a sampling of some letters to the editor of NVN

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a sampling of some letters to the editor of NVN

Unread post by Tree » Wed Nov 05, 2008 3:01 am

October 31, 2008

For more than 20 years my husband and I attended events regularly at Ramtha?s School of Enlightenment.
We were both present during Glen Cunningham?s brief tenure with RSE and never witnessed any of the inconsistencies or fakery he so insidiously refers to.
We observed thousands of people come to RSE and attending RSE events around the world and never once saw even a hint of what Cunningham cruelly refers to as ?1200 people who would drink the Kool Aid.?
My husband, James Bringham, is a professional engineer with a masters degree from Cornell University and is a partner with an engineering firm in Spanaway.
AS a professional in the business community who openly tells colleagues he is a member of RSE, we find Cunningham?s remarks deeply disturbing.
Such a monstrous act we have never heard suggested in any fashion by Ramtha or JZ Knight, two completely different and distinct entities.
Both of us were present in audience attended by hundreds of students who witnessed JZ Knight wired to computers and tested by scientists as she channeled Ramtha.
The results proved beyond a doubt she could not be faking.
In the many years I interacted with JZ Knight , both as a student and during the past seven years as her employed, and with Rmatha with the past three years as an appointed RSE teacher, I never witnessed Ramtha lose character in any situation, and I have have had the opportunity to be close in proximity with him at events throughout the the world.
In a case taken to the highest court in Austria that was won by JZ Knight, I did witness and provide declaration against former Ramtha imposter Julie Ravel, who under my direct challenge clearly wavered and dropped all character when pretending to channel Ramtha.
For 20 years my husband?s and my involvement with RSE has only elevated our lives in every possible way, both of us having experienced many personal miracles through the direct application of Ramtha?s teachings.
If we found any of the suggestions and co moments purported by Cunningham to be true we would never have remained students of RSE.
Michelle Horkings- Bringham

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I nearly forgot the title of that letter:


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How funny is that! I have only watched one video and some youtube clips and have seen her drop out of character many times as well as the accent changing from one video to the next.

None are so blind as those who will not see.

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