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JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 9:15 pm
by David McCarthy
During a recent RSE event JZ Knight claimed her DNA is different from "Ramtha's" DNA.
RSE supporters should also understand One person can have 2 sets of DNA
Its called (a chimera)
A person who has more than one set of DNA is a chimera, and the condition is called chimerism. The word comes from the mythical Chimera, a creature in Greek mythology that's part lioness, part goat, and part snake.
Regarding chiropractor Matthew Martinez who sells the DNA testing....
Thurston County
In November 2012 the Chiropractic Commission charged chiropractor
Matthew W. Martinez (CH60191433) with unprofessional conduct.
Allegations include billing for services not provided and representing himself as a licensed massage practitioner when he does not hold an active massage practitioner credential in Washington.
13-003-DisciplineNewsRelease.pdf ... elease.pdf


Chimerism in Relationship to Schizophrenia and Dissociative Identity Disorder ... -disorder/

Joe Szimhart - Ramtha's DNA???

Confirmation bias - Wikipedia

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 9:47 pm
by forever
Excuse me but how in the hell can anyone get a DNA sample from an invisible Ramtha?
It's bullshit. Excuse my mouth but this garbage has gone on unnecessarily for far too long and reads like a freaking soap opera!! The cliff hanger that holds raft attention? Why go through all the cloak and dagger to "prove" something when the obvious proof is for Ramtha to simply show himself. The DNA BS is nothing more or less a publicity stunt. For people to flock to RSE$$$$$$$. Throw away years of their life and pile of money and replace their soul with Ramtha only to understand that it's what's within THEM not the "teachings".

It's ridiculous!!!!!!

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 10:00 pm
by David McCarthy
Thank you forever...
Nothing like telling it like it is... :idea:

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 10:12 pm
by forever
David you have a marvelous sense of humor.

The DNA stunt takes all. It got my ire up. When and where does the insanity of RSE end? ENOUGH already!!!!!!

At this point i don't give a shit if Ramtha is real. I've had enough of the insanity and ugliness. Give THAT to Willy Wonka.

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 10:30 pm
by forever
I am sick and tired and fed up chasing this that and everything else from hell and back in the name of God. Heaven/hell, society, mental health, politics, science, education, religion and RSE and every other cult and organized crime syndicate all have a self serving agenda. I am obviously blowing a fuse.

Is sanity found only in a freaking dictionary?

Lizards, aliens, anti Christ, politics, agendas, the entire MESS is just that-a MESS. People thriving and feeding off others ignorance. Let's not forget CA falling into the ocean. The sun shooting at us. Human colonies on mars and aliens on earth. Jehovah and his legion-venus and mars. And the Gods of Eden. That we know know are Ramtha? ENOUGH!!!

In the meantime football coaches make MILLIONS $$$$$$ while nurses make how much? And people are starving? Wars are raging? What in hell is wrong with everyone that they can't get their head outta their&*^%$ and realize what we need is LOVE. Or that too is only found in a dictionary?

I am really seething and have to cool off before i saw anything else. God Bless.

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 10:38 pm
by David McCarthy
From my experience....
The insanity of the world is but a tiny fraction of its beauty and miracle of life.... :idea:


Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 11:56 pm
by forever
All of us have looked to others for direction, inspiration, help, support from many different sources, institutions. Mental health, religion, education and science. All are based on opinion.

History reads the way whoever wrote it wanted it to.

Medical field isn't a science either.

Religion-which one? i rest my case.

None have the answers.

I'll stick with Johnny Rivers, "Look To Your Soul".

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 12:40 am
by joe sz
doing my bit to spread the good news about JZ dna scam

feeling overwhelmed is normal when trying to unravel the cult mess we were in.

take a break.

there are more important things than EMF and RSE is not going to go away any time soon no matter how much you do...

like a good cup of coffee in the morning with a friend

or fishing on the beach

David's wife is a constant reminder to him :!:
I had to get that in, know what I mean :lol:

but everyone appreciates the immense amount of time and emotional effort it takes to moderate this forum...priceless

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 1:02 am
by David McCarthy
David's wife is a constant reminder to him :!:
What wife? she divorced me... Just kidding....Bad Joke... ;-)
I agree with Joe...
there are more important things than EMF and RSE is not going to go away any time soon no matter how much you do...
take a break.....
Just wish I could take you for a lovely beach walk here in NZ...
Its really important to step back and give your heart and mind time to process.
Oftentimes understanding will arrive when not reaching for it.... :idea:
Much of what we are cleaning out is very toxic,
and just the same as a body cleanse of toxins should not be rushed
the heart and mind needs the same considerations for its elimination of toxins...
EMF is a great medicine for the soul...but in small doses
No rush....

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 1:22 am
by forever
Thanks David,

Don't say it too loud. I might show up at your door :lol:

I agree. I have had's insane. Fortunately for me i wasn't integrated into RSE. WHEW!!! And no RSE friends.
However, nothing can compare to when i left Pentecostal and went out into a world completely unfamiliar. :shock: It's been a journey. Not to mention 5-6 years later got the white book. It took years to make my way to RSE. And more years of climbing a mountain. Only to come out the other side. Look at it. From subjection to empowered. RSE represents females-at least one. :D

I read the article by Joe on the DNA crap, ramola. :roll: and then looked at other articles. Yikes. Now i understand the reaction to my miracle. Like i said-every institution is based on opinion. Is there a science for that? :lol: :D :lol: :twisted: And all of us have to look to our soul for answers. No one else has it.

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 3:13 am
by Ockham
Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!

Um, what is Judy Knight doing with Y-chromosome DNA? From two people?... The chart on Joe SZ's web site cites some genetic markers from R1B.

