Ramsters contribution to Yelm economy and cause of growth

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Another Dimension60
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Ramsters contribution to Yelm economy and cause of growth

Unread post by Another Dimension60 » Sat Oct 02, 2010 3:16 pm

It's difficult enough for me to handle jz's full page ads in the local newspaper proclaiming the 10s of thousands of dollars ramsters have contributed to Yelm's economy.... .... It's even more difficult to hear "normal" people/people to whom it would never occur to attend a jz event - proclaim how much ramsters have contributed to the economy and that they are the cause of the housing boom in Yelm and area.
Where's that barf icon?
The simplest most obvious thing to be said re all the development in this area is -- TENS OF THOUSANDS of military personnel and their families. Ramsters are not the folks buying the houses in all the developments. Even the 'bought and paid for' Fire Dept told me that years and years ago - development had begun in this area before folks who attended jz's events were known as ramsters.....
While trying in utter frustration to point out this obvious to someone. out of my mouth came:
they couldn't even keep QFC open!!!!! -- seemed that the majority of QFC shoppers were ramsters - and even during the heydey of wine ceremonies apparently there weren't enough of them buying enough contributing to yelm's economy to keep the store open. hmmmmmmmm
and Steve Klein got what - 28 votes when he ran for mayor.? Out of 15,000 people, hmmmmmm

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Re: Ramsters contribution to Yelm economy and cause of growt

Unread post by David McCarthy » Sat Oct 02, 2010 6:56 pm

Hi AD60,
they couldn't even keep QFC open!!!!!
Steve Klein got what - 28 votes when he ran for mayor.? Out of 15,000 people, hmmmmmm
No need to confuse Steve with the facts... :shock:
When I challenged Steve Klein over those NV News advertisements that were based on the “RSE demographic questionnaire forms”
he had the nerve to tell me Quote: it was not a scientific survey!!!.
I realized there and then that I was talking to a very disturbed, dangerous and corrupt man.
I also pointed out that... since I moved to Yelm in 1990, my home town in NZ had greater growth than Yelm so does he also conclued that was due to RSE?
These people are thinking they are "Masters of the great work" and a cut above the rest of humanity, thus.. entitled to do and say anything,
justifying their actions as for the greater good of the villagers.... of whom most will perish in 2012 anyway…
These people are very very sick..... :sad:
If 90% of RSE students realy understood that have been used and they too are part of this destructive madness,
they would be totally..and I mean TOTTALY horrified...and rise up and storm the gates of RSE.


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Requesting RSE records from Steve Klein
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Re: Ramsters contribution to Yelm economy and cause of growt

Unread post by Kensho » Sat Oct 02, 2010 10:55 pm

Hello Everyone,

Perhaps an important thing to bear in mind with respect to what Ramsters claimed to have spent in the Yelm area on the surveys, is that a large portion of that money went right into the pocket of Judith & Co. Although the cost of retreats are not included in the survey totals, all the money spent on campus, at the Quantum Cafe, for hook ups, and the food court are. That money likely did nothing to help Yelm's economy or development, for it most probably disappeared into an abyss created out of Judith's greed. Judith as Ramtha once described the results of generosity and compassion toward others by saying that "It goes into a black hole". Hmmm, one would only have such a perception if one's experience was in alignment with it. How sad and shameful it is for anyone, never mind a self proclaimed enlightened god, to hold such a perception. :-?

The survey results are no doubt advertised in a biased way so as to be in favour of RSE's agenda, but the facts speak for themselves. For example, the amount that I typically spent/retreat on RSE recommended reading, CDs, DVDs, clothing and other items at the Quantum Cafe alone, far exceeded the amount that was spent in the Yelm area for groceries, gas, motel rooms etc. Thus, what was spent went to fortify the RSE corporations and little else. I expect that this is the case for most who have attended or are still attending RSE.
Just sayin'...not hatin', but glad to no longer be payin' :D

With love, Kensho
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Re: Ramsters contribution to Yelm economy and cause of growt

Unread post by Vanilla » Thu Apr 14, 2011 10:58 pm

I remember filling out a form when I was at an event and I grossly exaggerated because I knew it would make the school look good. I was told that is what it was for.

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