Dear RSE Student

What experiences led to your opinion that RSE is, or isn't, a cult ? Address issues; no flaming tolerated.
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Dear RSE Student

Unread post by forever » Sun Feb 22, 2015 7:17 am

God Bless.

I care about your happiness, joy and well being. I was once you. The eager and trusting student. Believing and applying the "teachings" that i thought came from Ramtha The Enlightened One. Ascended God. Master teacher. Lover of us and lover of our God. The forgotten Gods once his army. That he came back to wake up.

I do not want you to take my word for anything. I am not here to convince you of anything. Only YOU can do that. By being responsible, taking responsibility for yourself, your happiness, well being, your reality. At least what you think is reality.

Do you know who your teacher is? Do you know who and what speaks to you from the mouth and face on stage? That you pay to channel Ramtha? What do you know about Ramtha?
I will not have you worship me. I have no following. None. If they follow i send them away. There are many "teachers" on your plane that enhance themselves while having having that which follows them worship them.
Love Yourself Into Life pdf. You can read it for free online. It's from the earliest days of Ramtha Dialogues many years before RSE. 1979-1983. The dialogues are listed including Portfolio form Church I Am. That your channel started and was pastor of in Washington until around 1988. Well after Ramtha first appeared to her in 1977-i believe. She resigned and opened RSE as you know it today, previously Messiah Ranch.
How does a woman with no education to speak of form a school by herself and put together a curriculum? She didn't-it's Ramtha's school of enlightenment? That would have been my answer.

I want you to know, i Loved the teachings!! I took it into my heart and mind, used in my life. Like you i did disciplines. Found my card. Made it to the void and beyond that into my personal life, relationships, behavior, attitude, priority and values. I believed and loved the teachings. I have been "evolving", doing the great work. Which by the way is about resolving the image and bringing forth Christ Consciousness.

I was once you. I thought like you. If someone wasn't "current", well, doesn't say much for THEM! ( who in the hell did i think i was and what gave me or you the right to act and be like that?) On the other hand how many times have you heard, "it isn't this schools responsibility to enlighten you"? Perhaps the people that are not there are the ones that "got it".

How many years, year after year after year, have you been going to events, buying all the books, fads, video, tapes, cds and anything else presented by Ramtha or his channel? Are you happier? Is your life better? Are you healthy? Are you more honest and joyful? Have you created what you are happy with as your life? If so-why do you continue to go? Is it because everything you think and say, what you believe comes from Ramtha/JZ and you have forgotten, you have no idea how to think on your own? You don't read anything outside of what's suggested by RSE. JZ/Ramtha And you do not realize you are living in a vacuum. All of your friends are Ramsters.

The teachings on the brain. Yes, i was there. I know all about the explanation for the "wine ceremony" That the alcohol drops the veil, stops time and the reservotral in the wine makes the brain (combined with N.O. from pipe tobacco. Information Dr Joe found on line and presented to your teacher the ascended, enlightened one. Who then had him present it to students, I was there) receptive to it's environment. As neurons are firing and connecting to form a "neuro-net". So that in the morning when you wake up and have no memory of what was taught it's in your brain and ultimately becomes reality. Correct? Isn't that how it's taught?

Do you want a neuro-net of your master teacher, ascended enlightened God, sloppy, dead drunk, spitting at someone he's calling an A-Hole, saying F..k you? Since you saw it and already know about it...

take responsibility for yourself enough to ask why Ramtha an Ascended Master-master teacher is being marketed along side of hypnosis at:

It's online. I AM RAMTHA. Hand in hand with hypnosis.

Programming the brain is not enlightenment-it's the opposite. It's mind control. Ask Cathy O'Brian. She was a guest speaker many years ago at RSE. You can watch her on youtube. Read her book, Trance Formation Of America.

Maybe you have not been there long enough to know the teachings have done a 180. Maybe you don't know that it was about enlightenment. Christ consciousness. Rather than fabulous wealth and first seal wine ceremonies. Maybe you weren't there for the "truth" teachings. When human morality was taught. Or when Ramtha was against profanity. Maybe you weren't there before it turned into a theater production complete with with tier box seating. And auctions for a one on one and $5,000 dinners? Maybe you think the next teaching or cd is gonna do it for you. That you're gaining ground. "Becoming". Becoming what"?

You think you are being "enlightened"? That you're part of something big. Ancient wisdom. Ramtha, an enlightened one. Victim-tyrant-conquering enlightened Ramtha. That you trust and love. Yes, i know. And you think he brought it with him-to you? You think what you are being taught is exclusive to RSE because it's copyrighted as such? What you do not know is that the same information is in books written by authors that have never been suggested reading? Books written before Ramtha came.

I have been you. Perhaps sat in the same seat in the arena. Maybe our cards both say "truth". Maybe like me deep down you know something isn't quite right. But it's disloyal to question or criticize? That should tell you something.

There's many different sources teaching the same information that existed before RSE or Ramtha appearing.

The Ramala Centre. In England. Online.

Books: The teachings of Ramala. Vision of Ramala.

Vera Stanley Alder: Finding of The Third Eye.