Assuming Ms. Knight has a Y chromosome (if she did, she'd be a guy - perhaps that explains a few things?..), the chart says JZ's got haplogroup Q marker M242. We know this:
The Q lineage is the lineage that links Asia and the Americas. The marker M242 arose some 15,000 to 20,000 years ago, with a man born in the savagely cold climate of Siberia during the last ice age. His descendants became the first explores of North America. Despite frigid temperatures, some of the Siberian Clan gradually crossed Siberia's ice-free tundra to eastern Siberia. About 15,000 years ago with much of the Earth's water locked up in ice sheets, sea levels were some 330 feet lower than they are today. Consequently, a landmass called Beringia (Bering Land Bridge) connected present-day Siberia and Alaska, providing a crossing point for the descendants of the Siberian Clan which led to original populating of the Americas.
Some of the Siberian Clan remained in Asia; marker M242 can be found in India and China as well as Siberia. Almost all Native Americans are descendants of the Siberian Clan.
Mr. Ramtha is claimed to have haplogroup C3 (chart says C, may be a typo) with marker M217, and thus we know:
The genetic marker M217 establishing the C3 lineage arose in people who lived among ancient East Asian populations about 20,000 years ago. From East Asia the descendants with the M217 spread the marker west and south toward central Asia. Genealogists believe this lineage spread in part via the legendary Mongol conquests of Genghis Khan during the 12th and 13th centuries A.D. See "Who is related to Genghis Khan?"
This is probably the easiest place to look if you want to get a handle on this stuff:

Given Joe SZ's exposé of of Matthew Martinez's patchy credentials, I think perhaps we can cast some doubt on the quality of the genetic test. Chain of custody baby! I'd be inclined to posit the sample was handled and/or contaminated by two Asian men. Cleanliness IS godliness in the biochemistry lab.

Even if DNA taken from Judy Knight nee Hampton, does contain these markers, then Mr. Ramtha can't be who he's said to be. The genetic marker that is supposed to be Ramtha's didn't split off until about 20,000 years ago. Does anybody know if the Hamptons have Native Americans in their family tree? Also, how does one tell Hampton DNA from Ramtha DNA?; in the lab, it is just stringy glop in a test vial.

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 3:20 am
by David McCarthy
More on Chimeric GenesThank you WP :idea:
Oct 2013 Formation of Chimeric Genes by Copy-Number Variation as a Mutational Mechanism in Schizophrenia (The American Society of Human Genetics) These results suggest that the formation of chimeric genes is a mechanism by which CNVs contribute to schizophrenia and that, by interfering with parent gene function, chimeras may disrupt critical brain processes, including neurogenesis, neuronal differentiation, and dendritic arborization.

Formation of Chimeric Genes by Copy-Number Variation as a Mutational Mechanism in Schizophrenia: The American Journal of Human Genetics ... 417-5?cc=y
Do you know of any candidate genes for psychopathy/sociopathy?
FuturePundit: Twins Study Finds Genetic Cause For Psychopathy

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 3:51 am
by forever
Ockham-my thoughts exactly!!

It's just a publicity stunt.

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 4:46 am
by David McCarthy
Oh yes publicity stunt with kickbacks from Dr. Mat? follow the money ....
Just how much does it cost for a Dr. Mat's DNA test?
More on DNA testing.. Thank you WP :idea:
Errors (University of Texas) When DNA typing was a new technology, its introduction to the courts in the U.S. was hotly contested by some scientists. One objection was that the DNA typing process itself was not meeting ideal data criteria. Initially, there were NO rules for DNA labs, and there were no certification procedures. Databases for evaluating RMPs were inadequate. Many of the former problems have been resolved with database expansion and with technologies that removes the subjectivity in assigning DNA type to a sample, but problems still remain, at least for some labs. In summer of 2003, the Houston Crime Lab made the news by having such sloppy DNA procedures that even the local authorities recommended withdrawal of its certification. Dr. Larry Mueller’s web page at U.C. Irvine ( go to “Forensic DNA Resources” at the bottom of the left menu) lists some of the lab errors that he has encountered in his experiences as an expert witness for the defense. Another, more recent and comprehensive site is Since most or all of these errors favored the prosecutions’ cases until they were discovered, there is no incentive for the government to maintain a public record of them.
The types of errors and problems most commonly encountered fall into a few types (A and D are apparently the most prevalent): Read more ... /text.html
DNA Testing - Absolute Health Clinic

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 4:57 am
by forever
Would someone explain why this is even an issue? What does having two sets of DNA have to do with an alleged ascended master she allegedly channels? ??????

Want to prove he's real? Let him show himself. That simple.

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 3:55 pm
by joe sz
it is merely a side show with DNA to divert the simplest therefore most elegant way to test if Ramtha is independent of JZ.
I used this test on several mediums that channel Masters like Ramtha while I was in their audience among believers. In all cases i had to pay to be at the event, but I knew ahead of time the medium would allow open Q&A.---it takes only a few minutes at best, but one has to be well-prepared and confident.
Do not let the channeler or the audience intimidate you.

I wrote about this in my review of Melton's book on Ramtha:
How to Test a Channel

In chapter eight, Melton concludes: "However, because the questions of pathology and fraud were answered, nonbelievers will have to come up with more creative alternatives" (156). Creative? Try simpler. Typical of parapsychologists who want to believe in the paranormal, Krippner and his colleagues missed an important opportunity to test the obvious. They needed wits, not instruments and psychological tests to see whether Ramtha was a separate, intelligent being. The Ramtha/JZ has produced many audio tapes, books, and videos to draw upon, along with interviews with members and ex-members. Ramtha/JZ has given private consultations to paying customers (Shirley MacLaine reports on these sessions in Dancing in the Light), so he is capable of private conversation. But Ramtha is trademarked like Mickey Mouse, meaning that no one can legally channel or use "Ramtha" without getting sued by JZ, so we cannot cross-check through another medium. But we do not need the opportunity. JZ/Ramtha walks and talks relatively freely among devotees, and s/he has appeared on television talk shows, publicly stating "outrageous" things and stroking his "beard." This is not a timid spook.

