RSE cult is a 'Double-Edged-Sword'

What experiences led to your opinion that RSE is, or isn't, a cult ? Address issues; no flaming tolerated.
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RSE cult is a 'Double-Edged-Sword'

Unread post by MindState » Sun Feb 01, 2015 5:37 am

Yes. RSE cult is a 'double edged sword'. And I venture to say that is a big reason why it hurts us so much and why it has become as powerful as it has as a spiritual cult. Would anyone like to explain 'why' RSE is a double edged sword here? Or shall I give my reasons?

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Re: RSE cult is a 'Double-Edged-Sword'

Unread post by forever » Sun Feb 01, 2015 5:49 am

Because it has an emotional hook. As insane and crazy as 35,000 warrior from sunken continent. And we all believed it because we could "relate" to Ramtha abuse in white book? To what it is to experience injustice? And somehow despite the insanity ...for me it was the love. It was the "be the genie". It was love your self into life. Be more than a gender/body. On and on.

I trusted enough to go. But i was FAR from "hooked". It was a war for me for a long time. I wanted to grow. I wasn't there to pay my money to socialize. First time Judy opened her mouth i was confused. Contradictions. I was new. Plus students ...vibes. Resentment toward her. Very confusing.

I embraced the teachings over the years. For encouragement.

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Re: RSE cult is a 'Double-Edged-Sword'

Unread post by MindState » Mon Feb 02, 2015 5:35 am

The Double-Fanged Vampire.

A one..a…..a two..a…..a…three..a…..a four a million dollars! Ha ha ha ha ha!

*Tell that count Ramula to give your arm back!

In this post I’d like to explore the ‘double edged’ nature of Ramtha’s School Of Enlightenment. From the perspective of ‘reality’. Not from the perspective of ‘fairy tales’! It’s going to challenge many people who have been under the spell that Ramtha is their ‘big daddy’ and RSE is going to be their salvation. Let’s start a ‘revival’ and dance in blue webs and have a fire…….(if it’s got strippers…I might come!)

I challenge readers to just think for themselves. Maybe put on your ‘lateral thinking caps’ also! Now there’s a term totally alien to ramsters! Also we need to ‘see things’ as they are! So we can make up our own mind how we want to ‘direct our own lives’. Maybe you don’t have any money or you feel like RSE killed your soul! You’ll live!

Have you ever looked at that big ‘house’ Judy owns? It’s something isn’t it! Have you ever looked at your own house? (‘house’ being a metaphor of your ‘mind’) What kind of ‘taxes’ do you have to pay for that thing each year? What about that house we see above the pastures at the ranch? Have you ever imagined that most people walk into that house….’uninvited’ …..trample right through it with their muddy shoes and leave that house out the back door …….without even looking around the house! How rude! So ruuuuude! Security!

What I’m about to say is not a judgment on Ramtha followers. Everyone is free to attend RSE seminars and RSE has made it pretty damn clear that no one is forced to come to events. They have a much more very sophisticated way of ‘trapping’ you. Much more clever way of manipulating you and bleeding your bank account. Like ‘forever’ pointed out in the last post…”clever hooks’. If you will understand that ‘everything’ is about ‘perception’. Judy has manipulated the minds of many many people into ‘perceiving’ that they are honest students…and need something like what they call a ‘master teacher’ to guide them. Would that feel better with some Vaseline?

Let’s cut right to the chase now and think about RSE as the ‘perfect business model’. The perfect money making machine. RSE has a ‘double-edged-formula’. It’s very simple!!!

To understand this, I must point out that in a past post in these forums, I said that “RSE has low standards”. I wonder sometimes who has thought about that statement and why it is important. How do we reconcile that statement in light of what happened to ‘Fiona Regan’? A lovely girl and former RSE student who died in a car wreck and fight a good fight applying ‘the great work’ in her life all the way up unto her death. I have never met this girl but I have read the stories published about her situation. She was very challenged by her abilities as a ‘student’ of Ramtha as she put it. As I understand, she never felt ‘good-enough’ as a ‘true-student’ of the great work. From what I understand, she gave it her best and yet the results of her efforts were so elusive. And how can I say “RSE has low standards”? Does that make me like some kind of monster?

