JZ Knights Sally Paulsen comments

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JZ Knights Sally Paulsen comments

Unread post by freemysoul » Fri May 27, 2011 5:30 am

I just read on JZ Knight's website, her response to Sally Paulsen's death, and am both disgusted and taken aback at her audacity. What really gets me is that I have heard JZ Knight's take on death, and I know what she really thinks. So to have her use her website to protect her image and product is outrageous to say the least. JZ Knight doesn't believe in mourning, she doesn't even believe in death to be honest, so why would she feel, "deeply saddened" by Sally's death except to persuade people who don't know any better that she is a compassionate, understanding and thoughtful CULT LEADER. She goes on to describe how rse is just trying to be informative and helpful in case of some unforeseen disasters, neglecting the fact that she has spearheaded a fear mongering marathon for the past 20 plus years that ultimately lead to Sally burying food in the first place. Normal people, preparing for disaster, don't bury food, they stock their shelves or their pantries, but it is specifically because JZ Knight has continually beat the drum of fear for people to 'bury' their food, because of some other unfounded fear of the people who don't have food kicking in your doors and stealing it then killing your family, that Sally was burying her food in the first place. JZ has some accountability in this tragedy. She has filled people who believe in her with unfounded fear for years now, and she isn't doing it because she is such a compassionate person, she does it because she knows that it gets peoples attention, keeps them coming back to "important message" events, and keeps them in her clutches like a crack dealer. May this latest tragedy become the beginning of the end of JZ Knights preying on peoples base instincts of survival.

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Re: JZ Knights Sally Paulsen comments

Unread post by Vanilla » Fri May 27, 2011 5:12 pm

It's been said around the arena at discussions that when you need Ramtha for any reason you say his name three times.I heard this from a handful of students. One guy said his cancer disappeared in black smoke, infrared being..another said they were saved from an infection life threatening. I guess it didnt work for this lady.

I went to a party, there were Ramsters there - I brought it up, and their comment was she wanted to die, she didnt want to deal with the days to come so that was her way of chickening out. They said the body works in mysterious ways.
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Re: JZ Knights Sally Paulsen comments

Unread post by Another Dimension60 » Sat May 28, 2011 3:21 am

even if all the rationalizations are true re Sally's death - even if she 'created' it, wanted it.... the most telling point to me in these explanations by ramsters and rse is the uttttttttteeeerrrrrrrrr absence of heartfelt compassion..... Compassion is NOT just a physiologically induced emotion/feeling to be overcome/denied/ignored/pretended not to exist -- Compassion is the essence of us - and any thing or one who claims enlightenment or the journey towards it who doesn't know this, is ...is....is.... is... well ... is in need of our compassion 'cause they've missed the boat and are lost bobbing along in a sewer of caca......

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Re: JZ Knights Sally Paulsen comments

Unread post by Ockham » Sat May 28, 2011 4:14 am

There must be some criteria to set limits on the invocation of three Ramthas, else the poor old guy would have to work favors 24 hours a day. I'll have to give it a try in the morning at the gas station to see if I can get Ramtha to help me pick a winning scratch-off lottery ticket. Wink.

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