Initiation of The World.

Go to Amazon you can see a list.

I followed the teachings. Used the teachings. Believed and trusted Ramatha-from long ago. I have sought "truth" diligently. Until i saw a drunken Ramtha saying, "let's toast to RSE international after all it's what made you what you are".

Wrong! Not only are YOU what makes you what you are but no ascended master would EVER take the credit or the blame for your life, consciousness or reality. It is YOUR responsibility to know why you believe what you believe.

God Bless.

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Re: Dear RSE Student

Unread post by forever » Mon Feb 23, 2015 10:29 am

Is there Love where you are? Is there acceptance that allows you to express freely your thoughts and feelings? Are you welcome at your neighbors home? Greeted warmly by others-students? Is there peace and joy in your heart that soars as you contemplate today and tomorrow? Is there a song in your heart? Warmth?

Or are you living in the harsh judgement of arrogant superiority? Yours toward others and theirs toward you? Superiority? Of course, the "teachings" that have become the criteria of defining yourself-and others. Are you aware of how judgmental you have become since becoming a student of the great ancient wisdom and drive to enlighten the world?

What do you think "enlightenment" is? Do you think it's an intellectual understanding/comprehension of something you hope you are and hope to be? Hope to experience?

What took you to RSE? Had you come up empty handed in relationships? Was your life in chaos? Had you been injured by deception and betrayal, rejection? Were you confused, frustrated, hurt and angry at the lack of gratification and fulfillment in what you had so invested yourself in-that came to naught? Were you feeling unappreciated and disrespected by those you cared most about? Were you feeling deflated, lonely and alone, wondering, "what's it all about"? And your love life well....we aren't going there. When life really sucked you heard the "call". Message of the Ram.

You read a book, saw a clip on You Tube or maybe heard a cd? Maybe a friend heard something and shared it with you? Suddenly, you aren't alone. Someone understands and is not only saying you're important (and you are) but that you are God. God divine! God Almighty. You, with your hands in dishwater and ignored. Neglected by lack of consideration and attention. Taken for granted. Special to no one. Suddenly you are hearing from an awesome ascended master you are important.

Was it awesome to not be vulnerable any longer and able tell guys where to go? That you no longer want or need them? That you are more than just a female, more than a body, more than a mother and all the other relationships/hats you wore? Uh huh.

You blew it all off and walked away from YOUR life, family and friends, job, to live close to RSE to go to school. Relationships just not important any longer. All that human emotion and wasted energy. That you can redirect to create a "spiritual" life instead of being a villager. One of those lessor beings. One of those people that have empowered your channel who by your worship has fulfilled HER dreams and ambition of being rich and famous?

How important is your channels personal relationships to her and the ascended one that it's the topic at a wine ceremony? To a paying captive audience there for a "teaching". To help them get closer to their God and dreams. While you're paying your channel to learn you you can conquer your image/humanity, has your channel conquered hers?

When you don't have the money to go to an event are you still important? Or criticized, judged and condemned? Or allowed to attend for free?

Let me share something you might not have realized yet. The more you give up of yourself and individuality to be accepted- the less you become-not greater. The more you depend on someone else for your answers and identity-the less you become. And the less you care about others-the smaller you become. The more you depend on another for your strength and importance-the more you transfer your soul to them and the weaker you become.

Is it what makes you happy?

Are you fulfilling your dreams?

Do you have dreams?

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Re: Dear RSE Student

Unread post by forever » Tue Feb 24, 2015 8:26 am

Hi everyone, I have a thought i want to share with you but first i want to say, i hope you are well, safe and have peace in your heart. Love toward one another. God Bless.

If you have a minute i want to ask you a question that might help you understand your involvement at RSE better. I want to talk about the attack on Linda Evans at the wine ceremony by your teacher, Ramtha. If you were not there but are a student i am sure you heard about it.

How angry Ramtha was at Linda Evans for not giving her channel, JZ, her "rite of passage". The entire attack on Lady Star by Ramtha was because Lady star didn't trust or believe in her channel,JZ.

Lady Star has been best friends with your channel 20 years at least? They hang out together, vacation together in $20,000 a day yachts and have been really close many years. The question i want you to ask yourself is why, as long as they have known each other would Lady Star not believe or trust what her channel, JZ tells her?

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Re: Dear RSE Student

Unread post by Kelku » Wed Feb 25, 2015 6:07 pm

Bows to you*, 'forever'.
and saying 'thank you'.
“Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud.”
- Sophocles

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Re: Dear RSE Student

Unread post by forever » Wed Feb 25, 2015 8:02 pm

If we loved people half as much as we judge them the world would be a better place. :)

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Re: Dear RSE Student

Unread post by forever » Fri Feb 27, 2015 4:33 am

Hello, hope you are well.

I have not know anything about Linda Evans, Lady Star, other than she played in Big Valley many years ago and has done commercials. After watching the attack on her by your teacher saying, " my daughter is a success and you're struggling to try to be one". That isn't true. Check the facts yourself.

