OMG. READ this.

What experiences led to your opinion that RSE is, or isn't, a cult ? Address issues; no flaming tolerated.
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OMG. READ this.

Unread post by forever » Tue Feb 10, 2015 9:33 pm

In going through old information i came upon a teaching, "a return to innocence". It is THE most blatant and ominous of all. Starts out w/2.5 glasses of wine. Ramtha/JZ says to play "witchy woman", Eagles.I listened it.

OMG! It says it all. Blatantly. And this was at a "wine cermony".

JZ as Ram goes on to talk about "rocking out" and that she will be filmed right there ( on her throne) to teach the world. Along with "4 bottles of wine". It's blatant. Listen to to the lyrics of Witchy Woman. It makes me shudder. Students cheered.


How do you get people that have not been drinkers to drink until they vomit at a so called wine ceremony? WOW. Drugs, sex and rock-n-roll baby-yeah. Judy/JZ Knight was born 1946? She was part of the sixties. I listened to about 5 minutes of it. OMG what DOUBLE SPEAK!! Usual rhetoric, "i don't stand for image". Simultaneously going public and gonna rock out. Peoples brains are alcohol saturated. Stand back and look, JZ Knight promotes and supports drug use. Enlightened/happy people don't need wine or drugs. It' reminds me of someone else from the sixties...and his followers. Remember Sharon Tate? It's ALL double speak, BS and nonsense. Social psychopath.

Didn't Charles Manson have a similar message?

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