What's it all about.

What experiences led to your opinion that RSE is, or isn't, a cult ? Address issues; no flaming tolerated.
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What's it all about.

Unread post by forever » Sun Feb 01, 2015 2:28 am

I have decades invested. It's been a journey. The journey is about myself. What i am. Not what Ramtha, Judy, RSE or her entourage is about. At the risk of being attacked i want to share something of my experience. Yes, i went to the school. Yes, i did the disciplines. Made it to void, found my cards, had all kinds of unimaginable experiences. However, the most important thing i have learned in life is that love is the answer. Love heals. Forgives all-knows all. Is all.

Love does NOT cheat, lie, steal or intentionally deceive. It does not have ulterior motives. Love isn't greedy. It is not experienced or founded on personal gain. It isn't egotistical-or vulgar. Is it? It doesn't use/take.

I remember when Ramtha frowned on foul language. Taught against it. I remember a lot of things from long ago that have now been replaced with something entirely un. Un-enlightening. Un-inspiring. Un-pleasant. Un-necessary. Un-acceptable...to me.

The Ramtha i knew (or thought i did) was moralistic. "I stand for your God, i do not stand for your humanity-image". Okay, so who and what is that drunk, cussing, spitting, snot blowing, accusing entity on video calling Linda Evans an A-h---. Acting like a rejected and insulted lover." F...k you". Who is that? All things un-Ramtha. Apparently he has left the building-a long time ago?

I have defended the teachings for years to my family. Fought for what i believe in. Am doing. Got a call from family member telling me about the "rant". I said, "no way". They saw video. Since we all create our own reality and no such thing as a victim, the question is, why did Judy create it?

I am not being sarcastic. I am serious. And i am not being disrespectful in calling her by her real name rather than stage name. I got a call months ago from a student who told me that Judy had allegedly been "Llily Ledtree" in a former life. I watched it. Was shocked to see the same theme.

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Re: What's it all about.

Unread post by forever » Sun Feb 01, 2015 4:31 am

I ask for "truth" a long time ago. It's what took me to RSE. I still have the card i found, "TRUTH". I heard a "teaching" not long ago and that which is termed Ramtha, say, "entity, if you ask for truth you better hold on". I have been enlightened for sure.

I watched that which is termed Ramtha toast to RSE International, "it made you what you are". Shocking. Since when does a "master teacher" take credit for students accomplishments? Ramtha, RSE, Judy Inc or information she markets has not made me what i am. I have made me what i am.

It doesn't matter what i think in terms of if Ramtha was ever there but left. I am not here to debate, explain or defend. I am simply sharing. Making a comment based on information and my own experience. I have done a lot of digging and all i see is an ambitious woman that wanted to be someone. And it didn't matter how it came or was obtained. The "teachings" are twisted to justify and excuse, legitimize anything and everything unsavory, questionable, dishonest, deceitful.

Like others i bought the excuse TM was to "protect the teachings". Keep it pure". For those of you that express the change came late 1990s? WHEN was the first beginners taped? Once the computer became a tool and marketing took off-open to the public ( all those sacred teachings) what happened? Yeah, it was crazy before that but since then it's really became a cash cow, money machine. I was SHOCKED to see the theater tier seating sales. As well as "Ramtha" being auctioned off as one on one. The emphasis placed on $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!
By the corporation marketing and on lotto, gambling. To each his own. But i want no part of it. It has become everything that was taught AGAINST. And the "love yourself into life" appears to be replaced by Hollywood. What was sacred and made it different, special, unique, is gone. Replaced by what? The importance has been taken off of "enlightenment" to how important and successful Judy is.

Where are the "masters"? The people that have been there for decades. Are they living an enlightened life? Spiritual? All who have gone there. The result is? Is there enlightenment? Avatars? Christ? Has anyone even evolved beyond their 'first seal" that was taught on for decades?

I read the slanderous mud flinging/slinging from Coverdale's brother. Un-imaginable. What are we talking about here, "first seal"? Affair garbage. After all the years of contact with an ascended master, that which is termed "Ramtha", the one closest to him are on THAT level? Have not gotten past their ...."penial/vaginac" need? To quote "Ramtha".