Think about this, ever wonder why certain people at RSE….people you don’t even know……get the ‘red carpet treatment’!!!! That’s because they’re ‘shills’. They get that kind of treatment because Judy ‘needs’ them to keep the RSE money making machine ‘well lubricated’. But ‘low standards’ because they are hypocrites. They celebrate their ‘shills’ for mundane and petty things. They miraculously string together stories that mean nothing about some of these people. These are the ‘shills’ of RSE. They wouldn’t write these things about ‘you’ if you had equal or better experiences to report. They’d sweep you aside. They’d eat you up and spit you out. Unless….you ‘play their game’. If you play their game right and be a ‘good little solder’….you might find your place in that corporate spiritual cult!!!!!

Let’s make some sense of this ‘money making machine’ that is RSE cult. It’s double-edged. They have a ‘field’ of possibilities set up at that joint to make you ‘perceive’ that you are free. It’s not freedom. You ‘feel’ like it is though. It’s ‘confined freedom’. Listen up!

If you do your disciplines and ‘fail’ at them. RSE is raking in money….a lot. If you do your disciplines and achieve great things with them. You most likely are going to ‘attribute your work’ to RSE and ‘keep going back to events’…..again….this time….RSE is still raking in the cash! And ‘you’, have been hooked by your own ego by the ‘trap’ Judy has set. Or you can say….”I have fallen into my own trap”.

So you see, whether you ‘win’ or whether you lose…..RSE is raking in the doe! It’s the perfect money making machine! We can boil that right down to ‘abstract ideas’ and admire the beauty of system Judy has created. It’s a work of art. I used to be an artist….and I love art. But I ‘clipped that rose bud off my stem a long time ago.

Look at how far you have come in your life journey! Isn’t it beautiful! I challenge you to ask the question: “Do I need to keep giving my power away to this massive spiritual vampire?”

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Re: RSE cult is a 'Double-Edged-Sword'

Unread post by forever » Mon Feb 02, 2015 10:06 am

Wow-awesome. You hit it on the head. With Ramtha tv and streaming? Endless easy $$$$$. What a racket. Shills? i never thought of it but it makes sense. I agree with your description of for her it's a win/win. But not if someone REALLY evolves. Because if that happens a truly enlightened person is gonna expose the whole thing for what it is-and isn't.
There have been unimaginable miracles ( under statement) in my life. Is it related to school? The corporation, Ramtha or the teachings? Not unless when i didn't find my card it's Ramthas fault. It's one way or the other. Can't have it both ways. Meaning that if "failure" is the fault of customer rather than the product then "success" is the customers "fault" too.
Stop and think about the most exalted people at one time when it validated the business interest, gave credibility, what happened to those people when they attempted to take credit for their accomplishments, work?
Ramtha did NOT come up with the reservatrol, JOE did. I have audio of it. He was "internet junkie" and found it online. Shared it with Judy and Ramtha used it to justify, validate wine ceremonies.
Audrey? She was someone i avoided but someone Ramtha used greatly as validation. Shill? Something happened because for starters, if there was a Ramtha don't you think he would know she cheated? What's to say she hadn't become a threat to Judy? Joe teaches on youtube. He's interesting and it's free.

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Re: RSE cult is a 'Double-Edged-Sword'

Unread post by David McCarthy » Mon Feb 02, 2015 11:02 am

How do we reconcile that statement in light of what happened to ‘Fiona Regan’? A lovely girl and former RSE student who died in a car wreck and fight a good fight applying ‘the great work’ in her life all the way up unto her death
Regarding the suicide of Fiona Regan.
EMF View topic - RSE student Fiona Regan shot herself
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Re: RSE cult is a 'Double-Edged-Sword'

Unread post by Ockham » Mon Feb 02, 2015 4:44 pm

One of dozens, sometimes grizzly, deaths associated with being an RSE attendee. See most of them listed here:

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