But he is oddly inconsistent. According to JZ (A State of Mind, 1987) in the beginning years [1977-80] Ramtha would follow her around asking odd questions like, "What be a Safeway," as if he just reappeared on earth after 35,000 years with no knowledge of our food market life. Yet he seemed to know the most secret details of our government, how the "Graymen" were running it and why we should avoid "debit cards." He demonstrates no capacity for another language, but speaks in an odd, British accent. Ramtha's accent and postures often resembled actor Yul Brunner his The King and I role. It is easy to note that Ramtha is suspiciously familiar with our culture and religions despite "his" clumsy affect in language.

We also know that Ramtha claims to be part of the Great White Brotherhood of ascended masters introduced to us mainly through Madame Helena P. Blavatsky and her Theosophical Society during the late 19th century. This is significant because these alleged ascended masters "do" operate spiritually outside of time and space. Through their mediums or channels, they claim access to instantaneous, "unlimited" knowledge and psychic power. Ramtha must know who his friends and enemies are. Ascended masters like Ramtha can communicate with one another according to the mythology. If an ascended master, or Ramtha, can describe complex philosophies, the airships of Inner Earth and extra-terrestrial civilizations (see Ramtha dialogues on Inner Earth and Jehovah), they can certainly describe through their medium much simpler things.

This is my primary rule for this test: If the channel/spirit or either aspect refuses to comply with such a simple test, we automatically conclude that there is no spirit (or "autonomous complex" as Carl Jung called it) present. Normally, I have had to set up the channeled "spirit" to trap them into such a test. Most channels or mediums are a clever lot and will squirm out of the obvious traps, like "how is my dead sister" when you do not have one.

When asking a question it is important to know what the channel would not know about your question, but it must include something the channeled spirit claims to know. This is not unlike the tests Catholic exorcists have used to determine if a "demon" were present. Can the spirit speak in a language totally unknown to the possessed? Can the spirit move physical objects? Does the room suddenly turn cold for no apparent reason? Can the exorcist team rule out psychopathology? And so on.

But our test is not to determine the need for exorcism. We will merely try to determine the existence or quality of a spirit, not to judge or eliminate it. We already know that Ramtha knows another master called Jesus ("Yeshua ben Joseph" in JZ's jargon). Yeshua is an ascended master who JZ recognizes and has channeled, as indicated above. Ramtha may recognize another master if you ask-Blavatsky's KH (aka Koot Hoomi or Kuthumi) would do as the Ram should know that master well. After all, they are part of the same occult lodge, the Great White Brotherhood. In any case, the important factor is to get Ramtha to admit that he knows another ascended master, then ask a series of "yes" questions. Have you known Jesus (KH) for long? Are you aware of esoteric groups or persons that Jesus (KH) has worked with? Would you or Jesus (KH) be aware of people who are merely faking to be your channels or messengers? (JZ sued a European woman successfully to stop her from channeling Ramtha. Remember that Ramtha carries a trademark). All of these are "yes" answers because they are rhetorically sound-Ramtha has no choice but to answer yes, unless he wants to lie like an idiot. Do not put that past him, however. He may be "unlimited," but he can be "outrageous."

For this next step you will have had to encounter many serious students and channels of these same masters, facts about actual people who JZ would not know. There are literally thousands to choose from. Then ask: "Ramtha, I know of someone in [Indianapolis] who has studied your teachings and channels Yeshua. Her name is [Mary Doe]. Describe that person to me? Please tell me what she is working on now." Use real people and guarantee that the person and project is real. That is the kind of question, simple, that does not take a physicist or an occultist to answer.

If, by chance, Ramtha gives the right answers, then JZ is either psychic, lucky, or a spirit is really there. Or your questions were poorly designed. The "hits" could also be due to a number of weird explanations. I doubt this will happen, but you have to be prepared to probe further, set up new tests, and not be shocked by the results. During the early 1980s, when the Medjugorje visionaries were tested, they submitted to several doctors, scientists and theologians over a period of years. The tests were more thorough and the visionaries more accessible to scrutiny than JZ. Krippner and his colleagues have not eliminated fraud, as Melton claims. They have only opened the possibility to longitudinal studies by less credulous, more thorough scientists, but I doubt seriously that this will ever happen.

One gaping difference between the Medjugorje seers and JZ is that the seers were not "possessed" by the subject of a vision in the shamanic sense, whereas JZ is. Their vital signs and brain waves remained the same during the group ecstasy, whereas Ramtha/JZ showed a difference during the possession. Any research team should include tests for the integrity of a channel or visionary. If the "self" is intact and honestly presented as indicated in various tests of the Medjugorje visionaries, there may be a strong possibility that they are speaking truth. Still, this does not prove that the Virgin Mary in their vision is "real." The Medjugorje visionaries maintain integrity during ecstacy; JZ is disintegrated. With JZ/Ramtha we have a corrupted JZ who is "confused" with Ramtha when she is apparently possessed. This still does not disprove that some spirit is present in JZ, but it shows that she is an essential part of the message--no JZ, no Ramtha. And Ramtha has yet to prove that "he" knows anything that JZ does not or can not know, in my view.

No, Krippner and his team have not ruled out fraud in the case of JZ/Ramtha, if what Melton and the press release (Connell) have reported thus far is any indication.

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 4:10 pm
by Ockham
Is there a discussion board member with a biochemistry and genetics background that might comment? I believe the chart on Joe's blog is talking about mutations found on the Y chromosome RB-1. If my high school biology serves me right, only males have a Y chromosome as part of the XY pair that determines sex. Females have an XX pair, without a Y.

Disregarding for the moment whether or not Judy Knight has a Y chromosome, the chart is specifically showing markers M242 and M217. These are DNA sequence mutations that have occurred in RB-1 at specific times and geographic locations. The presence of these markers can fix one's ancestors as having lived after a certain point in time and that the ancestors are related to a person that lived in a certain place. Both of these mutations entered the genome no more than 20,000 years ago.

