Hate on Trial Guest Editorial by Virginia Coverdale

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Hate on Trial Guest Editorial by Virginia Coverdale

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Hate on Trial
http://www.zoomvillage.com/newsStory.cf ... e-on-Trial

Guest Editorial for zoomvillage.com by Virginia Coverdale January 18, 2013

I am very honored that the publishers or STJ has asked me to blog for their on-line newspaper. I have never been knowledgeable about local politics. I had no idea just how badly our rights have been eroded here in Thurston County and across the country for that matter. What usually keeps politicians in check? The media. However when you come to realize the deck is stacked and the media is all part of a vast conspiracy to promote one agenda, instead of unbiasedly presenting all sides, you also realize that the press is the most important freedom we have.

I am thrilled to now have the South Thurston Journal available here. Its a small step but the ripple effect is what we are after. To expand a chain of community papers that actually reports the truth.

I woke up to the power of local government while trying to expose a dangerous cult leader. Since the dangerous cult leader was our commissioners largest campaign donor we realized why all our pleas had not been heard. While JZ Knight plays out her acting role as "Ramtha the Enlightened One" she has been able to convince a group of otherwise intelligent people to drink a dangerous concoction containing Red Devil Lye, to invest in multiple investment scams, and to participate in other reckless and dangerous behavior.

There is no religious freedom afforded at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment. Knight is the President of a multimillion dollar "amusement and entertainment business" who was passed off as a "fraternal organization" to obtain her permits. This is a solvable problem. Pull Knight's ill-gotten permits. There is still NO action on the part of our local commissioners whose job it is to protect the health and safety of this community. It appears they are much too busy financially ruing law abiding land owners than to prevent a tragedy.

--Editor's Note --
Virginia Coverdale is an ex-member of JZ Knight's "Ramtha School of Enlightenment", and is currently being sued by JZK Inc. for exposing secret RSE videos last fall. The secret RSE videos showed JZ Knight screaming obscenities and making offensive, bigoted statements about Catholics, Jews, homosexuals, Mexicans, and more.
Coverdale is, in turn, counter-suing JZK Inc. for fraud and slander. Both cases are ongoing.
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Re: Hate on Trial Guest Editorial by Virginia Coverdale

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Re: Hate on Trial Guest Editorial by Virginia Coverdale

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looks like JZ didn't create her day very well. She better get to walkin'

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