What experiences led to your opinion that RSE is, or isn't, a cult ? Address issues; no flaming tolerated.
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Is it a cult? What exactly is a cult? Where you have to give up your individuality to be accepted? Go along with the crowd? Well, if that's the case, family, is a cult! Society is a cult. Politics. Religion. Social clubs.

As i see it people are vulnerable-period.Everyone wants to "belong', be "accepted. It's a human trait. Who doesn't want to be liked? It's most definitely ( i believe) the questions and insecurities we have about our self that makes us vulnerable to manipulation, coercion, deceit. Be it a relationship or group, organization etc.

As i see it people with a strong sense of identity are not as vulnerable or likely to fall into a snare. RSE is all consuming and all inclusive. It goes into every area of your life, identity, priorities, values, everything. As soon as someone questions what they are it opens the door. Emotion is a MAJOR part of it getting hooked into anything, anyone. People want to re experience, recapture something awesome or something deemed productive. They go back to what that experience is associated with/to. Bar, church, RSE. Casino. Relationship. Whatever. Addiction.

However, at RSE people give up individual thinking. Ironically the be what you are-live your truth is promoted only as long as it reflects exactly and supports "authority" of RSE. Don't question or challenge. If you don't like it -leave. That's the attitude. Is it a cult? Any time someone turns their mind and soul over someone or something else....

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