To me this is a huge deal because RSE is voluntarily providing evidence to refute Ramtha myth. It is impossible that the human, who according to myth became Ramtha, lived any more than 20,000 years ago.

Does anyone agree?

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 4:19 pm
by Ockham
That should say R1B in the posting above, not RB-1. My apologies; not enough coffee yet.

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 5:19 pm
by forever
I have a family member that's a scientist. Several degrees. Fellowship with CDC. Iowa Hygienic Lab. Public Health. Let me see what i can do.

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 5:30 pm
by forever
I will see if i get her to post on EMF. She's busy so it won't be immediately.

I don't understand what JZ DNA has to with Ramtha? "He" never said he's IN her body. The explanation was that he overlays her body and works it through reptilian brain.

Response please?

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 5:47 pm
by joe sz
you are not your body is an old discussion.
Most Hindus believe in a "jiva" or Atman that operates the body, then leaves it at death. Buddhists do not.
Shamans have notoriously believed in OBE to "travel" to a mystical realm, to "die," get dismembered like Osiris did, then "resurrect," with newly gathered information.

Being possessed while out of body is another matter. In Bali, a trance subject can appear to become an "otter" and dive in the water, then come up with a fish in their mouth. I have a video of this actually happening. Once out of trance, it is not unusual for the trance subject to not recall being an otter.

here is a great video of the Bali trance dances and ceremonies in which subjects become "gods" or mythic creatures

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 5:57 pm
by forever
I am questioning the relevance of her DNA? You are not your body is the foundation of Christianity.

Journey Of Soul Into Matter/Body is a doctrine of RSE. Talks about why a soul would reincarnate into a different lineage. I do not see the relevance of her DNA. Not to mention the shady character involved.

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 8:24 pm
by David McCarthy
Perhaps this test will show up a genetic cause for sociopathy.. :idea:
geneticists have found some good leads on genes linked to sociopathy. They’ve done this by comparing DNA sequences from people who are thought to be sociopaths with DNA from individuals who are thought to be non-sociopaths


Related: sociopath gene
Understanding Genetics
By Dan Van de Mark,
I know someone I swear is a sociopath. The author of The Sociopath Next Door claims that 4 of 100 people today are sociopaths. What's the latest news regarding the inheritance of a sociopathic gene (if I can phrase it that way)?

-A curious adult from the U.S.
February 5, 2013

First off, let’s start out by saying there is no one sociopath gene. There are a bunch of different genes that carry some risk of increasing the chances that someone will be a sociopath. But these genes aren’t enough to explain all cases of sociopathy.

Other factors like the environment come into play too. Geneticists use ‘the environment’ as a catch-all term to talk about things that happen to us while we are in the womb, our family situation growing up and so on. We’ll talk more about the environment later.

Getting back to your question about inheritance though, right now it looks like about half of someone’s risk of becoming a sociopath comes from heritable factors. Some of that risk is linked to the genes we get from our parents.

If you think about all of the behaviors and qualities you would expect a sociopath to have, it shouldn’t be surprising that lots of genes can be involved. Sociopaths (also sometimes called psycopaths) tend to be irresponsible, egocentric, manipulative, impulsive, and antisocial. They tend to lack empathy and guilt. In some cases they also show criminal behavior.
It’s hard to believe that one gene could be responsible for all of these behaviors. And so far, this intuition is supported by scientific findings.
It looks like many different genes can be involved in increasing someone’s risk of becoming a sociopath. More specifically, certain glitches in some of the many genes that are needed for the brain to send signals and work properly can lead to an increased risk for being a sociopath.

Note the “increased risk.” Just having glitches in these genes won’t for sure make you a sociopath. They just make it more likely.
Finding these genes has been tricky for a number of reasons. For starters, there are levels of being a sociopath, and even questions about what a sociopath is.
When many people hear the word sociopath, they think of someone like Batman’s arch nemesis, the Joker. But what if someone shows less extreme sociopathic behaviors? Are they still sociopath? As we’ll talk about, this is a big reason it is so hard to find the genes involved.

To further complicate things, most of the studies I’ve seen haven’t been looking only for sociopathy genes. Instead, they’ve looked at people with other known issues and then looked at sociopaths as a group within that larger group. This makes it hard to tease out what exactly is causing sociopathy.
Given all of this you can see why it has been so difficult to figure out what genes are involved in sociopathy. But as you’ll see at the end, geneticists have managed to tease out a few. We don’t have the whole story, but we at least have the introduction.
What is a sociopath anyway?

We should first say that definitions of psychiatric disorders are not set in stone. They can and do change over time. (For some insight into the process of how disorders get classified, click here.)

Diagnosis of a psychiatric disorder also takes time and a good amount of evaluation. As a result, it can be hard to get a large group of people that you can confidently identify as sociopathic. This can make things harder for geneticists. Let’s first talk a bit about why that is.

Think of a classic example of genetics that teachers use to teach how genes are passed on. Something like the red hair gene.
Most red hair can be traced to a single gene. It is also very easy to tell who in a family has red hair. This means it is also easy for geneticists to track how that trait is passed down.
But now let’s come back to our example about sociopathy. What kinds of behaviors would you expect of a sociopath? Well, they might lie a lot. Do people who aren’t sociopaths ever lie? Sure.
So, what else describes a sociopath? They are probably really irresponsible. Does this mean that every irresponsible person is a sociopath? Surely not. You can see that it gets very complicated, very quickly.

If it is difficult to describe the trait that you are looking at, it is going to be difficult to trace down genetic causes for it. You might just stumble on a gene for lying or being irresponsible. It might have nothing to do with being a sociopath!
Despite this (and other problems I won’t go into), geneticists have found some good leads on genes linked to sociopathy. They’ve done this by comparing DNA sequences from people who are thought to be sociopaths with DNA from individuals who are thought to be non-sociopaths.

