Great article from Nisqualy vally News

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Great article from Nisqualy vally News

Unread post by Robair » Sat Dec 08, 2012 3:40 pm

Hello Everyone

Wow never thought I would see that from Keven, ... 221096.txt

Time to send that bigoted old warrior into retirementBy Keven Graves

Published: Friday, December 7, 2012 3:57 PM PST

Frankly, I’ve grown weary of the JZ Knight/Ramtha debacle.

I’m sure many people have. It seems to be a story that won’t be going away any time soon. That’s in large part because of Knight’s own litigious actions.

This week it became clear that Yelm’s world famous channeler isn’t content to go after her former student, Virginia Coverdale, for releasing what Knight attorneys argue is copyrighted materials — namely very unflattering videos of Knight slurring her speech and disparaging Catholics, gays, Mexicans, Jews and organic farmers.

When you watch the videos, Knight’s remarks appear to be nothing more than the rantings of a bigot sitting at the end of a sticky bar.

Somehow that falls under copyrighted material.

Knight is now going after The Freedom Foundation, a conservative think tank in Olympia that posted copies of Knight/Ramtha videos on its website.

JZK, Inc.’s lawyers subpoenaed The Freedom Foundation and employee Glen Morgan seeking information relating to the case

In response, The Freedom Foundation is claiming it has the Constitutional protections of freedom of assembly. The Freedom Foundation is represented by Michelle Earl-Hubbard, a media law attorney well known to the Nisqually Valley News.

Earl-Hubbard very capably represented the NVN in 2005 against former Roy councilwoman Anja Alston’s attempt at prior restraint against the newspaper.

Alston paid the NVN $22,000 to settle that case.

From an outsider’s perspective, I think the strategy at hand is pretty clear — Knight is effectively trying to make all of the videos that show the profanity-laden diatribes pouring from her mouth disappear from public view.

Unfortunately for Knight, things posted on the Internet have a way of hanging around for a while.

There are undoubtedly copies of all of those videos downloaded on more than one hard drive. At the very least, they cannot be unseen.

Meanwhile, through her public relations machine and most vocal supporters, she is trotting out the notion that her insensitive and despicable remarks pertained to the child molestations covered up by the Catholic church.

How noble.

Another JZK strategy is to paint Coverdale as a “woman scorned” because Coverdale had a relationship with Knight’s former companion, James Flick.

It all sounds a bit like a sordid soap opera.

If she’s not going to apologize for Ramtha’s offensive comments, I have another suggestion for Ms. Knight — it’s time to send that old blowhard into permanent retirement.

Whatever his brand of so-called wisdom might be, the world will be a better place without his offensive and disgusting remarks
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Re: Great article from Nisqualy vally News

Unread post by Robair » Sat Dec 08, 2012 4:34 pm

Hello everyone

This another big lost for JZK.
Court tosses out JZK subpoena Friday
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Published: Friday, December 7, 2012 3:23 PM PST

OLYMPIA- A Thurston County Superior Court judge on Friday, Dec. 7, dismissed a subpoena from JZK, Inc, a corporation controlled by JZ Knight, according to a press release issued by The Freedom Foundation.

The subpoena would have required The Freedom Foundation to turn over documents and related materials used in the production of news articles and video of Knight, according to the press release.

This fall, the Foundation wrote a series of website articles and produced video features about Ramtha School of Enlightenment teacher JZ Knight’s relationship with state and local lawmakers and the dangers at her school, said Freedom Foundation representatives.

Knight’s attorney subpoenaed the Foundation, demanding information about its sources that aided in the investigation.

The Freedom Foundation contested the subpoenas in JZK. Inc. v. Coverdale, et al.

“We’re pleased that Judge (James) Dixon granted the motion and upheld the Freedom Foundation’s constitutional and statutory rights to protect the identity of our sources,” said Jonathan Bechtle, CEO of the Freedom Foundation.

"As part of its mission to hold government accountable, the Freedom Foundation investigates stories of government misconduct and communicates them to the general public. Our recent stories about JZ Knight came to light as part of an investigation into allegations of cronyism between Knight and county officials," the press release said.

"The Foundation makes confidential agreements to sources that help gather the information for investigations. The right to maintain a confidentiality agreement like this is provided by the First Amendment and also by common law and statutory reporter shield laws. Without confidentiality agreements, the Foundation would not be able to conduct successful investigations."

“The Foundation can and will continue to stay on the front lines of exposing corruption in Washington,” Bechtle said.
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Re: Great article from Nisqualy vally News

Unread post by Jingz » Sat Dec 08, 2012 5:03 pm

Yippee! Chalk another one up for the good guys! I feel the momentum really picking up now, I hope we can keep it up.

What I don't understand is that the only way she can come close to Virginia is with that stupid CoP agreement, but how can she think she can stop the freedom foundation?

I have a prediction, no more online streamings, she can't control the content. That's going to put a dent in the revenue are people supposed to get there when she keeps telling them not to fly? Oh I guess it doesn't matter, the world is ending anyway....makes you wonder why she cares about damage control?


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Re: Great article from Nisqualy vally News

Unread post by Vanilla » Wed Dec 12, 2012 8:58 pm

In the RSE chat rooms there are some people saying Ramtha should retire too.

"You can't talk about my teacher that way"

People are talking. RSE students are.

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