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It's easy to see-now. :)

Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 7:44 am
by forever
The isolation aspect just occurred to me. More than, "it's an alone journey" (unless you're Judy). Isolation in that all else is shut out. If it doesn't come from RSE/Ram discard it. So that means the only source of info, guidance, persuasion comes from ...? It's the only trusted source. You're told what to think and who to trust. An of course when it goes 180? It's because.....? "As it was seen at that time'. IT'S EVOLVED.

It's sad but students don't even have each other because "the teachings" become a measuring stick and used to judge others. It's sad. Just plain sad.


Re: It's easy to see-now. :)

Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 8:30 am
by Shocked
Forever you are correct, the teaching become judgements the students have on each other. I remember if you couldn't get to a event (also known as manifesting), the students that did go, didn't even want to share the event with you, from my experience, at one time it wasn't to be shared. So if you didn't get to the event you didn't get the teaching and other students would not share, or of course the response...well you didn't manifest it!!! And that to me became a real big judgement, like I was not worthy enough!!! SAD very SAD

Re: It's easy to see-now. :)

Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 11:35 am
by forever
Shocked-i was writing a reply and hit a key or something and it disappeared. Hate it when that happens.

It's all part of cult control, brain washing. Divide and conquer.
The "teachings" immediately empower and elevate people to a place of superiority. They know something no one else does. Most of the world.

Emphasis isn't on LOVE it's on validating the school by proving the disciplines work, finding card, disciplines, results. That is what's recognized. Except in beginners there wasn't any one for all and all for one. Unit. Unity. Beginners have not been indoctrinated yet.

My first clue was "when it came down" that sharing of the cassettes or making copies "isn't being impeccable".

What's the cause-mission of the school? Was it not to enlighten the world? Christ consciousness? But $$$ was/is more important to Judy, not for needs but for lavish living.

Simultaneously when she got busted on the OUTRAGEOUS horse scam, sham, when interviewed and ask about it she had no remorse. No guilt or shame. Being impeccable only applies to students. It's a farce and sooo darn But i didn't know all of this back then. It has taken years for her to be exposed for what she really is. And for people to wake up.

Listen Shock, everything being revealed is grounds for celebration. I shudder at what it's all become. But/and consider myself fortunate to have not hung around.

Re: It's easy to see-now. :)

Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 5:01 pm
by Ockham
JZ Knight and the RSE staff are... masters ... of manipulation. They carefully engineer a subscription model to keep raking in the followers' money. The so-called teachings always leave enlightenment just one more event away. The presentations are carefully honed to make it work like the carrot held on a string from a stick just out of reach of the donkey's nose. The more one attends, the more the attainment of enlightenment moves back a click so that it is still just one more event away.

This is a strategy well known by propagandists and operators of casinos. I'll date myself a little - the Ramtha courses are like a gambler in front of a slot machine where the wheels almost always line up for a pay-out, but not quite; you feel sure that dropping in just one more coin will get everything to line up and there will be a big pay out. The difference is in a casino, there are occasional pay-outs, but at RSE, the house keeps all the money.

RSE also uses the isolation strategy to shut off rational thinking. If you have any doubt, you fear, then none of what you learn is going to work at all. With all the cash, time and sacrifice invested, that is a powerful motivator to stray on message and reject any outside information that might trigger rational consideration. That is the differenlotbetween RSE dogma and actual science. The scientific method welcomes and even requires criticism which results in stronger ideas.

The problem with science is that the process is messy and slow to convege to answers. The origin of the universe and possibly what is beyond is still a very open question despite humankind's best efforts in science to date. Science tends to be focused on the why rather than the how.

RSE teaching promises to deliver the how, never mind the why. Do this stuff, believe this stuff, never mind why, and you'll master the universe (after you pay us a lit of money). And, did I forget to tell you, there is another $400 intensive next week?

Re: It's easy to see-now. :)

Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 11:57 pm
by forever

Ironically, isn't that what's called a 'linear" existence? I was fortunate enough not have gotten sucked in that deep. Not to mention i was uncomfortable in a crowd that large. All drinking. It's why i climbed over the wall and left during a Baktau-however ya spell it. As far as wine ceremonies i mostly stayed outside-just outside the door, within ear shot. I was uncomfortable-unsure. I bought the tapes and listened at home. Was in a funk many years.

It's been a long time coming. I was connected to RSE even though i wasn't there physically. The teachings were important. I was serious about it. But mine are from the "moral" time. "Enlightenment", rather than who's putting what where with whom.

All the years 40 that that 'Ram" has allegedly been with Judy, 40 years students seeking enlightenment and it hasn't gotten beyond 1st seal? It would be a different story if wasn't the fat cat on the airing personal issues. I cannot IMAGINE being in that crowd and paying all the money to hear about someones $20,000 a day yacht vacation! Or being present for any of the garbage i have seen on video.

I have heard that Where Angels fear To Tread was destroyed? Not so. Within last year i bought one on line, unopened. Also, Souls Longing that had been at WA library. That they apparently got rid of after the racist rant. I got it online from used books club.

How long were you there? Are you on old forum?

Re: It's easy to see-now. :)

Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2015 8:33 am
by forever
Hindsight always 20/20. Reading the interview with Steve about JZ and her ego. Getting clobbered by media and how ultimately it became "dark". Actually, now that i have a contrast it's easy to see that what's in the white book-the humor and love, light heart, is NOT how it was at school. The white book was indeed the major drawing power. And then going to RSE and seeing something else, the confusion, discrepancies, cynical advanced students that are not ...have awful attitudes.
Immediately a new student begins to rationalize, question and conclude it's the students fault.

Beginners are handled with kid gloves and don't have a clue.

I look at it now and i remember questioning the attitude of staff, red guard. Foul language. Coarseness.

It's abuse. I didn't understand it at the time. Who is anyone to question the great wizard of oz?

Turn the dogs loose :) and they open the curtain and it's discovered that it's all just smoke and mirrors. Head games. Emotional manipulation.