Wonderful on the outside Treacherous on the inside....! Cults have millions of members around the world who also thought they were immune.
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When something tangible and undeniable happens through contact with the teachings, it hooks you in... one weekend staying with my RSE friend, we had nothing to eat but what was left in her kitchen cupboards - she was selling her house, so was running down the food in the house. At that time I had allergic reactions to anything that came from a cow; she didn't know that, but she told me before I went down there that she didn't make any space for food allergies - if her friends wanted special diets, they had to bring their own food! She said that it was all in the mind and that avoiding certain foods was all about wanting to be special.

I could see that that could be true in some cases, and I was interested in the idea that I could just tell my body that it wasn't allergic to cow dairy products any more. Well, there was absolutely nothing to eat in the house that wasn't from a cow - apart from chorizo! Granola with cows' milk, hot chocolate made with cows milk, tins of soup with milk powder in it, lots of cheese... I ate it all, and not a whisper of a reaction! Before, I would swell up like a balloon if I just put a piece of cheese in my mouth. For three days, I ate mostly chunks of cheese, and didn't have one reaction after years of being "allergic".


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Hello MaxP,
Welcome to EMF, thank you for posting.
Re: When something tangible and undeniable happens through contact with the teachings, it hooks you in...
Yes…it was during a very early RSE beginner events circa 1990' I experienced a massive 'spiritual experience', at least that’s what I thought was..
when in fact it was a classic cult induced religious engineered epiphany, what seemed like a massive breakthrough (tangible and undeniable)
was a deliberate form of mind control to manipulate a person's 'conversion' into a fixed group mindset,
and very little to do with what is spiritual, enlightening, or true.
So powerful was that experience I pledged to ‘Ramtha’ my life over to RSE and 'the great work'.
I may go into the finer details later...but suffice to say the experience convinced me that ‘Ramtha’ was real, an all knowing compassionate God that could teach me ‘the chosen one’ to become ‘enlightened’, or at the very least to become a great healer and perhaps conquer death. :oops:
Jeeeez what a deep and tragic wormhole to have fallen into, and so so hard to climb out once having surrendered a life over to a clever cult sociopath.. :twisted:
But I digress...
Did I have extraordinary experiences during my time in RSE? > YES> ..however, that was not because of 'Ramtha,' but despite of :idea:
And now 'in my time and counting'...do I believe 'Ramtha' exists? or ever existed? Nah...thank God.. :roll:
As it happens, this Interesting subject that has also come up with some recent EMF email exchanges..
Again..thank you for sharing MaxP, I hope I made sense.
“Trust in God, but tie your Camel.
Attributed to the prophet Mohammed

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Re: Discuss

Unread post by journeythroughramthaland » Sun Sep 29, 2019 12:39 am

Hi David and MaxP,

This is an interesting discussion, because it gets to the heart of one of the issues that hooks one into a group such as RSE. Within all the smoke and mirrors, one tends to forget the basic relationship between correlation and causation. The group speak and world view encourages and confounds the meaning of the words. In addition, when one tries to make the distinction, they are often accused of using wrong thinking, or, in the case of RSE ones "Monkey mind". It is one of the more effective mind traps.

This is just a short primer on why it is important to make the distinction.
"I respect faith, but doubt is what gets you an education."
-William Mizner

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