What experiences led to your opinion that RSE is, or isn't, a cult ? Address issues; no flaming tolerated.
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Caveat Emptor ? Let the buyer beware

Australia has many legal avenues for dealing with corruption of government officials at all levels. The investigations are thorough and the public does not have to pay anything to instigate an investigation. They just have to have sufficient evidence. Likewise the public are able to lodge complaints at no cost to the Consumer Affairs department for unjust, unethical trading and get a just outcome. I have used numerous such avenues and found them a benefit.

The people who administer the law are held accountable for their investigations and there are suitable avenues of complaint if one is dissatisfied, or considers the outcome biased, or corrupt.

This does not appear to be the case in the USA at all particularly when the word ?God? is involved. The USA constitution protects those who pilfer from others, destroy lives and mind control people in the name of ?god? and call it the right to religious freedom.

It usually appears to be a long hard battle to try to get legal justice in the USA when religion is involved and it costs a lot of money for questionable success. The country has become fanatical in the defending of religious freedom.

J.Z. Knight ( the cult leader) has defended the lack of suitable results at Ramtha?s School of Enlightenment on the basis that it is a religion. This is not what is publicly presented to the customers. It is presented as a school of supernatural study where the students are over time supposed to be able to get sustainable supernatural abilities. However when it gets down to the truth the law on paper is the legal standpoint that is enforceable and if JZ uses religion as a tactic then customers/students in reality can expect no more from it. J.Z Knight?s lawyer states that the most one can expect from RSE is the satisfaction of having a closer connection with ?god.?

Australia is not a religious country. The minority of people worship some sort of deity. I was not brought up with religion and would never attend a religion by choice. RSE is totally misrepresented to the audience and the lies over the years are Piled High and Deep. ( A PhD in Enlightenment is on offer )

I t is a ridiculous idea to manifest poverty and say it is all the customer?s doing whilst J.Z. laughs light heartedly all the way to the bank.

The bottom line is RSE is a religion as the law on paper is the truth and any dissension on the matter is settled through the law and Ms. Knight has been lying to the public for a very long time.

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Welcome "blueheeler"?,
Thank you for posting.
This does not appear to be the case in the USA at all particularly when the word ?God? is involved. The USA constitution protects those who pilfer from others, destroy lives and mind control people in the name of ?god? and call it the right to religious freedom.
When I first attended an RSE event back in 1989, I made the very misguided assumption that the laws in the USA for protecting the public from unjust and unethical businesses were the same as New Zealand and Britain ? Wrongo in the Congo..
When I began to witness unethical and destructive behavior and situations at RSE I blindly thought that the ?school? was above the law of the land, and protected by a greater power?!
Because of the terrible mistakes made by the government in dealing with The Branch Davidian Seventh Day Adventist Church at the Waco siege, they are now taking a softly softly approach in dealing with all fanatical religious groups/cults in the USA,
RSE Inc is no exception.
I do know that a former police chief of Yelm made a comment to the effect that 'he did not want another Waco incident in his home town or country.
I think the government is keeping a close watch on RSE, but refuse to move until something terrible hits the headlines.
The more information we can get out there to educate the public about the true nature of RSE,
the less likely another cool aid/waco incident will happen.


Waco Siege - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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david said, "the government is keeping a close watch on RSE."

yeah, and they're also aware of emf.

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Ignatius - google Derren Brown -- for short videos or go to: ... n/tvshows/
watch The Heist -in which Derren persuades a group of businessmen and women to steal ?100,000 in an armed robbery.
Then you can have a more informed discussion of how people - educated uneducated in schools or in life can be duped.

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