It ended.

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It ended.

Unread post by forever » Sun Feb 01, 2015 7:47 am

Anyone remember the compassionate caring Ram? " You're the forgotten Gods". Life time after life time..recycled ignorance. How RELIGION had enslaved us. Told us " God is out there-out thee-out there", beginners. And all along " don't you let anyone anyone tell u God is out there". Teaches "God is within", "you are gods". " Don't you ever let anyone tell you different'.

Fast forward: " I want you to go from here never stopping to pursue truth".

It wasn't supposed to be a Manson family. It was supposed to be a SCHOOL! Where we learned about US. ALL of us. Including his "daughteren" as a student. How to create, manifest, change our life, GROW. Become Christ consciousness. And yet somehow Judy became high priest.

When i watched the attack on Evans and Ram say. " my daughter is successful, you are not successful", i Cringed. Since WHEN did success/failure, an "image" perception come into it? Along with POLITICS!!

What happened to, " you're not democrats or republicans, black/whit, Mexican, etc, you're were just my people'? Christ consciousness? When in FACT it's all about fame, $$$, glory, "success'. Judy didn't make anyone "successful' or any such thing-period. It's the other way around. Her success ( cringe ) is the result of people buying her product of Hope and Change. Sounds political to me.

How long is someone to be as a baby bird in a nest with it's mouth open waiting for a worm? My God isn't it the truth? People don't realize The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within!!! That's a quote!! Beginners?

So how did it go from, "you are gods and i will teach you how..." to F---k You A-hole? To all about her SEX LIFE? Are you kidding me? According to Ram " You know how i know you are way back there in the past, because this entire audience has been about first seal". Back then Judy's orgasms were not mentioned. Please. I understand we all adults but isn't such a subject supposed to be private? And who in the hell cares? What does it have to do with Christ consciousness? Where does the insanity end? Glaring contradictions.

I have NO problem giving someone their dues. All us have paid hard earned $$$$ for her services. But that doesn't seem to be enough.It goes beyond that into demanding absolute attention, control, worship and giving away all energy/control over to her/them/it whatever.

What students or student has she made "successful"? The hearsay is that she's a miser employer. Dose NOT pay well. One staff member said he was "tired of not having any $". Been there long time.

Successful? Like Joe and the reservatrol? What the bleep? Falling out. That corporation does NOT promote students success. Not that i have seen. Except when student is being USED/exalted to promote Judys success. It's dark and very scary. The manipulation is deep and students are fragile because they have given away all of their power to her. Are DEPENDENT on something OUTSIDE of them. Exactly what Ram said he was here to free us from. Like religion. So tell me please-what's the difference?

"F---ing Catholics". Cursing cuz sexual abuse of children? And what in the hell is "on stage" with her/him them? That's exalted as an expert?

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