students would shrug their shoulders and convince themselves, "Ramtha is just testing us and having fun," these students would be abandoning their own critical thinking.

(eg. Here is a simple contrast denoting the fact that there is apparent presence of mind energy of same entity, though the hosts (receivers) are differing:


Similarities hard to ignore in physical body language, except only voice of receiver being changed.)

The team made an assessment that JZ Knight was receptive to "something", and in this way became programmed to the constant visitations. The team discovered that the controllers made it imperative that she understand it only as one entity coming through. Very clever programming, but not without its slip ups.

These programmers would decide when to "activate" and when to keep the host (receiver) dormant. They would also manifest a consistency of "distractions" upon JZ Knight, impairing her critical thinking process.

Meanwhile, throughout the rest of the world, other channels were sprouting, with same default. This was no mere coincidence.

I can expound on the details, but the one question that really needs to be answered: "Seeing that humans have a certain resiliency, why did JZ Knight of such a magnitude of intelligence, not stand to her visitors?"

And for this, is what she's liable for. She grew a bond with these visitors, and even when they were not present sought even to "imitate them" in perhaps a hope that they would become "summoned" like a parakeet to a mirror.

Meanwhile, many students locked into this drama by their own admission, are only touching the surface, and JZ Knight is inundated with details: courts; relationships; what to eat for the day; what kind of face uplift should be done; who to call for press; how to handle financial institutions; ad infinitum, ad nauseam. Does she care what the students think? Only if it serves the interest.

She will have to answer to why she decided to comply with these programmers.

To enter into a topic as to why those programmers are there, is for another conversation.

The root matters.

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Re: The Ramtha Project

Unread post by Alpha » Tue Oct 29, 2013 3:39 am

Forgot to add: Fortunately for JZ Knight (most unfortunate for students):

"The "Extraterrestrial Exposure" law was removed from the CFR in 1991, NASA having determined that it had "served its purpose" and was "no longer in keeping with current policy," and is no longer in force."

Yes, our mysterious visitors are having a "field day".

The root matters.

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Re: The Ramtha Project

Unread post by FreeNow » Tue Oct 29, 2013 7:05 am

I have thought this before.
Keep the greater good at heart.

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Re: The Ramtha Project

Unread post by Ockham » Wed Oct 30, 2013 3:02 am

Hmmm, maybe... I'll agree that Judy Knight seems to resonate at different vibes, but I figured her shifting aura is more an earthy creation of a disintegrative personality disorder combined with mining her facets of the Ramtha character from a variety of literary sources. To me, it feels like Judy Knight is quite well read, but perhaps lacking the education to resolve the story into a completely polished thread. I especially felt that in reading the, Ramtha, (white book) text.

Perhaps extraterrestrial beings are controlling Ms. Knight, but I think the simpler explanation could be that she is a middling actor and not as well read as she should be in the field of quantum mechanics.

I feel that we are apt to see more shifting and dodging from Judy Knight as the RSE staff around Ms. Knight age out and retire, or they've just had enough of the Ramtha story and exit. Judy Knight is going to be left with fewer fact checkers to keep the story sorted out.

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Re: The Ramtha Project

Unread post by forever » Sun Feb 01, 2015 5:53 am

Really scary. The avalon thing? Who knows.

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Re: The Ramtha Project

Unread post by forever » Sun Feb 01, 2015 6:25 am

I had not read this until now. It was only last night i found Avalon forum. Wasn't sure what to make of it. Far out. I have been unsettled, bugged. Pulled out OLD video that from day one troubled me. No one else seemed to notice. See what i saw. Last months been lambasted. Gnawing at me. I watched Jeff Knight/Cunningham several times. Move on. Go back again. Then reading here. Get out "teachings". Move on-go back. Rough. Confusing.

I don't want to believe it makes sense. There's too many....slip ups. Contradictions. DISTORTION!!! Anyone hear what was said in the "F...You" to Evans? It jumped out at me.

"I tried to make you wealthy, 7 million. But you wouldn't listen to me, didn't trust me. You trusted the other MEN in your life. You wouldn't give my channel..... Then the love thing. When she says she loves you she doesn't love you that much...etc".

As i watched it it made me ill-for real. I couldn't find what's i had been taught in all that MESS! Scene. I was a bar atmosphere and HEAVY! The music was the instrumental to , Mona Lisa Lost her Smile? My wheels were turning. I saw it online.

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