Limited teacher takes advantage of people at RSE - NV News - Cheryl Nichols

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Limited teacher takes advantage of people at RSE - NV News - Cheryl Nichols

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Thank you E...for sending this to me today.
Somehow we missed posting Cheryl’s letter to the NV News of Mar 22, 2013.
So here it is...
Limited teacher takes advantage of people at RSE
Nisqually Valley News - Mar 22, 2013.
Dear Editor,
While I will be the first one to say that meditation is a beneficial activity, in my experience, there were many questionable activities I participated in during my 17 years at RSE. Thank you for covering the lye/seawater drink news in the Nisqually Valley News.
I feel that drinking it was one of the most dangerous things I have ever done and I remember when we made it at RSE. I drank the recommended dose every day before breakfast and before bed like I was told to do. I was told that it would enhance me spiritually so I did not question it. Now I see that blind faith is a very dangerous thing.
I only hope that the solution I drank was not too toxic. Am I being a victim about this? No, I am not; once I left the school I could see how things are. I am happy in my new life. The fact is this was a dangerous thing to drink without first testing. It did not work and I think we were all duped. I would love to see the NVN do a spectrum analysis on this mixture and report to us just what we made and were told to drink.
I wonder why “Ramtha” (who said he personally had helped to “tool” the DNA of Jesus) did not know our seawater could contain heavy metals and that mixing a strong base with it could precipitate them out and harm us? The lye solution was not the only dangerous thing I was told to ingest at RSE. We were told one day that we should take Prozac to “remember what it was like to be happy again.”
Not only were we all taking Prozac, we were drinking large amounts of red wine at RSE as well, often a bottle or more in an evening. This chemical combination may be harmful and it came with no warnings, only praises about the spiritual enhancing effects. Prozac and a lot of red wine could be a dangerous combination.
In 2006, one student killed herself and I remember another student committed suicide after finding out she was pregnant. It is my opinion that we trusted someone who has repeatedly shown he/she did not know what they were doing and lives have been affected.
I also did not question the financial things we were told to invest in. After being told Omega was going to pay out, I invested a lot more money. Shouldn’t “Ramtha” have known it was a fraud and that our money was never coming back instead of telling us the opposite? My husband and I also invested $13,000 in Harrington Templar after “Ramtha” told us H.T. was our ticket to fabulous wealth. The result? We lost it all.
Therefore, in my experience, “Ramtha” repeatedly did not know everything. On Enlighten Me Free’s website, you can read my Exit Story and others’. I share to you with all of my heart. I know you are winning a few lotteries, but I also know the whole story and not just the one side of winning. Meditation has been around for thousands of years. Your spiritual experiences are yours to develop on your own. There is such a thing as life without the damaging effects of fear.
Waking up out of what I believe were hypnotic inductions has been its own experience of awakening. My journey continues in wonderful ways, ever larger, ever broader, and free from following recycled teachings like Émile Coué’s method, Vera Stanley Alder’s blue webs, Holotropic Breathwork or Scientology’s leveled triad.
Would real knowledge lead you down the path to gambling, alcoholism and debt, or would the teacher personally demonstrate until you got it? Would real compassion teach you to separate yourselves in pride or would it demonstrate how to build bridges between each other, and rally when one of the flock cries for help? Would a real leader instill fear for 30 years, have you stockpile guns and food, and tell you not to have children after 2009 only to have all the predictions fail and your money gone?
How many of my friends missed their window of fertility because there was never a safe time to have children? How many of my friends go deeper and deeper into debt gambling for a few glimpses and wins?
In my opinion, what I experienced at RSE was a limited teacher taking the credit for something that is already wonderful inside. There is nothing special on 93rd Avenue except the beautiful people who are being taken advantage of.
Cheryl Nichols

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THANK YOU Cheryl,.
You are an amazing women of empowerment, courage and dignity :idea:
If you ever make it down to NZ please come and stay with us.


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But he has nothing on at all, cried at last the whole people....

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