DNA differences found in one group and not the other are candidates for sociopathy genes. The next section will talk about a few of the genes identified in more detail.

The Brain as a Mail Delivery System
So what kind of genes are we going to be looking for? To understand this, we need to take a step back and talk about what genes are and to think about what sociopathy is at a more basic level.

Each of our genes has the instructions for making or running one small part of us. So there is a gene that controls whether you’ll have red hair or not, one that controls how well your red blood cells carry oxygen, and so on.
Sociopathy happens when someone’s brain isn’t working as it should. The brain is incredibly complex, and as you might guess, building and running a brain can’t be done with a single gene. It takes a whole lot of them.

The brain has a bunch of cells called neurons that all send and receive signals to one another and to the rest of the body. What seems to go wrong in disorders like sociopathy is that there is a problem in how these signals are sent.
Imagine you have a friend that you regularly write letters to. What steps are involved in getting information to your friend?
You’ll need to get some paper of course. Then you’ll have to actually write the message. You’ll put it in an envelope and then put it in your mailbox. The postal service will then transfer your message for you to your friend’s mailbox where they will receive it and read it.

We can kind of think neurons carrying out these same steps. Your cells make messages called neurotransmitters. The cell that is receiving the message has receptors for the message that act kind of like your friend’s mailbox.
The sending cell also has something called transporters that act kind of like your mailbox, receiving returned mail when sent to the wrong address (or in the case of the cell picking up excess signal when too much is sent). It also turns out that it is important for neurons to be able to degrade the messages (imagine how cluttered your home would be if you kept every piece of mail you were ever sent!).

Each of these steps is controlled by a certain set of genes. And the glitches that have been linked to sociopathy happen in many of these genes.
Some of the genes (though not all) pinpointed in studies are shown in the table below along with a description of step they are involved in.

Gene Symbol
Gene Name
Neuronal Function
Function in Mail Analogy
Monoamine oxidase A
Involved in degrading signals
Throwing out old letters
Fowler et al. (2009)
Caspi et al. (2002)
Serotonin transporter

Involved in uptake of excess serotonin by sending neuron
Undelivered and returned mail sent back to your mailbox

Fowler et al. (2009)
Cadoret et al. (2003)
Dopamine receptor

Receives dopamine neurotransmitter
Your friend’s mailbox receiving your mail
Beaver et al. (2007)
Wang et al. (2007)

Serotonin receptors
Receives serotonin neurotransmitter
Your friend’s mailbox getting your mail
Soyka et al. (2004)

Burt et al. (2008)
Mik et al. (2007)

This chart is not meant to be all inclusive. There are many other known genes to be involved and undoubtedly a whole lot more unknown ones.

What it does show are examples of genes that make proteins that act as your friend’s mailbox, your own mailbox, or as a declutterer in our mail analogy. Each has been shown to carry some risk when they don’t work right.
However, no one thinks just genes are involved. It takes more than a few genetic glitches to create a sociopath…

Genes Aren’t All that Matters
As I mentioned before, genes aren’t all that matters in determining if someone will become a sociopath. Environment plays a role too.
Imagine in our simple mail example that there are major snowstorms all over the country. How would that affect your ability to send mail to your friend?
Blizzards might slow down the postal service. They might make it so that you can’t get to the store to get more paper, or the store might even be closed. The storm could cause a lot of problems all along the chain of you writing and sending your message.

The same kind of thing is true in our brains except that no snow is falling there. No, instead things like events that happen in a person’s upbringing or while a baby is developing in its mother’s womb can affect how messages are sent. When these kinds of events are traumatic for a person, they can have effects on the brain kind of like the effect of the snowstorm on our mail example.
For example, they can cause a lot of stress. If someone has a genetic difference that makes them more likely to be a sociopath, the stress from a traumatic event might be enough to push them into it.

Of course not everyone who has some trauma in their lives ends up a sociopath (thank goodness!). This is true even if they have a version of a gene that makes them more susceptible. This makes it hard to use a genetic test to predict who will and who won’t end up a sociopath. In fact, it make it nigh impossible to.
This may all seem a little unclear, but that’s partly because it is a little unclear to geneticists too. It turns out that many of the difficulties we talked about are also problems when trying to find genes linked to a lot of other disorders such as schizophrenia or autism as well.

In that sense, this has been an excellent case to see the limitations of some genetic studies. This is very useful stuff to keep in mind the next time you see a news story claiming that the cause for one of these disorders has been found!

Understanding Genetics - By Dan Van de Mark, Stanford University ... h-genetics

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 8:29 pm
by forever
where did Joe get the information JZ revealed DNA test results? I'm trying to find the news article she put out? Anyone have it?

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 8:36 pm
by David McCarthy
Here ya go..
Facebook -Timeline Photos - Ramtha's School of Enlightenment

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 9:14 pm
by forever
Thanks David. Now i understand but it still doesn't make sense.

So that's the "Big Event" she was marketing huh? It's all about the $$$$$$$$$. If proving Ramtha is the priority why not just have him step out? End the drama & suspense.

DNA shows two separate DNA. One taken before and during channel?

First question is credentials. With all her $ why hire a shady character? And i don't see how two sets proves Ramtha. He isn't IN her body-
he overlays it.
When teaching on brain it's how Ramtha :roll: explained it. Saying he overlays her body and then and comes through reptilian
(hind brain) to teach. Because it has direct access to yellow brain/neo .

It's BS. Just more drama, sensationalism and publicity. Ridiculous. To me it doesn't matter if he's real or not. If that's an ascended master....what's a worldly one?

I spent hours on utube last night watching Eistein history and his work. Also, Stanford is teaching quantum mechanics etc. Now i understand why RSE is called pseudoscience. Imagine trying to teach real physics? Who needs wine to go to sleep.
The entire Ramtha saga is old news. Seen it's better days. The DNA bullshit is just to generate interest. She's also using the Jeff Bridges clip to advertise Ramtha. It's pathetic imo.

