JZ Rose has a Lotto Machine

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JZ Rose has a Lotto Machine

Unread post by Robair » Sun Mar 31, 2013 2:41 pm

Hello Everyone

I guess her next move will be to open a Casino, maybe even turn the Ranch into one

http://www.examiner.com/article/school- ... er-members

A unique story is unfolding in the bedroom town of Yelm, Washington, situated approximately one and ½ hours southeast of Seattle and 20 miles southeast of the State’s Capitol.
Yelm, surrounded by the US Joint Military Base of McCord/Lewis, is home to close to 7,000 residents, and the “Ramtha School of Enlightenment”. This small town is attracting notoriety as former members of the JZ Knight Ramtha School are beginning to speak out and draw attention to the practices and somewhat unorthodox teachings of JZ Knight who claims to be the sole channeler of her trademarked character named “ Ramtha”.

JZ Knight resides on 49 acres in a 12,800 square foot French Chateau- Style home , worth 2 million dollars . Her home includes 6 bedrooms, 7 fireplaces, a spiral staircase and is completed with an indoor swimming pool. Her home is known as “ The Ranch” or “ The Compound”, depending on which side of the stone, copper topped, moss covered , barbed wired wall enclosing the property, you find yourself standing on.

The petite woman known as JZ ( Zebra) Knight, is legally the sole channeler for her trademarked character known as “ Ramtha, the Enlightened One”. According to Knight, Ramtha lived 35,000 years ago in Atlantis. Ramtha has now returned from the Spirit World to lead his former army ( the current body of students) to enlightenment during their lifetime.
If you talk to any of the current students, willing to pay over $1,000.00 to participate in a week-long retreat on the inside of the compound / Ranch, you will soon discover these folks truly believe they were once a part of Ramtha’s Army.
Currently, there is a group of former members of Ramtha’s School ( which by the way is not legally a school) , who have found themselves in a legal situation with the Channeler.
JZK. Inc. recently subpoenaed Facebook for personal information on former members of an online Facebook recovery group, known as Enlightened Europa. JZ Knight believes members of this group may have information pertaining to the video released to the press during the 2012 Washington Democratic Campaigns showing Knight , as Ramtha, openly slandering Catholics, Jews, Mexicans, homosexuals and organic farmers.

In order to protect themselves, members of the Facebook Group “ Enlightened Europa” hired an attorney to represent them and their personal Facebook information from being released to JZK Inc. JZK Inc. subpoenaed Facebook for personal information of former members. This originally frightened some of the former members who have been cautious about speaking out publicly regarding the school and its practices. Many of these former members have been living in fear during and after their time in the Ramtha School. Ramtha has predicted horrible doomsday scenarios for the past twenty years. Some of these former members left their families, jobs, homes and possessions in order to find refuge at the safest place on earth ( Yelm, Wa.) according to teachings at RSE. ( Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment).

"Ramtha” has been known to encourage the school’s members to drink wine, smoke a pipe, take prozac, consume 5- hour energy drinks and eat Twinkies. Recently , the “Ramtha School" introduced a new “ discipline” into its curriculum, whereby school members visit the local casino and place bets on numbers that they “ know” will win. JZ Knight also owns a local retail store, JZ Rose, where she operates a Lotto machine. Student’s who do not have the funds for the casino are encouraged to purchase “ winning lotto tickets” in her store. ( See recent story reported by King 5) . The story continues with further court subpoenas for depositions and allegations towards former members and outspoken community residents desiring to protect themselves, their anonymity, other members, and the public from becoming involved in a “School” that appears to encourage gambling, alcoholism, bigotry, slander and intimidation of former members
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