On You tube there's video of her being chosen favorite actress of the year.
She played in the hit series, Dynasty.
She played in several successful movies.
She began doing commercials quite young and supported her family.
She has done many commercials.
Is well liked by her peers and known for her gentleness and being generous.
She also has many awards.

Not only is such an attack completely human, abusive and immature but to say Linda Evans hasn't been successful is just plain untrue.

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Re: Dear RSE Student

Unread post by California Dreamin' » Sat Feb 28, 2015 8:14 pm

I don't know why I feel the need to post this, but here goes.

I was friendly with Linda Evans while I attended RSE. In my experience she was lovely, soft spoken, generous and kind. Her piercing blue eyes radiated kindness and genuine interest during our conversations.

Because of her 30+ years with "Ramtha" and the public abuse she experienced at the "school" I believe that, by now, the depth of the abusive and traumatic brainwashing she publicly experienced is so deeply ingrained that she may never get out. She was brought to her knees and humiliated many times while I was in the audience, only to be highly praised shortly thereafter by Scamtha for her great beauty and impeccable focus. Scamtha announced more than once that Linda was worshipped by the world for her beauty. S/he also raved about her talent of reaching the void in the tank numerous times in one session, and on and on and on. Linda was totally used by Scamtha as a marketing tool.

The way the tank was rigged, Linda most likely thought it was her sincere focus that took her to the void seven or more times in one tank session. I don't believe she was aware that the builders of the tank were up on the planks removing walls to enable her to get to the void. Amongst all the praise she received from fellow students, she remained gracious and humble.

Linda's relationship with JZKnight is that of an abused spouse.


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Re: Dear RSE Student

Unread post by forever » Sat Feb 28, 2015 9:10 pm

Dear C.D.

Thank you for responding. After watching the many video's of Linda Evens and again the one of JZ spitting at her-i wasn't happy with my criticism and judgment of her. Not to mention recalling that when JZ played her game of the grey men trying to close the school. it was Linda Evans that loaned/gave $500,000 to pay IRS? I can't take it back anything i have said but i did post on it. I'm just not sure which thread.

When Linda Evans was of value to the ambitious JZ they were best friends.. Same with Ann Marie, Jeff Knight, Shirley MC, now, what's her name? Her latest bestest friend?

Excuse and forgive me for the sarcasm. I'm waking up and am revolted. As i posted (some place) i automatically judged LE as birds of a feather.

I agree with your comment.

Thank You.

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Re: Dear RSE Student

Unread post by forever » Sat Feb 28, 2015 9:37 pm

I just scanned Psychic Dictatorship In USA. It's about the I Am church. Guy Ballard and his wife Edna. St Germain, same BS. Greed, dictatorship, fear.....crap. That has robbed people of their life-literally. Their money, energy, mind, neglected health. It's incomprehensible. I feel sick-literally. The damage that's done under the guise of enlightenment, ascension and humanitarian cause is endless and unfathomable. In the name of God of course-how else. Bottom line is always the same.

It's an uncomfortable thought but it appears the same tactics used by Hitler are being used...

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Re: Dear RSE Student

Unread post by David McCarthy » Sat Feb 28, 2015 11:29 pm

but it appears the same tactics used by Hitler are being used...
:idea: :idea:
But he has nothing on at all, cried at last the whole people....

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Re: Dear RSE Student

Unread post by forever » Sun Mar 01, 2015 12:37 am

I'm serious as a heart attack about Hitler tactics.

Don't take my word for it-or anything else for that matter. Be responsible. Protect yourself and loved ones by educating yourself. Many informative books are available online as pdf free. I cannot say enough about Psychic Dictatorship. It appears to be a blue print for RSE in the most significant areas.

For as much as Judy/JZR claims she had no knowledge of the occult? Oh, but started an I AM church in Tacoma? Ascended masters? The whole 9 yards. But then YOU don't know that because you depend on her to tell you what to read, how to think, what to believe in and what to support.

When was your last vacation? Can you afford one?

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Re: Dear RSE Student

Unread post by forever » Sun Mar 01, 2015 2:55 am

Dear Student,

Have you wondered why it costs so much for an event? Why your beloved teacher Ramtha, for sale? Auctioned off to the highest bidder for a one on one? You should know in the early days an hour session with Ramtha was $500?

Back to the question of why it costs so much for events can best be answered by being aware of where your teacher first " channeled", Richard Chamberlains. Berverly Hills? Who was present? Other than the 18-20 year old Jeff Knight personally invited by your channel, JZ, who had seen his picture in a magazine and fallen in love with him-while married to someone else? Other than Jeff Knigh, who was there that wasn't rich and famous? Other than your channel JZ and Jeff Knight. Because at that point she wasn't rich or famous. Or even known?

Is it fair to say that the price for attending her RSE, having a seat close to the "stage" or having a one on one with Ramtha isn't affordable for common folk-ies? Maybe because that isn't the group of people she wants to cater to? Are poor people prestigious? What do poor people have to offer HER? Would Larry king have her on to talk about some nameless, faceless, unimportant poor person who through enormous adversity scrapped up money to attend an event? Having a school full of poor people doesn't glorify her or create the picture of success that a prominent name such as....maybe you can think of one. Does she know your name?

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