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 10:47 pm
by journeythroughramthaland
Hi David, Joe,Ockham, & forever,

I know it has been quite some time since I have posted, but I have been following along all during this time. This new wrinkle in the JZ/R fabric seems to be just another attempt at her slight of hand…"look at this while I relieve you of your wallet". Forever, I have spent the last couple of weeks catching up on all your posts and while your circumstances have not been the best, your expressiveness in your posts is certainly admirable and palpable. The questions you raise are logical, incisive, and understandable given your experiences.

I spent quite a bit of time investigating her claims from her previous scientists that she got so much milage out of Stanley Krippner and Ian Wick…..(I never have spelled his name correctly) I spent a number of hours interviewing them and in none of that time did they ever express anything like she did as far as their findings…what a surprise!

I believe that every move JZ makes is deliberate, she has no spontaneity, perhaps that is one of the reasons besides the$ that she invented the big jerk. Her fear mongering, ass kissing, blatant self promotion while now obvious to us all, should not surprise us that it might not be obvious to others.

If you have never seen it, on Netflix's there is a series called "Brain Games". It is in short 25 min segments and illustrates quite well how our own brains trick ourselves through our perceptions and why that occurs. Considering the way in which JZ alters ones perceptions physically, viewing some of these program will probably go a long way to understanding how strong being under the influence of a group or person who does this can be. You can sign on for a month for free and it is well worth it to view it.

There is a saying and I have no idea who to attribute it to or if it is an exact quote but it goes something like "One gets religion at deaths door" JZ keeps deaths door wide open for all to see and makes it so the only religion around is her own. All too many have proceeded down that path with her and it grieves me that in the end they may have found no door open to them, I can only hope I am mistaken.

There is no way to know all there is to know, yet that is her sales pitch and once hooked it is simply a matter of following the carrot on the stick, which no matter how fast you go, you never get to eat it.

One of my favorite authors is mythologist Joseph Campbell, in addition to the thousands of other quotes of his which he relates how he perceives the world around us one always sticks in my mind about the ambiguities of life.

“Life is like arriving late for a movie, having to figure out what was going on without bothering everybody with a lot of questions, and then being unexpectedly called away before you find out how it ends.”

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 11:35 pm
by forever
OMG bless you!

My brain has stretch marks from all the books, articles, posts, my thoughts and processing. I agree with you. It's exactly what happens. I am more fortunate than many because i didn't integrate. I couldn't. Too insane for me. I took the teachings and ran. It's been an alone journey indeed!!

Plodding along on my own (as my daughter puts it). She has never allowed me to say 2 words about Ramtha. It's been rough. No contact with RSE or students until last fall. Bought a cd on ebay from a student. We connected and they did their best to recruit me into MLM. Not where i am. Been there done that. I had opportunity to pick their brain . They began 2007? Shocked!!! :shock: Simultaneously i learned enough about computer to get online, you tube and discover what's taught RSE is now all over the place.!! It went from there and been intense. No words. It's a blur.

So glad to hear from you.

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Fri Mar 06, 2015 9:13 pm
by seriously
Hey Joe. I read your How to test a Channel post. I heard you discuss it at the Millersylvania park video as well. I don't presume to have knowledge anywhere close to your level in theosophy or cults but couldn't you break it down further and make the test easier? JZ has a mic in her ear. I've seen her responding to staff when she's pretending to be Ramtha. Why would an omnipotent being need updates from employees? That's a good thread. If you were bringing up another channel, don't you think one of her staff members would google it quickly and feed the info to Ramtha the unenlightened one?

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Sat Mar 07, 2015 1:04 am
by joe sz
It is too late to test JZ that way. She will not allow it.
The fact that she does not allow it is to me complete proof that she and Ramtha are the same is just as dumb and not psychic as the other.
I would never publish what I would actually ask Ramtha or any spook anyway.
This only works by surprise.
Her cronies can Google and whisper in an ear mic all they want. The questions would be designed to circumvent that kind of dopey cheating.

The crux of this technique, of asking an entity to describe something it should be able to know that we know the channeler dose not, is to prove that the entity can only act through the brain of the channeler.

One ascended master, "Heltha" that I questioned channeled by a college professor of history, Dr Lyle Kohler, said "she" ascended from Sweden. Heltha already flubbed a few of my questions, but I did not say she was right or wrong yet, when I asked "her" to answer my last question in Swedish, Heltha rocked back and forth as if confused, then said in a bad Scandinavian accent, "I am limited by the entity's brain that i must use, and this entity has not learned Swedish."
My next question was, "Then how can I tell the difference between Heltha and Dr Kohler?"

The audience was grumbling by then as I was the only skeptic among the 50 there.

The implication and only conclusion is the the same brain was acting there.

That is what JZ cannot get around since 1977, thus she will never submit to such a test.

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Sat Mar 07, 2015 1:09 am
by seriously
For sure, JZ would never ever submit to questions unless they came from a trusted source or were predetermined.

Why would she? She already has a franchise set up with a loyal, paying customer base.

Thanks Joe.

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Sat Mar 07, 2015 1:39 am
by joe sz
You are not your body is the foundation of Christianity.
I am not here to defend or promote any religion, but when anyone makes a global statement about a religion that needs clarification, I sometimes try to clarify.

Pentecostals like the early Gnostics tend to act as if the spirit and body are separate entities, that the "divine spark" in us is not the body.
Hare Krishnas used to say, "You are not the body. The body is like a sack of pus."

that was declared wrong by what we understand as "Christian" tradition from the time of Paul.

There may be a mystery here but Catholics for example state in their 1992 Catechism: "The unity of the soul and body is so profound that one has to consider the soul to be the "form" of the body....spirit and matter are not two natures united, but rather their union forms one single nature."