I defended the teachings for years. I cannot make excuses for what it has become. I ask for TRUTH and i got it. Wasn't what i anticipated and it's been a major make up call. What's been taught isn't what's being practiced or even taught any longer. It's gone. What the "school" once represented to many is gone. Please don't tell me that that drunken, vulgar, HUMAN entity is an hierophant!

The "business" of "it was taken out of context" is pure Bull! Racist rant aside ( hardly pc) It's the DRUNKENNESS. It's the filth. Of a "hierophant" insinuating MASTURBATION on video. It's all the OUTRAGEOUS claims of 'greatness" through out history of RSE. The INSANITY of it!!! starting with the horse scam. It's the lack of conscience, honesty, compassion. It's the greed for attention, POWER, $$$$$$$$.

Remember when "Ramtha" said, "you will never see a picture of me"? In context of he doesn't want or need to be worshiped? Speaks for itself. Now there's a picture of her on anything and everything possible. That happened when? It's all about....?

I have REALLY done my home work. Came across things that opened my eyes. I wondered all along about stuff that wasn't making any sense. Well it did-blatantly. But i wasn't ready to admit it. Because i believed the 'teachings". Believed i needed that which is termed Ramtha. And i did at that time once i opened myself to all of it. Now i have completed what began long ago with the video of Hawaii. Went from there. Decades ago. Now, i am finished with it.

Was recently listening to a 'teaching' and that which is termed Ramtha (entity) said, "it isn't the schools job to enlighten you". "I have said it a thousand times and a thousand different ways". Hello? Through out the "teachings" it's said repeatedly. "This isn't church". "I am not here to entertain you".

If i can say something it's that it isn't a mistake to check something out, to have gone there....ONCE. It's going there and becoming dependent!!!! On Ramtha or anything, anyone else. How bad does it have to get before people wake up? What began as fresh air and HOPE. Isn't THAT the product being marketed? Isn't it? "Hope and change"? Sound familiar? It's ALL blatant. But then like i said, i did my home work!!!

So, people that read this, i hope the best for you. That includes those caught up in something that has become unrecognizable from what it once was. It has un-evolved.

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Re: What's it all about.

Unread post by MindState » Sun Feb 01, 2015 6:01 am

Hi forever,

Thank you for your posting this! It was a beautiful read! And you are not alone. People are 'getting it' god damn it! And as you say, "RSE didn't make me...'I' made me". Yah baby! That is the way it is.

And I agree fully with so many points you have expressed here. When you where talking about how RSE has been terribly corrupted leading up to recent times...that is very much about what I've been expressing here lately also! And their may have been as you say...a purpose for having attended seminars there at one time. But it sure is hard to keep coming to those events once one wakes up! RSE has gotten really shitty last several years and that is a big part of why I am posting here and I hope others like you will post also! It sounds like you will be quite all-right in life in your own shoes. Please don't be a stranger to these forums! :)

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Re: What's it all about.

Unread post by forever » Sun Feb 01, 2015 6:38 am

Thank you Mindstate. Something incredible happened this week. I was ...OMG..."processing" information. Head hurt so bad-no relief. And it just kept coming. And then WHAM...it's as if something LET GO. As if i had been connected rubber band and gone beyond breaking point. It broke and i was FREE!!!!!! It was confusing. What the heck happened.

Keep in mind i have worked hard. REALLY hard to understand, grow, "attain". And things kept happening that were confusing. Like the conversation from student that moved away---told me things. About casino, lotto, crazy things. Huh?

Selling seats, did i see $5000 for event in South Korea? WHAT???? It goes on and on. It was all jumping out at me. Then the video. And i couldn't even watch it at first. It HURT to see what i had RESPECTED in THAT condition. I was revolted. Then i began reading and discovered the Flick/Cloverdale "connection". Omg. Really? And the mud slinging. Jerry Springer crap.

How in the HELL do you get someones BROTHER to write a letter like that?

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Re: What's it all about.

Unread post by Shocked » Sun Feb 01, 2015 7:37 am

Forever, I agree also with many points in your post, and I was drawn to the school for what sounds like many of the same reasons you were, enlightenment, and I do believe at one time the message of love, not only for oneself but for humanity, was there in the teachings. And yes I also believe love can conquer all and it should be unconditional. It is very sad something that was so beautiful at one time is now just a big circus act.

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