Most evangelical scholars see it the same way. The resurrection of "the body" is a key factor in this kind of theology.

That is another reason why channeling seems so stupid (heretical) to the average Christian. It is also why so many Pentecostal sects have imploded trying to "prophecy" as if the Holy Spirit possessed individuals in a praying crowd. Too much nonsense gets spewed and private religion emerges in new cult formations. No one needs a Gospel tradition when God is present and teaching you.

Nothing wrong with private religion---our secular world almost promotes the idea of each man and woman as their own god and their own religion in their private little spiritual universe. But it does tend toward a breakdown in communication if we all go our separate ways. I think this is why religion leads to argument and no one wants to argue it in polite company.

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Sat Mar 07, 2015 2:34 am
by forever
Just told there's been 3/ cases of people with 2 sets DNA on news last six months. Also, when was DNA done on JZ?

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Sat Mar 07, 2015 6:29 am
by forever
Hey Joe,

Be careful. You're quoting Ramtha.

I get the impression that we all have a different take (of sorts) on RSE teachings because we were there at different times. There's blocks of teaching.

"I am not my body" is an expression used to clarify a persons interest, position. Actually, it is one and the same-consciousness manifested. Water is liquid and solid.

A persons opinion isn't to be argued. To what end?

Can you imagine if there was only one type of tree. One breed of dog or cat? Boring huh?

It is not my intent or interest for people to agree with or think like me. If called upon for help my priority is to encourage someone to know and understand their mind.

Professional Review of JZK DNA testing.

Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2015 4:55 am
by David McCarthy
Here is a review of the JZ Knight DNA test presented to a professional with a degree in bioscience.
This person wishes to remain anonymous.
Thank you V & A :idea:

In reply to your DNA question, the information provided is inadequate
to make any conclusions.
First, the lab results are not listed on an official laboratory document.
Time and method of collection is not provided, nor is the method used to do the test,
primers used to run the analysis, and appropriate controls.
An interpretation cannot possibly be done without this information,
and lack thereof calls validity of the test into question.
Furthermore, the few base pairs listed are not near enough to match up to any gene, what is listed
could be a random sequence of a thousand portions of genes and proves nothing.
A gene sequence must be run and then aligned.
Anyone with a basic understanding of molecular biology methods would laugh at this so called
"scientific test". In addition, a chiropractor is not trained in genetics and would not have the appropriate knowledge to speak to the results. I won't even get into the theoretical impossibility of an inorganic organism having DNA or how a person could possibly prove any abnormalities found could be attributed to an inorganic non biological species. In short, it's ridiculous and
shouldn't be taken with any seriousness.

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2015 1:04 pm
by joe sz
Thanks, David.

I walked my dog, Aria this morning. Despite the warm-up there is still black ice on side walks this early. My legs went out from under me once yesterday. Aria looked at me as if to say, "What are you doing down here?" Not injured at all. A miracle for a guy my age!

It struck me that Aria and I do not share DNA...or maybe we do?

Matt the chiropractor could probably supply scientific evidence that we do.

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2015 5:01 pm
by Ockham
I think it is highly likely you could find TACTGATCG in weasel DNA. Anybody got a weasel handy?

But seriously: parental inherited STRs are Y chromosome mutations and are only valid for males. Now, if one accepts the nonsense that Judy Knight might have some 35,000 year old guy's DNA hitching a ride - well maybe one could build an argument to support that. However, Judy Knight would not have her own Y chromosome, or else she would have guy body parts instead of girl body parts. Presuming Knight really bore her children rather than adopting the kids, then she does not have guy body parts and hence has no Y chromosome. There's no chance whatsoever any of the stuff on that pretty chart is valid.

Please refderr to the following articles: ... aplogroup- (dead link) ... em-repeat/

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2015 9:25 pm
by David McCarthy
March 19, 2015 - Steven Wyble NV News - "Chiropractor Who Led Ramtha DNA Study Sanctioned for Fraud".
March 4, 2015 - Posted on EMF..... "In November 2012 the Chiropractic Commission charged chiropractor Matthew W. Martinez (CH60191433) with unprofessional conduct.Allegations include billing for services not provided and representing himself as a licensed massage practitioner when he does not hold an active massage practitioner credential in Washington."
Check the dates!
Just a quick Google search by Steven Wynble would have red flagged the Matthew Martinez JZ Knight DNA test was total BS.


Media Cover-up for JZ Knight RSE by the Nisqually Valley News - Yelm - WA
Why are there so many RSE scams going on?

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2015 1:47 pm
by joe sz
Ektara? Her letter below is a prime example we can refer to of how RSE harms the brain by creating a remarkably constricted thinking process.
This poor woman has no idea how blinded she has become to true dialog, research, and science.
"So when I read your scandalous article, it was clear to me that you choose not to do proper research."

here is the reference gleaned from a FBWave post: ... -martinez/

"RSE student Ektara sent a Letter to Nisqually Valley News (NVN) Publisher/Editor Michael Wagar, which was published in his newspaper’s April 16 online edition and the April 17 print edition. Used with the permission of Jeanne Jarecki [aka: Ektara].
The letter was in response to the NVN story of March 19, 2015 about Dr. Matthew Martinez, DC,
“Chiropractor Who Led Ramtha DNA Study Sanctioned for Fraud.”
Ektara said, “This is a little scary for me to be so bold, out of my comfort zone. Dr. Matt has been there so many times for everyone. I really wanted to stand up for him and the school.”

“Challenging ‘Brilliant’ Doctor’s Credibility Marginalizes the NVN”
Posted: Thursday, April 16, 2015 12:13 pm


I am challenging Nisqually Valley News Publisher Michael Wagar on the promise you made when you came to our school, Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, stood on our stage and promised that you would write honest, unbiased articles about us. The article that you allowed about Dr. Matt Martinez was neither.

To go after the credibility of a brilliant doctor, (did you look up his credentials?) to undermine the DNA test that would give credence to our school by using fraud, marginalized you and your paper. For what end? I surmise, to keep the doubt in skeptical minds about our lovely school. To reinforce the line of polarity, to continue the onslaught of those for and against us.

Maybe truth would have been a more noble way to sell papers. Even though the article was fraudulent and the proof forthcoming, I have not seen an apology or a retraction clearing the name of Dr. Martinez, nor a follow up on the DNA study. Had you sought a higher action, you just might have been involved in reporting the cutting-edge technology stemming from some of the new founded results.

So now concerning Dr. Matt:

After a head-on collision 11 years ago in which the car that hit me with the thrust from someone passing a car in my lane around a blind corner totaling my husband’s heavy 4×4 truck, three years of therapy, no longer insured, not able to work and going to a chiropractor every three or four days, I made the decision not to continue and to work on healing in my mind. Eight years passed before I went back for a treatment. Then I saw remarkable results in two of my friends and decided to try Dr. Matt with the hope for my own results, in which I am getting.

Besides being a stellar chiropractor and healer, he is ever present, kind and loving to each and every patient. There is a 10-year-old boy in a wheelchair, damaged at birth, now with some movement and feeling in his feet. A young man in Australia, also damaged at birth, is now walking and his speech is clearer with Dr. Matt’s help.

So when I read your scandalous article, it was clear to me that you choose not to do proper research. A caring man who charges seniors $20 a treatment would never not pay an employee or overcharge a patient. I knew immediately that this was an attack on our school at the expense of Dr. Martinez to undermine the DNA study.

In my eyes you no longer deserve our trust. You are not an advocate for truth and you have not kept your word.

Jeanne Jarecki [Ektara]

btw, there is no such thing as a stellar chiropractor...practitioners are in a fringe area of treatment that never qualified as a medical science. By parallel comparison, Osteopathy has never been more than effective for some lower back pain issues. But Osteopathy has branched into 2 main areas, one that is more medically rigorous, thus many ER docs and psychiatrists might be qualified under guidelines of medical science as "DO"s. Chiropractic as such has no such medical science branch.
"The osteopathic profession has evolved into two branches, non-physician manual medicine osteopaths and full scope of medical practice osteopathic physicians. These groups are so distinct that in practice they function as separate professions. The regulation of non-physician manual medicine osteopaths varies greatly between jurisdictions."

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2015 9:50 pm
by David McCarthy
Hi Joe, "This poor woman has no idea how blinded she has become to true dialog and science."
yep, Ektara.. sadly a prime example of RSE brain damage.
Although she may receive the customary bunch of red roses from JZK for writing a letter of support.
Forget JZK's testing stunts, its all beyond stupid. Just have 'Ramtha The Enlightened One' appear next to JZK on stage..
Cameras rolling, world press, Scientist.
A 7-foot-tall apparition, clouds of golden rainbow glitter of a bearded man clad in a purple robe speaking Lemurian should suffice. hey... we wont even ask for a demonstration of his miraculous powers, Game over..'hallelujah'...
we all flock to Yelm ..humble EMF apologies, yeah right...


Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 6:41 pm
by Xylofone
I don't know if anyone's mentioned it yet but I remember them telling us from the stage that after publishing the DNA results too many people were calling the DNA testing centers they sent the tests to and the centers became nervous about the fact that there was 1 person with such different DNA... and so the centers had to shut down because they didn't know how to handle this 'scientific anomaly'

I didn't think much of it at the time but that was their way of shutting down questions and verification attempts and also attempts at discrediting the DNA testing labs. They have never released the name of the labs where the testing was done.

Some say JZ sent in someone else's DNA alongside hers, but I don't think she went to that length. To find someone with a DNA profile that matches Ram's supposed lineage and is willing to support her BS seems difficult. I think it was easier than that.

Here's what I think is a likely scenario:

JZ sent in her DNA and when she got it back she had her graphic artist create a pseudo DNA results form and input the data from her test (omitting all detailed info of course) and then she searched online for someone else's DNA profile that matched what she says Ram is, and copied that to the second form.

If that's what she did, nobody would have had to be paid to keep quiet and all she'd have to do is pay her graphic designer to keep doing her job... the same graphic designer who puts all the colorful orb stamps on the event photos.

Are the DNA test results available online anywhere? They told us we could take photos but I never did.

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Fri May 31, 2019 7:52 am
by Xylofone
The JPG images from the RSE newsletter website showing the DNA "side-by-side" has mysteriously vanished from the website's "docs" directory... giving a broken image in the newsletter article where they originally published a part of the DNA results... how interesting. I won't post the link, but it's interesting that they've deleted the image.

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Fri May 31, 2019 8:05 am
by Xylofone
K, here's another thing I've pondered. "Ramtha" and JZ have both said "Ramtha" is not inside her body he just manipulates her body from the back of her brain. Or he's "holding my body together through the back of my brain" as she likes to say. Even though that makes no sense, let's roll with it for a second.

If he's not entering the body, why would his presence change her DNA and eye color, make her body swell up, and make her heart beat 180bpm? Kind of a trick question since it's all fake, but pondering that question makes the claim that he changes her DNA look even more ridiculous.

She actually did say contradictory things about him being in her body versus out of her body. In her book, which she erroneously calls an autobiography, she claims he put all of his energy into her body. I don't want to sift through the nauseating "my dear, darling Zebra" soap opera lines to find the quote at the moment, but it's in there somewhere.

On stage, as "Ramtha," she makes a point (or at least has in the past) that "he" is not in JZ's body.

There are so many of her stories that don't add up but the DNA thing is by far the craziest stunt she's ever tried to pull.

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2020 6:44 am
by skills
Seems like chimera is almost universal for mothers who give birth to sons. There are various scientific articles and press articles on this - e.g.: ... .html?_r=0

Re: JZK-R DNA testing by Chiropractor Matthew Martinez

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2020 9:54 am
by skills